Retirement Gift to Myself! All Those Years Working and the Sun, Took Its Toll. - Ashville, NC

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After working 37 years, I'm going to do something...

After working 37 years, I'm going to do something for me. Like most working women out there, you have no hesitation spending money on your kids or home. But when it comes to yourself, we typically take the backseat without complaining.
After extensive research , I'm confidently choosing Dr. David Harley in Ashville, NC.
My surgery is scheduled for November 3rd and will keep you all posted!
I want to personally thank all the ladies that responded to me on their own reviews with Dr. Harley, you all reinforced my decision. Pics to come next week after surgery!

Pics are coming!

My sister is sending them to me from her camera.
As soon as I get them I'll post????

Day 1 pic

Slept all day and night!

Day 2

Really feeing pretty good! Still a bit swollen but not on any pain meds! Getting ready to go take a shower!

Day 3

No pain at all but I still look like a chipmunk gathering nuts for the winter!

Day 4

Feeling so much better every day! I will say, if I try to do too much my face swells up fast. You can actually feel it happening. Just aging on the couch elevated, taking my arnica and antibiotics. Drinking pure pineapple juice and eating my blueberries and black grapes! Organic!

11 days out!

Sorry it's been a while. My nephew removed my stitches at 9 days. I was healing so fast, my skin grew around a lot of them. Dr Harley wanted me to wait 10 days since I'm out of town. It's all good, he got all of them out and now just wish the swelling and numbness would subside.
I've had no pain since the first day, no itching at all either. I'm still taking the arnica and my daily dose of blueberries.
I'm posting some new pics, just be warned, I'm not into photography and I can only expect so much from my iPhone. I look in the mirror, and feel pretty good, then I look at the pic and say WTH??
I've always thought the best pics are the ones when you don't know they're being taken, so bear with my immaturity as I hate posing for anything serious.
So, would I put myself through this knowing what I know? Absolutely! My shirt tells it all. Thanks Dr Harley, you da man!
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