TT and Breast Augmentation - Asheville, NC

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So after 3 kids and 16 years, I decided to have a...

So after 3 kids and 16 years, I decided to have a TT and breast augmentation. I had exercised like crazy for years, but still unable to lose the flabby tummy. My tummy looked like a doughnut. I was nervous as heck, but my husband was very supportive. He said he loved me the way I was, but I knew he would love the results just as much or more when everything was said and done.

Kids were at my mom's the first week. Day 1-3 were the worst. I had a pain pump as well as drainage tubes. It was a pain carrying around the pain pump because it prevented me from standing up as straight as I wanted to. By the time I had it removed my back was so sore (similar to labor back pain) I begged my PA for more pain meds. Day 1-3; I couldn't stand up straight at all, I used a folding chair (in place of a walker) to push myself around our hardwood floors. But at day 5, I was able to sit myself on the toilet - small celebration there! Day 13 I was totally off all meds, but still painful here and there. I drank alot of fluids and wore my binder 24/7.

After 2 wks, I switched to a compression garment for day and binder for evening. The breast augmentation was painless compared to the TT. I slept in my recliner for 1st 2 weeks, then in my bed for 2 more weeks (only on my back) and now I am 5 weeks post and am slowly able to sleep on my sides. Tummy is tight, and pain still there when I cough or sneeze, but am eating less.

The thin incision (about 1 mm in width) is well hidden, it looks like a tiny cut across my abs. The only give away I had a TT would be the difference in my skin above and below the incision. I had more stretch marks below than above. I was suprised that I didn't have as much swelling as I thought, but I still have alittle here and there.

My weight increased by 3 pounds after the ops now I am down to my reg weight, but clothes fit much better. No more sucking in to zip up my jeans. I love to wear form fitting wrap dresses and summer wear. My husband can't keep his hands off me now, insists on helping to massage my TT scar as well as the breast aug scar. Frankly, I think he enjoys everything much more, more than he even thought he would. Bottom line, we are both pleased.

I hope this post helps those who are indecisive about a TT. I'm very pleased with the results, this is something I should have done years ago. I can't wait to take some photos in a swimsuit! I do have some before and after photos. You can noticed the instant results from the breast aug and TT (minus the swelling).

Will post pics when I can.


My PS and her staff were very imformative and accomendating. My PA held my hand as I lay on the operating table, assuring me she would take good care of me. When I asked if she could take a photo of my belly and breast before she bandaged them up, she agreed. She shared this photo with me when I came out of the operation. She even sent it to me via email. The nurses were very sweet and share with me about their lives, their history and how experienced the PA was. They even sent me a card wishing me a speedy recovery 3 days after my ops. Not only was my TT and breast aug a success, I'm pleased to say I made some new friends and will most likely return to them for any other PS needs in the future. This was my first time dealing with PS, but I am defintely pleased.

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