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I had only read reviews of how easy this was and...

I had only read reviews of how easy this was and how quickly you could be in circulation so I scheduled a date right after my meeting.The meeting was short and I do not feel like I have a detailed grasp of what will result.I just said I wanted to have a refreshed natural look-no big makeover.
Last night I started reading of patients who struggled for more than two months to feel comfortable out and about. I need to be out and" in circulation 3 to4 weeks" later(neck and lower face).Is this totally naive?????

Last minute question

I don't think I'm putting posts in the right place on this profile page. Trying this box!
Said a thank you under the Comment section to all you wonderful women AND men for helping prepare and keeping my fear at bay. Still feel like I'm about to free fall from a cliff, but am more ready to jump thanks to you and to Dr. Harley who is so alert to our questions.We are so fortunate as a patient group.
QUESTION: at what point to do you begin putting the perioxide and water mix on the scars? I'm packing and trying to decide whether to bring a container for holding it. I'm there till stitches out . Thanks!


A couple of days ago I gave a shout out to all of you wonderful "Harleys" who have answered questions and supported me through the jitters. I posted it in the wrong place ,so one more time:THANK YOU ONE AND ALL! This is an incredibly supportive group and I really appreciate all you've done for me. I'm up now so here's hoping it goes as well for me as it did for Bettyz today.


I'm On "the other side". He absolutely got rid of the jowls but i don't see "myself" when I look in the mirror now.Its pretty upsetting. One side looks great and the other side looks distorted.I went by and saw him and he said it looked great so maybe this is normal,but I haven't heard the rest of you discuss this post surgery. I really don't want to go home.
Am praying will wake up to a miracle and will not looked so pulled on that side.Other side is fine. I don't see bruising or swelling.I feel extremely tight as if bandage still around neck and sides of face but assume everyone feels this?????

Post surgery concerns

Still look deformed by asymmetry.I see no difference from day to day in swelling. HOW LONG TILL swelling STARTED TO GET BETTER?
When I look at post surgery photos of everyone else they are swollen but look terrific.I look disfigured.
also, did anyone else have fuzzy eyesight for a while post surgery? It's as if I need reading glasses.I thought maybe it was the pain meds, but have been off them and still have hard time reading hard copy. Please let me know if you had this .
I'm trying to stay positive. .

update at 4 weeks

I tried to update in replies to you dear fellow passengers on the Harley train. From some pms and comments,I decided I better post in the "update" section to be though.
The alien look continued for 3 1/2 weeks. Having pronounced swelling on one side gave me a distorted look. I did buy chamomille essential oil and started using it on my face a few days ago in hopes of soothing inflammation.It is probably a coincidence, but the swelling has reduced noticeably.GRATEFUL.
I still have a way to go,but at least there is movement and that is an encouragement .
Color of scars: mine are still very pink.I have kept silicone tape on them 24/7 and have used silicone gel 24/7 on the ones in the back of the head . I bought the brand of tape he uses in the office and the Scaraway brand for the gel. The scars are more extensive than I anticipated.For some reason, I thought it would just be around the back of the ears. I was surprised that it goes from the front bottom of the ear to midtemple and in the back from the bottom of the ear to halfway up ear and then over a few inches. I did not ask Dr. Harley about scars before operation.I am actually glad I didn't ask, because I don't think I would have gone through with it and I think I will be glad I did. As I have posted before, Dr.H has assured me 100% that my lopsided" look" is due to swelling and will even out. I have full faith in him.
I do want to give two shout outs.First, TLC made my recovery easy.While all the helpers were lovely, most were super knowledgeable and Susie and Michael were spot on in their help before,during and after. Having people who had been through it A LOT , ensured that my meds wld be on time, enough water wld be consumed,food gathered and little details covered.When I say little details-things like not turning you neck for the first days(even to reach toilet paper or look at the clock). They were a wealth of info.
Second, to Dr. H. He wants his patients to know they are heard and cared about. He saw me a few days out when he heard from TLC that I had concerns.He then asked if I could come back in a week for a recheck. For anyone contemplating this procedure, I would say if you know you are going to have it done then you will not have a better doctor than Dr H. You may find one of equal skill(though I doubt anyone is better) , but you will find no one more caring or accommodating. He is a cut above .
I hope this helps .I went silent for a while because there was no visible progress and I did not want to keep repeating that. You can't imagine how much I appreciate so many of you have private messaged me to thank me for being frank about my post op concerns. Thank you for caring and know that ,at last, I am seeing some progress. Let's hope the "alien" is fully
gone by Thanksgiving!


I want to send Thanksgiving greetings to all the supportive members of this community who have been so caring and gracious as we support each other through this part of our life's journey . May your blessings overflow .

5+ week update

Quick update- it's better.I will make a Thanksgiving family appearance and hope I can hide the extra swelling on the half of my face that's still puffy. I have been using chamomile essential oil on my face for a couple of weeks and that was when I noticed a reduction in swelling-at last. It may be coincidence,but the oil doesn't hurt,so I'll continue using(not on scar,just on face tissue. I am also starting to put my silver wound gel on the scars occasionally and hope the redness will abate. We'll see. I'm still doing silicone strips and gel all the time. Wish I could speed up disappearance of redness in scars.All tips welcomed.
I am just so grateful to look less like an alien-so lopsided. Can't wait to have all the swelling gone.
Again, my thanks to you wonderful Dr. H'ers who have been so compassionate and caring. Dr. H certainly attracts fabulous patients.
AND, DR. H., IF YOU ARE READING THESE POSTS, PLEASE KNOW WHAT A BLESSING YOU ARE -NOT ONLY IN SKILL, BUT IN COMPASSION, TO YOUR PATIENTS. I think I can safely say there are many people giving special thanks for you and your team this Thanksgiving.
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