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First of all, I have to say how very much I...

First of all, I have to say how very much I appreciate all of the reviews and pictures here on RealSelf from all of the lovely ladies that have shared their experiences. I have been surfing this site for about 2 years now, and have learned so much about what to expect. I am 55 years old, and the realization that gravity was winning became very apparent when I saw a picture of myself taken on vacation last year. I was actually surprised to see how I looked; a cross between very tired and angry. I guess that's why everyone was always asking me if I was ok. That's when I knew it was time to start seriously looking into trying to make me look on the outside match more with how I feel on the inside. Seeing all of the wonderful reviews of Dr. Harley, I finally got the courage to call and schedule a consultation. It took about 5 weeks to get my appointment. I live about 2 hours away from his office; the appointment date was March 23, 2016, so I had that time during my drive to think about "what am I doing?". When I got to meet Dr. Harley, he immediately put my mind at ease. He made recommendations on what I needed as well as what I don't need yet, so I knew that he had my best interest at heart and not the money. So, I went ahead and scheduled my surgery. It will be on May 18, 2016 at 6:15 a.m. (BTW, Juanita is as sweet as all of you ladies have said)! As the date is getting closer, my nerves are starting to kick in. I'm a little scared; but at the same time, I am so ready for this. I'm tired of hiding from the cameras and want to feel like myself again. I'm going to get a neck lift and filler in the corners of my mouth because of the turn down that makes me look like I'm frowning all the time. I'm going to try to download some pics to show what I'm talking about (never done it before!). Thanks again for all of the honesty and encouragement from all of the "Harley Honeys"! I'll keep you posted on my journey....

Nerves are kicking in!

Ok ladies...I'm really starting to get nervous now. I spent much of the weekend getting the things I'm supposed to have. I'll be heading to Asheville in the morning to get settled in for Wednesday morning. I hope I'm doing the right thing! Here's another before pic taken this morning..

Made it to Asheville

Finally got here, went and picked up my prescription from Juanita and had it filled today instead of worrying about it tomorrow; checked into my hotel, now out for an early dinner. I am sooo nervous but also very excited! Can't wait till 6am tomorrow....let's get this show on the road! See you ladies on the other side! Will update as soon as I can!!

It's done!

Sorry I didn't give any updates on the actual date of my surgery. I was pretty out of it all day yesterday. Everything went well; as everyone knows, I was very nervous going in to it. Dr. Harley was so wonderful putting me at ease. All the meds helped a little too ????. Slept on and off all day and night. Got up this morning and had the drain and head dressing removed and felt better just by having that done. Swelling is pretty bad, especially on my right side but Dr. Harley said it will get much better over time. Even with the swelling, I can tell I'm going to love my new jawline and neck. I'm going to try to post a pic of when I just got out of surgery and then one when I just got my bandages off.

Swelling, black eye and Netflix!

Good morning ladies! Everything still about the same as yesterday; however, I think the swelling is a little better. I woke up around 4am this morning because I thought my face was going to explode! So I got up and started icing my face..I'm already sleeping propped upright. This helped so much! I have always had problems with water retention and swelling so it hasn't bothered me that much. The tightness does, but I know it's a temporary thing from reading the posts of everyone that's done this before me. I do feel more like myself today and may actually venture out for just a little while today. Depends on the energy levels; also, I'm not going to do anything at all that might compromise my results. So, might be another day filled with blueberries, pineapples, smoothies and Netflix! Gonna try to post some pics of both sides of my face when I got up this morning.

Still about the same...

Sorry I haven't updated in the past day or two, but nothing has really changed. Yesterday, the swelling did seem to be a little worse than usual, but I kind of expected it from what you ladies have said happens around the fourth day. It was on the money; I felt like I looked worse and felt so tired and drained that I felt like I was backing up instead of going forward. Today, I feel so much better..almost like myself again! Don't look much better, but I do feel better. I actually put on the dermablend to try to cover I my black eye; it worked pretty good- you can still see it but you have to look pretty hard. The swelling is making my skin feel tight, but that seems to be getting better every day too. I guess the main thing that I'm anxious about is my crooked smile when I try to smile big. I really think it's because the right side of my face is more swollen than the left side. From reading reviews from other ladies, it sounds like something that goes away in time. I'm supposed to see Dr Harley tomorrow to get my stitches out and I know he'll reassure me then and let me know what to expect. Even in this early stage of healing, I can honestly say that I love my results and I have absolutely no regrets - only that I didn't get it done sooner!

Stitches out!

Drove to Asheville early this morning for my 9:30am appointment to get my stitches out. Kelly took them out in no time at all and it was quite painless! She put a little bit of tape on my ear lobes and my chin and that was it. Dr. Harley then came in to check me out and he told me my results were beautiful! I wanted to cry it made me so happy...I don't know that I've ever met a kinder more caring soul than this man. He restored a part of me that I felt was long gone. Very emotional for me....and I know that the best is yet to be! Right now, I'm celebrating in downtown Asheville and will continue until tomorrow. Cheers to Dr Harley, his wonderful staff, and my new (old) self!!!

Can't believe it's only been a week!

Tape on the ears and chin.., my left ear did bleed a little last night but I didn't sleep on my back completely last night. I did roll on that side and slept on that ear. No worries. I know it's ok but I will be sleeping on my upright pillow tonight. This has been such a wonderful experience for me; it is truly worth everything for me. I have been through so much but this has been something that has given me back a piece of myself. I will always be eternally grateful, if only from within!

Getting better...

10 days out and just enjoying the progress. As you ladies have said before, you see little changes come around every day. The swelling does seem to be coming on down... I have a round face anyway so I'm happy to see it coming down a little. Bruising is getting better too; still having to wear the dermablend though but I'm ok with that, just being able to get out and about. Tape is still on one ear lobe and under my chin and I'm fine with it. Should be coming off in the next day or two.

Another day...chin getting better

My tape came off of my chin after my morning pain. Was scared cause I was headed to church and didn't want anything weird to happen with bleeding or oozing but I have been blessed. It didn't happen. (But I am a little scared to touch it right now). My jaw is so tight and the bruising is still there. The swelling is coming along in my fat little face! I'll take it! Again, I can't sing Dr Harleys praises nearly enough. If I don't improve any more from today, he has still restored my faith in myself that has been missing for way too long. A million thanks are not enough, I want to pay it forward to any of you ladies that may need assurance or encouragement in your own personal journeys. You are in the best hands imaginable.

The healing continues...

Sorry I haven't posted any updates in the past few days...not a whole lot has changed. When I read the posts of everyone that says progress is generally measured more in weeks than days, I believe that now too. That's certainly not a bad thing because I feel my results are already awesome, but I can't wait to see where the coming weeks and months will take me. As far as my energy levels; they come and go. Some days I feel like I can do anything and everything: yesterday I tested the waters and went out and did some pretty strenuous yard work for about 2 hours. Mistake. It drained me so much (and it was in the morning) that I was exhausted and just generally didn't feel well for the rest of the day. Today, I feel sooo much better, but I learned a valuable lesson. Even though you start looking and feeling better, your body is still in recovery mode...and it will let you know that when it needs to! So ladies, treat yourself kindly! I'll post some pics from yesterday from both angles. Still dealing with a little bit of a black eye, and of course some swelling in the lower face. Still lovin it though!!!

Better late than never!

Sorry I haven't posted anything this week. I actually went back to work this week and it kinda kicked my butt! But I do have a pretty demanding job that requires me to be on my feet at least 7 or 8 hours a day. But I survived it! Everything is still about the same with the healing process. I still don't have the feelings back in front of my ears yet, but I don't expect that for a while and it doesn't bother me. My smile on my right side has not returned yet, but I feel that it's getting a little better and I know that I have to be patient. It's only been a little over 3 weeks so I know I'm not where I'm going to end up one day. I have to tell you ladies that I have absolutely no regrets and would do it all again in a heartbeat! Dr Harley is a wonderful doctor and just know you are in the best hands I've seen for facial work. I have at least 2 or 3 friends that have had facial work done, and their results don't come close to what I've been blessed with. (Haven't told them that...not that kind of gal!). If I'm ever asked, I'm more than happy to share...I just don't put it out there! The only regret I have is not having this done sooner!!!!

Healing continues...

Hi ladies! Sorry it's been a while since I've posted; been really busy at work!
I'm just continuing to heal...the scars are looking better all the time. In fact, I have to wear my hair up at work and no one has noticed them at all; and trust me, they would say something if they did!
The nerves are apparently starting to grow back around the sides of my face and ears. I wouldn't say it's painful but I am very aware of it.
Biggest thing I can say is I get tired very easily now...sometimes I have to stop and remember that I did just have surgery and am still in the healing process. So, treat yourself kindly as you heal ladies...the end result will be so worth it!!!
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