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Thanks to many on here (MMMcKenzie, dontgetold,...

Thanks to many on here (MMMcKenzie, dontgetold, SouthernSister etc) I have reached out to Dr Harley in hopes of scheduling a neck lift. I am convinced based on all the natural looking results I've seen that he is the doc for me. I've already sent Juanita my intake form and pics so I hope to hear from Dr. Harley soon.

The road to Asheville

Had my phone consult

Spoke to Dr Harley this week. He patiently answered all my many questions. I did learn that he doesn't do gland resection which I thought would be necessary. That has to be done under general anyway and sounds risky as far as possible complications. Still don't have surgery date scheduled, but Juanita is working with me to get on his calendar for June.

One question for those of you that have already gone through it difficult getting used to the tightness in your neck until the platysma softens up? I kind of freak out when I think about feeling like I can't breathe. Any feedback would be most appreciated!

Bump in the road to Asheville

So Juanita left me a message letting me know that Dr. Harley can schedule me for June. Unfortunately, now I am hesitant to move forward without doing some further research. My issue is prominent sub-mandibular glands, which can become even more noticeable after a neck lift if not reduced in size. Dr. Harley, like many other docs, doesn't do this since there can be complications and must be done under general not local. There are doctors out there that have experience doing this, but they are hard to find. The best one in Boston has retired....just my luck! If anyone has had this procedure done, I would love to hear from you. If I decide after getting some other opinions that I should leave the glands alone then I will ringing up Dr. Harley again since I had my heart set on him. Feeling disappointed. :-(

Question for "Harley Honey's"

Just wondering if any of Dr Hartley's neck lift patients had any issues with prominant submandibular glands? If so, were you happy with your result post op? I really had my heart set on him, but he doesn't shave glands. I am so impressed with Dr. Hartley I may go with him anyway and hope for the best.
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Will update as soon as this adventure takes off.

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