Dr. Harley for Lower Face Lift

After reading thousands of reviews, I have chosen...

After reading thousands of reviews, I have chosen Dr. Harley for a lower face lift. Once I made my decision, I contacted the office, filled out some paperwork, sent some horrible photos, and had a phone consultation with Dr. Harley who was incredibly kind, straightforward, and made me realize I had made the right decision.
I will be traveling with my caring husband about 10 hours by car and will stay in a hotel until my followup appointment and suture removal.
I am very excited and am grateful for every single person who has shared their journey with Dr. Harley.
I'm paying it forward.....

More pictures of thick neck, double chin, puppet mouth

I thought I would add some photos so you can see what I'm wanting fixed.


Getting Ready!

One week from today I will be traveling 10 hours from my home in Florida by car with my husband to Asheville, NC! I am busy making lists of things I need to take with me including a travel pillow, my wedge pillow to keep me upright, arnica, blomelain, my blender to make smoothies, etc. I have decided to bring a zipper hoodie and some comfy sweat pants to my surgery day so it is easy to go back to the room to relax and recover. I will be staying the full week to have him remove my sutures. I will also be returning to work 3 weeks after surgery. I hope this is enough time for the swelling to go down and not look like a freak. I have told no one I am having this done. I would take any advice regarding going back to work at the 3 week mark! I'm so grateful to everyone who has been so encouraging!

Getting Excited!

Since I am coming from Florida, we have changed our travel route to further inland to get to Asheville, NC. I just got a phone call from sweet Juanita confirming my appointment for Monday and that I will receive my prescriptions at that time. My surgery is scheduled for the next morning bright and early! I'm actually going to FINISH packing today in case we lose power with the impending storm. I work part time at Disney World and just got word that we are officially closed at 5:00 and closed all day tomorrow. Anyway, I'm just so excited!!!!!!


I'm here! Asheville is simply beautiful!

Update for Inquiring Minds....

Dr. Harley is exactly as I thought he would be: kind, caring, thoughtful, highly intelligent, humble, and genuine. The office is beautifully decorated and soft, calming music is playing. My husband accompanied me and we were escorted to a beautiful room and Dr. Harley came in and went over what he would be doing and what he could do for me. For me, the jowls and the submandibular fat are my biggest concerns and he zeroed right in on that. Any fears I had have turned to excitement. I then went to the front desk where sweet Jaunita gave me my prescriptions and pointed us in the direction of CVS, Walgreens, or Walmart to get them filled. We chose to go to Walmart as they take my insurance and we wanted to pick up some bottled water and provisions for the upcoming week. With my insurance, all 4 prescriptions only came to about $13.00.
I really had no questions for him as he is very thorough and I trust him, but I DID ask about taking my pills with a yougurt or something and he had no problem whatsoever. YAY!
We are probably going to go siteseeing this afternoon to keep my mind occupied.

On the Other Side!

I will give more details once I am "more awake" but I am doing great and not in any pain whatsoever. Dr. Harley has a way about him that makes you feel "it's all going to be alright" and I think it is his special gift.

Happy Girl

Everything went exactly as planned yesterday. I washed my hair the night before as directed in the pre op instructions and took a shower in the morning before leaving for his office. Once there, I signed a few consent forms and was given my "cocktail" of pills. I used the rest room one last time, gave hubby a kiss, and was taken to the procedure room (which is immaculately clean). He made some markings on my face and then proceeded to numb the lower half of my face. It wasn't bad at all. Kelly was a dear and kept my mind completely calm (or it could have been my "cocktail" since I don't drink, I'm a cheap date). I don't remember anything after that as I just fell asleep. As I was waking up, he was putting my headwrap on. He went over post op instructions with my husband and I was sent home. Easy peasy.
I will update how my head wrap day went next, but right now all I can think about is seeing my face without the wrap on it!


I just got the headwrap off! I was in shock as I looked at my result! He completely got rid of my double chin, my hanging jowls, my marionette lines, and my puppet mouth. The picture shows neck lines, but it is just from the head wrap. I have some swelling that was to be expected, but no bruising as of yet. Thank you for all the support. Dr. Harley is simply the BEST.

Side View

Continuing to do Great

I'm continuing to lay low. I can take a shower tomorrow so I anticipate that will be a turning point for me. I have a jacuzzi in my room so that has been nice to bathe, but I really want that shower and to wash my hair. I can open my mouth more today, so that is progress. I am using a soft cold gel pack on my face and that helps with swelling quite a bit. I honestly don't see my scars becoming a problem for me at all. They are placed so well that I can't imagine that it will be a tell tale sign down the road. I am drinking green tea, blueberry smoothies, and some soup. I'm eager for the swelling to go down, but in the meantime, I will do my part to help it along.

I'm feeling FANTASTIC

We are touring Asheville today. Gorgeous weather for walking. I took a shower and that felt great. I have nothing exciting to report other than I'm swollen and I totally expected that for day 3. No bruising. No pain.

More Pictures and Incisions

I thought I would leave some more photos here for those that want to see.

Happy to be Healing!

It is now 5 days since my Biltmore Lift! It has been such a positive experience for me as well as life changing. I continue to be in shock when I catch my profile in the mirror! I look almost exactly as I did at age 45 (which was still a very good age for me!) We have been touring, have been to lots of movies at the beautiful Regal Biltmore Theater, visited all the major Biltmore tourist areas, and have generally been just having fun. When I run out of steam, I have headed back to the hotel and taken a nap or rested.
Yesterday, I went to the Asheville Salt Cave which was a fun experience. It sounded "healing" and if anything, it was a relaxing experience. I think being positive truly helps your recovery, especially a recovery from something that you are doing for yourself that is being done for a "positive" result. I continue to be swollen, but feel confident it will all dissipate in time. I have some slight bruising under my chin, but given the amount of fat Dr. Harley went after, I'm certainly not surprised! I have added a couple of photos from today.

Such Happy Tears

Today is one week since I had a Biltmore Lift with Dr. Harley. I have had a wonderful week in Asheville since my surgery. No pain or discomfort. I had my sutures removed this morning. Again, no discomfort AT ALL. He said everything was healing nicely and to take it easy for a couple of more weeks. It was hard for me to control my emotion as tears slipped down my cheeks as I said goodbye. How do you thank someone for giving you your life back? How do you put into words the gratefulness you feel for giving you the years back that you thought were long gone? How do you express the gratitude of putting your face into someones hands and trust that they have the skill to make it beautiful again? I didn't have the words to properly thank him, but my face told another story. Dr. Harley has been given a skill that is unmatched and God blessed me with the discernment to choose this surgeon and I only had tears of joy.

Day 10

I'm continuing to heal and feel fantastic. I have had no post operative complications or concerns. I just took a picture of myself and was surprised at how much the swelling has gone down! Amazing for 10 days post op and for all the work he had to do! Thank you Dr. Harley!
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

I am confident I have chosen a great surgeon.

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