55 Year Old That Feels 45. Tired of Feeling Young and Seeing an Old Woman Looking Back at Me

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I have thought about having my neck and lower face...

I have thought about having my neck and lower face lifted for the past 4 years. I am finally going to do it. I've waited and felt self-conscious long enough. Like many of you, I have searched and searched for someone I can trust to take care of my face. I found realself.com and all of you Harley girls have convinced me that he is the one. I met with him a few weeks ago and scheduled my appointment soon after. I have to admit I am nervous as I'm sure all are on and off. The things I'm concerned about are: (1) the injections. I do not like shots and fear that I will not be relaxed enough when he starts them. (2) permanent nerve damage where I have asymmetry of my face and/or a lopsided smile that doesn't correct itself. (3) lumps or knots on the cheeks that do not dissolve. (4) my face pulled too tightly where it makes my mouth/lips look pulled. (5) duck mouth or joker smile if he chooses to use a filler. (6) pulling the skin tight where it causes underneath my eyes to be pulled enhancing the lines under my eyes. I know this sounds like a lot. I catch myself pulling on my face to see what I may look like and find these things that are not too appealing. I'm just tired of thinking about it and researching. I just spent the last 3 or 4 hours on RS reading about everyone's experience. While I am very excited to see my face without my turkey neck, I can't help but be concerned also. I'm sure most people experience the ups and downs before surgery. I'm preparing for the big day. I'm ordering my Steri strips, arnica, and all the other goodies listed. Already have the pillow. Thank you all for posts and pics It helps make the decision a lot easier. Any comments or advice is welcome.

Upcoming BL with dr. Harley

Hi guys. My BL is coming up in November. I'm excited but nervous. I've read a few comments where people feel they look distorted, lopsided, not themselves. I'm wondering if this has self corrected or is the same. For those of you who has had this problem, please let us know how it's going to inform the rest of us awaiting our surgery. It would be greatly appreciated. Not sure what to do. Thanks so much.

BL a week in two days

Ok. It's almost here. I have all my goodies I need pre and post surgery. Just waiting anxiously and praying that everything turns out ok.

I'm in the other side

Well, I'm finally on the other side. I was at his office at 6:00 anxiously awaiting my 6:15 appointment. Dry Harley greeted me with a smile, discussed the procedure with me, he got me to initial and sign some papers. He allowed me to ask him a few questions. I asked if I could have the cocktail as soon as possible because i am terrified of needles. He allowed me to wait in the waiting room for a little while. It didn't take long for me to feel the effects which I was delighted by that. He took me back and took a few pics. I sat in the chair while he drew in my face and then he started the dreaded injections they weren't really THAT bad. I've read people describe them as excruciating and then some describe them as little pricks. They were not excruciating but they were not pricks either. They weren't bad...if I can tolerate them then anyone can. I was awake on and off during the procedure. I could feel some pulling and tugging but it didn't bother me nor hurt. Kelly and dr. Harley were wonderful during the whole procedure. I left his office around 8:30 or 9:00, went back to the hotel where I proceeded to have yogurt, nausea med, antibiotic and pain med on a rotating schedule. I would sleep then wake up for awhile, talk with my TLC helper, then sleep some more and so on until it was the next morning and time for me to have the head wrap removed. Walked in and right back to see Kelly where she proceeded to remove my dressing and drain...none of which hurt. Dr. Harley came in and we all oooed and ahhhed over the results. I'm very happy with everything from my first consultations with dr. Harley through the unveiling. Hopefully, my recovery will be just as easy. As long as the swelling subsides and nothing unforeseen happens, it will be about perfect. Wishing and praying for all of us Harley girls. I'll keep you updated.

4 days post op

I'm 4 days post op. Washed my hair today, put in a little mascara. I'm starting to feel more like myself. I get really tired and sleep a lot. My face and left ear is still numb and swollen but that is to be expected. My lower face me neck feel really tight which come fro the swellling. I love my neck. No more turkey gobbler. I'm so happy with my procedure. Dr. Harley is a nice man and is excellent with what he does. So glad I found him. Thanks Dr. Harley!

Stitches are coming out!

It's 9 days post op and I'm on my way to get my stitches out. I was suppose to have them out after one week but couldn't make it up to Asheville till today. Just wanted to update with some pics. I'll update again after the stitches are out.

3 weeks and 2 days

It's been a little over 3 weeks since my surgery and everything is healing nicely. Still a little numb around the incision sites which is to be expected. Everyone at work said I looked rested which is a nice compliment. The pics of the incisions are right after he removed the stitches. I'll post up to date pics when I get a chance to take some.
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Harley is a kind, gentle, FANTASTIC man/plastic surgeon. He answered all my questions; returned texts/emails. When the time comes to have something else done, he will be the doc I call. He, and his staff are fabulous!

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