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I have thought about having my neck and lower face...

I have thought about having my neck and lower face lifted for the past 4 years. I am finally going to do it. I've waited and felt self-conscious long enough. Like many of you, I have searched and searched for someone I can trust to take care of my face. I found realself.com and all of you Harley girls have convinced me that he is the one. I met with him a few weeks ago and scheduled my appointment soon after. I have to admit I am nervous as I'm sure all are on and off. The things I'm concerned about are: (1) the injections. I do not like shots and fear that I will not be relaxed enough when he starts them. (2) permanent nerve damage where I have asymmetry of my face and/or a lopsided smile that doesn't correct itself. (3) lumps or knots on the cheeks that do not dissolve. (4) my face pulled too tightly where it makes my mouth/lips look pulled. (5) duck mouth or joker smile if he chooses to use a filler. (6) pulling the skin tight where it causes underneath my eyes to be pulled enhancing the lines under my eyes. I know this sounds like a lot. I catch myself pulling on my face to see what I may look like and find these things that are not too appealing. I'm just tired of thinking about it and researching. I just spent the last 3 or 4 hours on RS reading about everyone's experience. While I am very excited to see my face without my turkey neck, I can't help but be concerned also. I'm sure most people experience the ups and downs before surgery. I'm preparing for the big day. I'm ordering my Steri strips, arnica, and all the other goodies listed. Already have the pillow. Thank you all for posts and pics It helps make the decision a lot easier. Any comments or advice is welcome.

Upcoming BL with dr. Harley

Hi guys. My BL is coming up in November. I'm excited but nervous. I've read a few comments where people feel they look distorted, lopsided, not themselves. I'm wondering if this has self corrected or is the same. For those of you who has had this problem, please let us know how it's going to inform the rest of us awaiting our surgery. It would be greatly appreciated. Not sure what to do. Thanks so much.
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

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