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Excited to have my procedure nerves but excited!...

Excited to have my procedure nerves but excited! Ready to get rid of this wrinkly neck! My procedure will be on June 8th so I will post more before and after photos, I felt very comfortable with the cleanness of the office as well as the relaxed setting cute home. Dr Harley made my husband and I feel very very comfortable

2 weeks 3 days to go

Just a couple more before photos will post after surgery

6 days left!

I can't believe how my surgery has crept on on me, June 8th will be here before I know it. Getting a little more nervous ready for this week to be over

Great for water retention

Finally complicated

So far so good

Getting swollen

The dr was amazing his staff was fantastic too Very comfortable atmosphere

Just got out of surgery

Dr Harley is so very kind and makes you feel at home already ready for this compression head piece to come off, swelling is pretty bad

So happy Dr Harley and staff are awesome!!

Would never look any further for a plastic surgeon, Dr. Harley is awesome!!

Bandages off

No more pain meds only this morning for the drain removal which wasn't bad at all

2 days post op

Probably should have stayed home today but I was going stir crazy..... Did a few things and came home, still do not have my energy I had prior, no pain meds just taking Tylenol works fine

Side views

My ears are doubled in size really looks funny

Before and after

Before and after

Dude virw

Rundiva here's the side view

Day 5 post op

Finally feeling like the meds are leaving my body, I only took pain meds the day of surgery 6/8/16 and 6/9/16 in the morning before the drain was removed, since then nothing but arnica and bromelain, icing religiously, my cheeks are still very wide from swelling, but over all I would do it again! Dr. Harley is awesome!!

5 th day finally dried my hair

Headed to the office

1 week post op! Swelling not bad

Went today to see Dr.Harley, he's such an amazing man as well as his staff there fantastic! Will refer everyone I know to therevpractice, Kelly is a hoot! Could talk to her all day, stitches removed hard to believe 1 week has passed already, blessed beyond measures

11 days post op

Still to myself I look like I have a fuller face, still swollen but getting better, I still ice 1 time a day

2 weeks 1 day update

Still swollen, probably because I drank some beer last night!

Chin scar

Chin scar looks great , side the drain was

16 days

Still swollen but getting better everyday!

17th day post op

My mother in law finally asked the dreaded question and I didn't want to lie, she asked me if I had my eyes done again, I said no and I told her about Dr. Harley, I told her well I guess your next!! Lol, I showed her the before and after neck photos and she said your neck never looked like that, I showed her the side by side. I said yes it did you just didn't notice with my long hair so now it's off my chest :-)

17 days post op

I think I might have did a no no, I sat in my sauna for the last 2 days and my right side of my face is more swollen than its been yet! So sad!

3 weeks post op tomorrow! 6/29/16

Saw Dr Harley today I was a little concerned because I had some swelling on my right side, I felt like it was more swollen now then right after surgery he assured me it will all go back to normal....

23 days post op

Still feel weird smiling but I'm totally thrilled! Love my neck!

25 days post up!

Things are still feeling a bit numb however the swelling is getting better everyday! Thrilled with my neck! Thank Dr. Harley!

5 weeks 2 days post op

Feeling good! Still numb on the sides and under chin and swollen a bit but not enough to notice

5 weeks 2 days post op

Silicone scar cream

Susaninga here you go

9 weeks post op

Time flys! Seems like yesterday I had the surgery!

Scars as requested

On our way to the trails! Mountain biking in NC is amazing!!

2 months 4 days post op

11 weeks 2 days post op

15 weeks post op

Before my run! No make up 15 weeks post op
2nd photo on my way to work with make up
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Had my consult April 26 2016, my husband and I went both had a great feeling about Dr Harley, he wasn't pushy at all, he told us both to go home think about it if we had further questions do not hesitate to call. My husband and I talked about it and it's s go! The office has a nice country feel a cute little house. Dr. Harley has great reviews! Excited but nerves!

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