Lower face neck lift

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I was having guilty feeling on wether to do this...

I was having guilty feeling on wether to do this or not , It's hard to justify spending that kid of money on yourself , but You only live once ,call it what u want but I can't grow old gracefully wish I could. So thanks to everyone on this site I chose Dr Harley to do the surgery . I had my phone cons. On feb 9 hes very kind after reading everyone's reviews I didn't have anything to say to him and he explained everything I already knew lol. I booked my surgery for March 31 .i would post my full pics but it only takes that one person I didn't want anyone judging me or look at me in that way and having me think do they know .

More pictures

I want to help anyone the way others had help me with deciding on having this done . There pics where so helpful on seeing what I could expect . I figure if anyone sees my pic that they too must be looking to get something done to make them feel good about them selfs and there's nothing wrong with wanting to feel good about yourself .




If you use uber and download the app. You can put in promo code : hollym3752ue And get a $15.00 Credit

I'm almost ready

I booked the air fair, tlc , and downloaded uber . I'm ready to go . 6 weeks to go that's a long time to think about it . My emotions go from excitement to what am I doing. I hate the recovery .. I'm so afraid to put my pic up. Not sure anymore why. There really isn't anything to be ashamed of . Why should I care what people think. Ugh.

Smoothy machine

I bought this smoothy machine and it's so loud I don't think I could use it in my hotel room . Can anyone suggest a quieter one ??

1 more week to go

can't wait to get rid of this neck !

I leave tomorrow morning for Asheville.

ready or not here I go. I'm posting some last before pics with no make up which I would not do if I really new you lol . I know I'm not going to look much different but it will be interesting to see what will . I'm ready to take on this adventure . I think lol at least I know I will be in good hands with Dr Harley.

More before pics

Made it to Asheville

I am not a good at flying . I woke up with a bad headache ,I watered my plants ,fed my animals got the kids off to school finished packing which I forgot my brush & flat iron but that's ok I can buy a brush ,I wrote my list of all the things that need to be done for my husband and kids ,and I made the first flight on time the second flight was across the other side of the air port talk about stress I had 15 mins to get there . I got on this tiny plane my ears hurt I felt like I was going to get sick and the plane made so much noise I did not think I was going to make it .It then made a really loud bang while we where in the air we all started to pray let just say I'm so happy to be on the ground ! I am not looking forward to the trip home. I took my first uber ride with Ian He is such a nice guy ..He took me to the grocery store and I am not use to shopping for just me ,I have three boys and a husband and Ian was so nice when he picked me up after shopping he gets out of his car With a smile never says a word to help me with my 20 bags of grocery lol. When we get back to the hotel of coarse I don't want to impose on him and he did ask to help me with the bags , I said no I got this I do this all the time I gathered my 20 bags and looped them all up and down my arms and he hands me my 8pk of water and in I go in the hotel ,the ladies at the counter I know think I'm crazy ,I forgot about the elevator. I hurry to push the button and my bags start to fall Ugh I finally did manage to get them up to my room .I have no idea what I was thinking . I'm not going to go hungry ! So now I'm in for the night resting until my consultations with Dr Harley tomorrow. I'll keep everyone posted On how that goes.


Who else will be joining me in Ashville ?


I had my consul today. Love Dr Harley and his little house .Juanita is the nicest lady !! Can't wait for tomorrow. Tlc was great brought me to Dr Harley's office then to get some groceries very nice people ..

Today is the day

I did not sleep much. I'm ready to get this done to end the waiting game. I'll see all you beautiful ladies on the other side .thats strange to say. Lol

It's over

I don't know who I had told this but I had left home with a migraine and couldn't take anything for it but Tylenol which does nothing !! It was hard to fly thought my head was going to explode but I suffered it out and moved forward.
Made it to Dr Harley's office took my cocktail of small pills which took awhile to take effect . He took my before pics ,drew on me in the chair and started to give me the numbing shots which I'm not going to lie hurt like hell but they where tolerable. I was so numb I did not feel a thing. I did fall a sleep in and out but really did not care he was still working on me you don't feel a thing. He said things came out way better than he exspected. Which calmed my nerves right down. . When I got back to th hotel I got very sick I have Not had any pain pills at all cause I was sick due to the migraine so my head was a lot worse .dr Harley finally called in my prescription for migraine med that took four hours to get here .If it wasn't for that headache I think I would of handled this much better. Now I'm slowly getting back to recovery ill post more later

3 days

I'm swollen and the sides of my face feel hard as a rock I got juverderm in my smile lines and the dent I had on one side of my nose. I hope the juverderm settles alittle in my nose cause it's looking a little big on one side other than that I'm very happy it's hard to tell how my neck will look .Its still swollen but it looks ALOT better than it was !!!!



My ears are red I don't have any energy to do anything . I don't know how the other ladies just get up and go ...I have been icing a lot !

Side picture

I found a before picture .I didn't think I was that bad but this before pic was a bad one. But look at the after. I'm soooo happy. I'm still swollen but it's getting better and I could not be happier !! Thank you Dr Harley !!

7 days (1week)

Still swelling on he sides of my face in front of ears .Im not use to having my hair down not sure I look righ with the swelling.

More pictures

Still swollen on sides of face but doing good .Im still very Happy. . I get my stitches out tomorrow (Friday) .Then I'm packing up to go home. Still tired but that's probably me Its kinda cold and windy outside today so I'm just going to enjoy my last day resting inside before I go back home to reality ..

Side by side

2 weeks

Not bad for having a lower face lift just 2 weeks ago. Here are some before and now.
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far Dr Harley is very kind . I like how he specializes in the face only.

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