42 and Ready to Address Lower Face/neck Laxity Because Fillers Aren't Doing It. Asheville, NC

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I've been reading real self reviews for multiple...

I've been reading real self reviews for multiple procedures for some time. On my wish list: neck lift, breast lift, and waist lipo. I'm sure there will be more along the way as I intend to keep my beauty forever :) I found Dr. Harley and his Biltmore lift and finally knew I had found "the one" because his patients not only look better after his work, but they actually look younger...by a lot! And his scars are tiny and seem to fade away, that's really important to me. I live in Atlanta and own a hair extension salon, this means that I am surrounded by women who have dabbled in plastic surgery and fillers. I started getting Botox at 28 and I have clients who have gotten facelifts before the age of 30 (yes, that seems extreme, but who am I to judge?) I have clients from other states who drive to see me and let me tell you these women are serious about beauty, and I've learned a lot from them. Lately (for the past couple years) a number of U.S. Have been getting filler to lift the face...lots of it in the temples etc. filler is expensive!! And it seems to not address the true problem area that hits women mid-30's to late 40's (depending on luck and maybe weight fluctuations and genetics) We have all been saying we are ready to do something permanent. Myself and another couple will be the "guinea pigs" though we are all very sure of our choice. The rest will be following. Thanks to all who have written such detailed and honest reviews. What a Godsend this site is. Nice to see women supporting eachother in doing something for themselves. It's magical to share beauty secrets :)

Pic I sent to the dr to show problem areas

When you do a phone consult you have to first send pics in. I sent some showing side and front. In this pic I had filler put in my nose to make it straighter. It wasn't a good result at all, even though I went to someone who is really well known and teaches filler all over the U.S. to others. I've since had it injected to dissolve the filler, and boy am I happy to have my own nose back. :)

So you can stay on your meds!

I was wondering if I could continue Wellbutrin, and seems I can.
Good to know.

Facial filler will not hinder results, yay!!

I have been keeping my face as youthful as possible-trying to avoid surgery-so I have some filler along my jawline. Was concerned that when he did his magic he wouldn't be able to lift enough. I called and asked if I should get it dissolved and Juanita said it's totally fine, no problem.
A couple weeks to go and I'm as excited as can be :)
I'm also going through this "Do I need a brow lift? A lip lift? What else can I do when I'm there?" phase.
My boyfriend thinks I'm cookoo :) No news there :)

Recent pic.

Everyone looks better when they smile!

Advice needed: Am I going to have to remove my extensions?

A client of mine had to remove her hair extensions when she got her neck lift. I only have a few in and mine are tape, not strands, and I REALLY don't want to take them out. My hair is pretty without them and bombshell with them, and I feel like having the bandage on, but still great hair will help my mood :) concerns with keeping them in are: they get bloody and he blood is hard to get out, or they are smoothed in some way that hey itch and I can't get to them. Would I be able to use a tail comb or other long pointed object the first day should I get an itch??

3 days to go! Stitches can be removed anywhere :) Wedge Pillow

Wednesday is approaching quickly and I'm SO excited!

My boyfriend will be bringing me and he will also act as my nurse...I think he should wear a special outfit to keep my spirits up...maybe some short shorts and cowboy boots?
I've purchased a bell to ring in case I need him from the other room...JK...I do have a bell, but it's more a souvenir...though, it could be useful. He will find it V annoying, which I will find V funny :)

The two Siberian huskies who call me mommy will be coming, and we found a room at the Indigo hotel, which looks perfect. It's modern, and dog-friendly, and the hotel itself is not too big. Was considering ALoft, but it seems to have too much of a "scene" and think it would be easier to hide out at the Indigo. The Grove Park Inn looked wonderful, but the room reviews were very mixed. I Love hotels and even used to write a hotel blog. (Still do once in a while) so the process of choosing the perfect place is enjoyable to me. We've stayed at the Indigo in NOLA and it was fab with casual but gracious service. The one in Ashville has rooms with mountain views and even balconies and fireplaces.
We will only spend two nights since Atlanta is 2.5-3 hours away. Thursday we will be home.

Stitches come out in a week and I asked Juanita if I could get someone to remove them here in Atlanta, and she said absolutely. Not sure whether I will drive back to AshvilleOR get a nurse practitioner who owns a spa right by our salon to do it. Guess it depends on whether I feel the need to see Dr Harley for any reason.

My boyfriend offered to remove the stitches for me since he has "experience" w them. :) IF he did it-and it hurt-I would probably get peeved at him, while I would trust a professional to be "doing the right thing."

Bought a memory foam wedge pillow on Amazon for around 35$ And love it already. It's great for reading The Outlander :) Going to bring it and the travel pillow to use in tandem. Will I be well enough to read the first day??

Time for some blueberries. :)

First couple days: a lot of sleeping!

Didn't remember the surgery except some vague pressure. No pain at all.
When we returned to the hotel I felt some pain and called in and was told to double the pain pills (hydrocodone since I'm allergic to Percocet) and take rhem every 3 hours. I felt extremely uncomfortable and anxious. My boyfriend decided that since the dr said he wanted to wean me off them Asia he would go back to one pain pill every 4 hours. Dumb move on his part. I was r rally angry and upset because I was in pain for no reason and he never discussed that decision w me. A real nurse may have been Well Worth It!
Went back to get the gauze bandage taken off and they all seemed really pleased w my results. I think I look like a chipmunk so not too excited yet. :)
The day of surgery I asked dr Harley to do sown injectable filker in my boyfriends chin. He had a weak chin like his mother and it really helps there. An implant would be best for him.
Anyhow, after lots of sleep and smoothies and juices and of course more pineapple and blueberries it was time to get the head bandage off. That did help w the nausea but I still felt like I was hallucinating when I would close my eyes. Very strange.
We came back to the hotel and I payed back on the wedge pillow and slept a lot again. Half of the time he gave me medicine I don't remember it happening. Today (Friday and day 3) I feel the best I have felt. Still swollen but know it's getting there. Hopefully next update includes some great pics ;)

What to do we huge cheeks?? 3 days out

We stayed an extra night at the Indigo bc u didn't feel well enough to ride in the car. Truly, I could have done it, but just felt netter not to have to rush.l
More blueberries and smoothies. Happy to be home.
Please let me know of ant ways to end swelling fast. Pretty please :)

Day 5 best day yet!

So I have to say, there really hasn't been much bruising, a tiny bit at most. Swelling is another story. Should have passed on those Kale chips, but salt is my weakness.
Face still feels thicken sides and a little mask-like but it's getting much better.mim starting to see the indent under the cheekbone...just slightly.
When I was young I had the roundest face ever, and I couldn't stand it. I always loved hair and makeup so even at age 12-13 I was experimenting with contouring makeup to make my face look thinner and more sculpted. My mother was a hairstylist and also a great artist so I learned about how to use colors and light/dark tones to create shadows at a very early age. I would use these techniques on my face with flat brown eyeshadow under cheek bones and under jawline etc and pretty much do my makeup like a drag queen to try to reshape my face.
In my twenties I went to a plastic surgeon to discuss the shape of my face and he said that I had a beautiful face and that it would look it's best when I was in my thirties and the baby fat/cheeks had gone away. He said I would be glad that I started w those round cheeks because I would look young for a very long time.
That seemed to be true, and I did like the shape of my face best in my thirties, or when I was super skinny- less cheeks, more heart shape.
Now that I have gotten this procedure I feel like my face has that roundness again-Oh No!! So of course I don't love the look. I know it's all swelling in the cheeks and it will go away soon enough. Can't wait for that to happen! I'm glad I have a hairstyle that can be parted in the middle and covers the extra width of my current chipmunk cheeks until the swelling goes down.
The incisions are small and seem to only wrap around the ear a little. One of my ears seems lower than the other, not sure if it's swollen or just was that way? I think if it doesn't end up pretty close to the other I will go back to have it revised a little bit so if you are looking at my face straight on the earlobes end at about the same place.
All in all I am glad I had the surgery done, it had to be done, there was no other way to address the neck and lower face laxity...and I certainly could not have lived w that. When I would put makeup on it just wouldn't look the same without the tight jawline, and when I would wear sunglasses they would emphasize the problem area. So, it had to be fixed and I am glad I found Dr. Harley. I absolutely trust him and his work speaks for itself. Another thing I likes about the office is that it's so private...a little house. He is busy constantly, without advertising. This means his overhead is low so he isn't trying to push anyone into a surgery they might not need to pay for his billboard or glamorous office in a high rise. He doesn't need to worry about that so he has the luxury of just being an honest doctor who does what he does best on those who he genuinely feels are good candidates. How refreshing to see this! Kelly the nurse had just had a Biltmore lift when she was assisting with my surgery. She was maybe a week out and working and absolutely fine. She is so warm and made me feel really safe and cared for. Juanita is like this kind office fairy who comes around and spreads cheer. They are a great team who have worked together for a long time, and it shows.
Some have said Juanita didn't get right back to them...I will say, it isn't a normal office where they are trying to get you to sign on the dotted line the minute you call in, so things move a little slower. For me that wasn't an issue and only reassured me that they have plenty of patients, and aren't desperate to sign everyone up pronto.

Day 5 pics

Some late night pics from iPad. Swelling way down and looking pleasingly normal :) but better of course ;)

Healing has been interesting. What a journey. First few days just out of it and anxious when I wasn't...who knows why, I certainly knew I wanted this surgery and I was certain Dr Harley was the one...and he was. Love him amd can't believe how kind and modest he is. Would love his work even if he were a cocky jerk frankly, bc he is that good! Looking weird and like a balloon was hard, but it changed so quickly...now a week later I will be going back to work tomorrow and am confident I will be absolutely fine. Keeping work load a little lower with fewer clients than usual just to be sure. I have been sleeping less and doing more each day to build up for normal life again. Spring cleaning and hanging curtains etc. I've noticed I've gotten tired a little more easily than usual, but nothing dramatic. When walking thr dogs I've felt the stitches in my cheeks and sort of been aware of how heavy or light my steps are because of that. Trying to keep it light so everything heals well and tight :)
Sleeping upright w the wedge pillow, plus regular pillows on top, and then the travel pillow for neck, has been super easy and I might stick with it permanently :) will it help my face in any way? Who knows :) less swelling from salt maybe?
When I look in the mirror I see the old me basically...the cheeks, the jawline. It's nice to see again.
I feel confident and refreshed.
All of my clients know and most have seen many pics via text during the whole process. A couple are going in October and several have called to book or will call to book. Think they trust me to find the best Dr-knowing what an obsessive researcher I am when it comes to beauty...but still seeing my results has been the "proof in the pudding" or whatever that expression is :)
I have a feeling that Dr Harley does lots of groups of women who know eachother...it just seems that way. He definitely doesn't need to advertise and I am so thankful to Real Self and the champions of beauty who share on here....because how else would I have found him?
I still have some improvements I would like to make...a smaller waistline is one. I've been searching for a dr but haven't gotten that YES feeling I got when I saw and read about dr Harley's work so I'm waiting for that to happen.
I went to a consultation with a Dr here in Atlanta for waist lipo...his name is Dr Jimerson and he goes by Dr JCurves. He is known for doing all the rappers wives and girlfriends w the big butts that I guess are in. I personally think it looks dumpy and makes designer clothing look cheap, but to each their own. I figured this Dr would be good at the lipo portion for the tiny waist since he has to suck all that fat to put in the butts he makes. His signature butts actually sort of curve up if you can believe..it's really something. Anyway, the office was out in the suburbs (Alpharetta area/Johns Creek) which is just sort of lame suburbs to anyone who lives in the city or as we call it here ITP (Inside the Perimeter) amd his staff was very ghetto fabulous. Very nice but too relaxed and familiar in some way? I don't know, even though I liked them it didn't feel like the right fit. They were all appalled that I would actually want to throw my fat away!!!! They kept showing me HUGE butts on employees who worked there and saying, "See, something like this would look good on you." Oh, boy. I'm pretty much bohemian most days, and occasionally preppy...depends on the mood. On no day would my style go well with some gigantic fake butt! Hahaha :) the dr had that typical cocky plastic surgeon attitude...sort of aloof and too cool for school. I'm sure he is super great at his hung but I didn't feel like I would be comfortable w him shoving a cannula inside me while I was under. Nah. So the search continues for that. I'm also looking for a great dr to do a breast lift...with as little scar as possible. Watching Horndeski in sugarland TX who gets a combination of excellent and terrible reviews. When I called his office I liked the person I spoke with in he phone, she was quick, efficient and easy to understand. I may fly over there to meet him. Then I guess I will be done...except that now there is such a ing as Cinderella surgery!! You can actually make your feet smaller or narrower etc...prettier. That could be cool :)
I feel like my face is just what I wanted...at least at this point...and some people have said it continues to improve...so, that is just peachy! My ears I hope will end up even, but if not it will be an easy little revision. The scars..even w the stitches in...are incredible. So tiny, so precise.
One of my client/friends was asking me if I had that scar that goes into the hairline amd I was like, Nope! Thank God, because it shows with a ponytail. (You can actually get some hairline strokes done with permanent makeup on that type of scar to camouflage the bald spot btw) but I'm glad that my scars will be so minimal and I believe invisible when healed and I will have all of my hair :)
My neck is super smooth on one side and has a soft bump in the other..think it's swelling bc it's a tiny bit tender....think it will go away on its own. Has anyone else had this happen on the neck? I've heard it's not fully settled for a month?
I'm ranting bc I'm just So Ecstatic w the results. Everything I hoped for. Thank God!
If you're on the fence-do it! Better than any makeup or outfit or shoes etc...it's an investment in yourself that is with you 24/7, I would say it's right there with good hair! Ok, even more important than good hair! :)
We are all going to live for a LONG LONG time, so why not make the best of it, we are worth it :)

Still happy!

Leaving for Hawaiin vacay w my sis. It's been hectic at the salon, need a new assistant ASAP! so I haven't updated, but took some pics today. Looks v natural. Neck is bumpy---I hear this resolves itself? One of my clients who had it done a couple years ago said totally normal. So when it it perfectly smooths? Can't wait for all swelling to be gone and final results :) I've been reading all your reviews and everyone looks amazing!! :)

Sister (who is very observant) never noticed!!

In Hawaii w my sis. Recovering from surgery and from a traumatic break-up. Found out he was cheating on me he someone who he told the world was disgusting, a "dude" woman, a skank, etc. It was God doing me a favor to remove the trash from my life, but still a process.
The trip I had planned for he and I to Hawaii turned into a sisters trip, and I am so blessed to have my little sister in my life! Also, all of my clients and friends rallied around me with flowers and visits. Women who have sisters, either born or chosen are surrounded by strength.
So, as for my face...it looks softer and more natural every day. I haven't been doing much in the way of scar treatment but plan on getting some vitamin e capsules to break open and rub on them. They are still kind of scabby. Behind ears feels like big crusts. Just leaving it all alone. Beneath the skin odd bumps around incisions under the skin where the sutures are dissolving. Neck is smoothing out slowly but surely. I heard I should be massaging it? Any helpful hints I will take! Also- best thing for incisions?
My crows feet seem more pronounced, and other women have said the same thing, so is Botox here the solution?? Sometimes I feel it stops my smile from going up all the way (cheeks get stuck down a bit if you know what I mean) do I need eyes done?
Still say this was an excellent (and timely!) decision. My incisions will be healed and face ready for dating right as my heart is healed. Excellent timing. Sometimes the universe works swiftly and you realize that you are part of a bigger better plan which is unfolding before you. Sign after sign happens. Things begin to fall into place. Sometimes you realize that the plan was there all along.
I will say it again: I spent more fretting fillers -which never fixed the neck area- than I spent doing this. My sister, who is 37 but very young looking is saying that if she ever needs it she will definitely go to my dr. She had also admitted that when I was getting a lot of filler, a couple years ago, it looked awful and I was starting to look like an Alien. (That's because the woman I went to back then looks like one and she tends to make everyone look like her!) The right amount of filler, if you need it, is 1-3 vials. If someone tells you you need 10 vials, know that they are unsavory and you should run out the door. Also, be sure you agree on a price before they start injecting.
The lady who does mine now is really wonderful and does a lot with a little-exactly where you need it. That's how a true professional will be. If you need cheeks or lips-go for it-if you need a tighter neck or to get rid of jowling, go straight to surgery, no matter what your age is. It's so pleasant to look good from all angels and not have to "pose" in pictures.
Peace and Love to all :)

People at work wondering what I did

Today a client kept saying I looked great and did I change something? Was my hair blonder? (It can't get much blonder! Haha) and I told her what I had done. She was extremely interested and of course wanted to see the scars, which are healing well. I got the silicone strips, and perhaps the brand wasn't the best, bc they don't stick! Next purchase: mederma w sunscreen. A client in the medical supplies filed mentioned something else like Aqua oil or something like that. Must ask her again. She just had a vampire face
It (platelet rich plasma) and her cheeks are filling out. It takes 6 weeks to work....but, like everything...it's not going to address the neck and lower face...which IMO is the place I see aging on most women first. (Besides hands)
I predict at least 6 women get their face done by Dr Harley after seeing mine this year...and it could be more. I don't think I look 25, like I was hoping. My sister is 37 and looks maybe 27...but she also dresses super young and I think that's a big part of it. Food for thought :) I do think I look MUCH younger than I did, as does my ex boyfriend. It's wonderful being able to wear sunglasses and look good in them again. My right side seems pretty much healed but still numb (but in the way that you know feeling is coming back) on the edges by my ear. The left side still feels more swollen in the cheek bone area (which I like) and the rest seems healed. It's also numb in that same way, though a little more than the right. Neck is something. Sometimes when I make a certain face I feel like I'm pulling it or straining it. Nothing bad, just sort of weird. I love my profile now.
I will update pics soon. Nothing much new to see after the last pics.
Love this procedure! Excellent Dr.

Pics as promised

These photos taken the other day. Wondering why neosporin isn't recommended?

Update on healing and castor oil and whi I'm even more annoyed by the filler in my face :)

So, I'm quite happy with everything still. The colors I had in the lower jawline have posed a bit of an issue though. If you look from under my jaw there is a depression where the filler ends on my right side. Also,maths filler seems heavy in my lower cheeks, I don't know how else to describe it other than like it hangs a bit. I wish it was all a little tighter. I guess it's a good place to be if you are just wanting tweaks. I think if I get a little filler in that depression it will be fine..blur whenever I have a chance want to go see Dr Harley to see what he says about the results. The scars are healing well.mive began using pure castor oil on them in the last few days. It has made a growth disappear on my dog before and has miraculous benefits. I believe it's even mentioned in the bible, as well as by Edgar Cayce :) I believe I've seen improvement already. I have also seen improvement in the scar around my dog's eye. He had surgery to remove a growth at the corner of his eyelid. (and the damned vet did a crappy job!) The dark ring around his eye that looks like eyeliner turned pink from such a large section that she cut...and guess what? She didn't even get the root of the growth so it's began growing again! I wish I could have someone like dr Harley operate on my dog! He deserves the best too. So, now I am going to get rid of this growth w the castor oil...and I swear, some of the pigment has returned to the wet area around his eye that she scarred! So it is working in that way too. It's truly a miracle.
When I was in Mexico a couple weeks ago I had a mini panic attack bc the side of my face was itching so intensely, and I couldn't scratch it because it's still numb. It felt like all the little hairs growing near or in the scar were itching me and after scratching quite hard didn't work, I started to sort of smack my face there to try to get it to stop...(like you sometimes see girls who wear weave or braids do) and it helped a little. The panic feeling came and went in a couple minutes. I know logically that it's just the nerve endings growing back, and of course I'm thankful that they are.
The pics uploaded are all in the morning and no makeup...so pretty real! Hope they help anyone wanting to see what this procedure looks like a couple-few months out. Still happy I did it and would have done it sooner had I found dr Harley sooner.
Side note: has anyone noticed how Kristen Wiig from SNL looks VERY different. She clearly got a nose job and when I saw her in the new Jurassic Park I could clearly see she had a facelift by her ears. I really don't like that "invisible scar" thing where they pull the face skin into the ear and sew inside the ear. It makes the ear become visually part of the face and just odd. When she tucks her hair behind her ear you can see it as well as the way her lobe sits funny. I don't think my ears look the way they did before, and I might like them revised a tiny bit to be higher and more even...but I think if you look at my ears, not having seen them before, you would never notice. They look like ears, separate from the face. Much prettier IMO..plus, who wants the surgeon spending all this time making tiny stitches in the ear....I want him to be bringing my face up! :)
My friend and her husband went to Dr Harley and both look incredible. She looks like a child...a very bombshell child albeit! Both have amazing jawlines now.
happy healing to all! And remember...if you have beautiful hair, it will bring attention to your gorgeous face! Bad hair, and no one is really looking. Fastest way to look younger, make your hair look thicker and healthier with a little "help."

Not sure if neck is tight enough

So, I've said that I didn't like the way my neck looked in certain pics...and in fact I remember the first time I saw it was about 6 years ago in a photo of me laying down with my face turned. Now, I feel like at certain angles those two lines (muscles) are still there..I was hoping in any position they would be gone. I don't pics of anyone else w them. Opinions?

Saw another PS today (for lipo consult) and got his opinion on the neck

Today I went to a consultation for lipo. It was my 3rd or 4th. Looking for the right Dr and liked this one best so far. Actually, I Liked the Dr a lot. Not so sure about the office. Anyway, I asked him about the platysmal (sp?) band in my neck that is bugging me, and filler situation,-since he does facial surgery also. He thought my results were great (as do I) and said that the neck (bands) might tighten up on its own and to wait 4-6 months to see. I hope this happens!! As for the filler, he said she had put more on my left side in general...more in the jaw there and more in that cheekbone too. Funny because she always starts on that side. He said he would wait it out because it wasn't obvious and there was no reason to open a vial of filler to touch that one spot on jaw that bothers me.
He was a really honest surgeon and said that if I got lipo to my knees it would make them wrinkly, which was way worse than a little thick there. He also said I didn't need my butt added to and once the rest was more defined it would be more pronounced anyway. I'm still thinking about this surgery. It's one of those things where I look good enough...would look amazing w 20 lbs less...so it's really fine tuning. It isn't like the face thing, which, I will say again, I should have done sooner and skipped all the fillers.
Oh, another thing about the lipo: he said it will hurt because I don't have much fat so he would be on the muscle. How's that for honest? In that other dr's office, the one known for doing butts in Atlanta, they ALL (he and his staff) wanted to give me a huge butt! Just not my thing.
The feeling in my face is really coming back now!! Sides doing great and under chin area as well. Was itchy under my chin the other day, which seems to be the first step for the nerves really growing back.
To any on the fence about Dr. Harley: just go for it. He is so talented. I'm v pleased- and really, it's a piece of cake. (Not my words there, but a friend of mine who went to him too, but she is right)

Update: still happy!!

So about 3 more people from my salon have gone and more are calling or thinking of calling. Results are lasting and scars are invisible. Will put up pics so you all can see :)
Latest project was finally the lipo I wanted found the perfect dr: Dr. Fara Movagharnia in Atlanta. Wrote a review and will put pics up soon.
Have been dermarolling nice every 5 weeks with 2 .0 roller. Great results. The lady next door did some procedures in my face to remove a keratoma? (This left a dent!) and to remove brown spots (they are still there or a scar is instead) and she charged me to remove leg veins twice even though both times there was zero improvement or 15%. I will not be spending any more $$ on estheticians! The derma roller (which I was trained to do...and as someone who is certified I can tell you: it's VERY easy) And retin A, vitamin c serum, and the occasional peel can all be done at home. Easy easy. Just look online. What I will spend $$ on: travel (of course: experiences and memories) then face, body, hair...oh: and teeth..can't forget that! Clothes don't make anyone look better...these things LAST and pay for themselves daily :)
Stop buying junk you don't need and anyone can afford the things that really matter :) Love, Peace, and Beauty for all!!
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