43 Years Old with Horrible Saggy Neck!!!!! - Asheville, NC - Maybe July 2017!

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I am wanting to have a neck lift/lower face lift...

I am wanting to have a neck lift/lower face lift done. I am in the process of researching Drs. I have had a few consultations in Houston, but I am really impressed with David Harleys work. I am trying to gather info on things I need, how much money my stay would cost and how I can plan to be off. I wanted to have a bladder suspension done the week before in Houston and then travel to NC for the facelift. I am not certain if that is realistic or not. Having a hard time managing time off because I teach clinical for schools. While no lifting is required to do that, my job does require lifting. So I am trying to find a block of 6 weeks off. Not sure if I can do it this year or I may have to wait till next Dec. I don't have the cash saved up yet.

Current pics. :(

I wish I had the cash to do this Dec! But I may have to wait. I can't stand my neck. Weight gain and loss is not nice to my skin. :(. I work super hard to be fit. It just doesn't match.


I don't want to purchase all those fancy pillows. Does anyone know where to get them if I need them. I was hoping to use lots of reg pillows. I feel like I need a list of stuff.

Phone consult

Had a phone consult with Dr Harley. He was super pleasant. I'm going to try to save up enough money to do this December!!! That's my goal! Plus drop 20#!

Updated surgery date

I've had a appt with my surgeon today for a pelvic prolapse. He says I need to be off 8 weeks. I mentioned Dr Harley he said wait 6 bfr another procedure due to dvt risk. I'm not taking off 8 weeks with no neck lift. I am willing to wait 4. But that's it!anyone going to Dr H mid December?

How long does Dr Harley say for lifting?

What's Harley's time requirement for no lifting. I work for a flight team and there's no light duty. We lift quite a lot of heavy stuff. Any know?

Bleh! I hate that profile!

And this is why I hate my neck! I have no jawline anymore! I'm so worried everyone will notice somethings different. I'm working a crazy amount of hours to save for this. Not sure I will have enough for a upper bleph! Talked with Juanita today. I am planning on reserving my spot next Friday!!!! I still feel vain and crazy guilty!

Upper bleph?

Not certain I want to do this at the same time. Both eyes sag. But I'm not sure I can save enough money and I'm worried I'll look freaky.

Trying to nail down the plans.

Tomorrow I go for a pelvic ultrasound. I'm going to be out 8 weeks for surgery for "female" issues so I figured now is the time to go see Dr Harley! Hopefully I will be booking with him by tomorrow. Then it's the airfare and stay. I'll likely be flying around the holidays so it's more pricey. I'm hoping he can see me the morning after I fly in for the consult followed by surgery because we won't get there till late the day bfr. Hubby will stay at least 4 days bfr flying back alone. I was looking at the extended stay. Has anyone stayed there while going to Dr Harley?? It has a stove, fridge and microwave. Ready to get rid of this neck! I've been torn about being quiet or not. I'm a over sharer. I'm afraid they will know!

Any tips on Food & things needed greatly appreciated!

I have been jotting notes of all I need but I am curious how all you out of towners are getting around down there? Uber, Cab? Renting a car? I am wondering if its cheaper to rent a car for grocery and walmart trips than to try to get around everywhere? Hubs will only be there 4 days with me. I have read I need Arnica, pineapples, blueberries a blender perhaps and pillows. Any other major things. I was hoping someone had made a list but I cant seem to stumble upon one! I should have my surgery booked by today or Monday!!! EEK things are getting real!

I have a date!!!!!! Deposit paid.

It's getting real! On Nov 28 I will go out for a bladder suspension and gall bladder removal! On Dec 30 I fly to see Dr Harley!!!!! Just gotta get airfare and hotel arranged!

Hotel and flights purchased! yikes that was pricey!

Booked my stay at the Clarion inn Biltmore today and airfare for me for 8 days and hubby for 4. It is more expensive at the hotel because it is over New Years eve. In toal it was $2452. Tickets seemed limited and it was making me nervous. The countdown begins now. I am hoping to lose about 18 pounds before. I want to be on the leaner side so if there is excess skin it will be there! I am excited and scared at the same time. Bought travel insurance just in case. I never buy the travel insurance!!!!! My kids will be staying with my in-laws that weekend! I am worried about looking like a freak on the flight home! I guess its a good thing I will be flying alone or I would think people thought my hubby did that to me! READY!

Hair Day!!!!! These eyes!!!

I've been going back and forth about a upper bleph. :(. Then I see pics like today and I think why I am I even wavering!!!! I need it!!!!!

New hair!

Well..... I know a lot of you guys say to change your hair up before! I changed mine way before! I'm glad I tried it now because I would've been in complete shock if I would've waited till the surgery. I'm having the hardest time getting used to the red! Who knows what color I'll be by Dec!;)

Afraid of what close friends will say!

Idk why I care. It is my life. But just today my friend who is 6 years younger and probably thinks I am pretty vain anyhow was making fun of a soap opera star on TV being pulled to tight. Others joined in and they all had a laugh at his expense. I am not telling anyone except maybe my mother in law. I am afraid they will notice. Some people are really observant. I am prepared to come clean about the eyes if someone ask or says something but otherwise I am keeping it hush hush! I do wish this site was easier to navigate! My comments and replys seem to get lost. You get a alert and can't figure out where it was from!

Had a mild panic attack today! Wedge pillow drama & worried about flight delays!

Today I seriously needed to take a nap to go in and work a nightshift! I have been picking up shifts to save up money. I could not sleep. I started thinking about that durn wedge pillow. If I really need it. I am flying and cannot pack it and I am cheap and don't want to leave it if I buy it! I was gonna order one for home but I figured my hardest 7 days will be there! I also started freaking out about the flight out. I left no room for error. We are flying out late and will not arrive in the airport there till 11 pm. Prob wont get to bed till 1AM. That's ok. I am prepared to be tired. I am to get up and get to office asap so I can get my script the next morn which is a Friday which means if anything goes wrong I likely wont get there in time!!!!! Why did I not think to fly out sooner???! I did but my hubby is out of vacation so he could only take the Friday! I am wondering if I should move my flight up till morning which is more money and fly alone!!!!!! :(

Contemplating flight change.

I'm contemplating changing my flight and flying out alone. At least I'm there. My hubby can be late but I can't. :(. It's already 37 degrees there! It's still in the 80's here! Does it snow there in winter! Weather is making me nervous. I left no room for mishaps!

Flight change on hold for now.

I am holding off on changing my flight at the moment. I figured it was worth a quick shout out to Juanita first. Maybe she can ease my fears! It's not the cold there I am worried about. It's me taking the last flight out of Houston here! We don't know how to handle ice/snow in Texas and the town pretty much holes up and "hunkers" down, lol! I'm trying to replay worst case scenarios in my head. I guess worst case is I have to wait till the Monday and then my hubby will have to end up changing his flight and staying a few more days. It would stick and he would use more vacation and inconvenience our in- laws but I guess that is worst case. Trying to keep the faith!

Leaving flight as planned! ---77 days until departure!!!!!!!

Juanita is just so nice. I truly love her already. I emailed her about flight concerns. Getting there so late if nothing goes wrong and she just has the most soothing nature. She said they usually never have problems with people not getting here and reassured me it will likely all be fine. I guess I will just have to deal with it if not. My surgery is scheduled for 945 the day after we arrive. We will not arrive till 11 pm. I am not worried about being tired, I am a little stressed about getting to the office the morning of, picking up scripts, getting to walmart and back but she must think that is doable as well so I am just going to calm down and try not to stress! I cant believe I only have 77 days before I leave!

Flight has been Changed to a earlier flight! YAY

I was so worried about weather mishaps and getting to Asheville so late the night before! To change my flight would have cost me alone over $250 not to mention my hubby tix! I got lucky and the airline delayed my flight arrival 33 minutes! They let me change it to arrive by 6:43Pm instead of 11:24 pm with no charge for both of us! I wanted to arrive by 1:45 so I could pick up my meds and see Dr. Harley but she wouldn't wave the charge for that one so at least this is better and we can get there, maybe go by Walmart, have some dinner and get settled instead of being up the wee hours of the morning! Yay!!!!


I have to say for the most part I love everyones transformation that Dr. Harley does and hopeful in the handful of people that I see its just swelling but do some think the cheeks look a little weird?? Only on some people. Is that just swelling???? I don't want to look pulled to tight? Almost like the cheeks are chubby?


I just read on someone's review about driving. Is this really a huge problem after the BL? I don't plan on cruising all over town but if I needed to go to store after my hubby flys out I would. I rented a car for 7 days. He will drive me around if needed day 1-4. But on day 7 I will be driving to the airport??? Surgery is on Fri morn. He will leave Mon afternoon and I planned on driving him to the airport. Is that not smart??? If I'm right Juanita said it was a good idea to rent a car.

10 weeks out!!!! So excited!

Like everyone on here I'm prepping, freaking a little, trying to get my finances in order. Figuring out how I'm gonna pay,trying to determine if I want and can really afford the eyes. I'm also having a bladder suspension and gallbladder removal on Nov 28 so off 8 weeks. 4 weeks bfr Dr Harley. I know this is something I want as scared as I am to do it. I despise my neck. I have for years already. I'm focusing on losing a few pounds and leaning out a little more so my results will be optimal. I don't want to have it done and lose weight. Although this week I haven't been so great. I'm working a lot of hours saving and Christmas at the same time to boot! I died my hair red from bleach blonde last month and I go back next Fri. It hasn't faded too bad. I'm not certain what direction I want to go with it!

Ordered my stuff!

Ordered my arnica, bromelin, gel eye mask, mepitak tape! It's getting real! I'm nervous but excited.

Got my wedge pillow!

Can't take it with me but I went ahead and bought one for home! Debating on the scar gel. 8 weeks!!!! Eek!

Scar gel!

Got my scar gel in! Not sure if it's needed but I figured it can't hurt! Still have some things to collect!

There's those eyes!!!!!!

Def must! If I was on the fence before how can I not get them fixed!?!!! They are so hooded!!!!!

First needed surgery out of the way

Had my bladder suspension and rectocele repair done and gall bladder removed & I'm feeling ok. Just groggy. Will update more later. This one was needed. The next one is wanted.

Day 4 of bladder/gallbladder recovery.

Thanks ladies. Today is day 4 of the recovery and I'm actually starting to feel a bit better. I was sent home with a urine cath with has to be the worst part. I think I'm gonna have a rough time sleeping on my back for so long but I'm trying to be good. Right now the cath makes it hard to turn any other way. I get it out today. I couldn't help but panic early in the week that I wasn't going to recover well enough from this to make it to see Dr Harley but I'm feeling more optimistic. I couldn't believe how hard this surgery was. I think the rectocele repair was the worst! I'm just sore but added Bromelin and arnica to this surgery too. I think I'm gonna order this pillow. It looks like a dream! The wedge pillow I bought came in handy even in this surgery. Scared but excited!

Nervous but excited

It's getting closer!!!!!! I'm so ready to be rid of this neck! Starting to get my stuff together. Still haven't ordered dermablend. Anyone else live in scarfs all winter in hopes of camouflaging the neck??? Yet it still doesn't!

Starting to freak a little!

Knowing I'm only a few weeks away is freaking me a little! I'm excited about the trip to NC even if I'll be stuck in a hotel room! I'm hoping to feel well enough to see some sites in camouflage!:) Hubs is going with me. Mentioned it to my kids as well today. They were like what?! I'm ready to be done with this neck! Thanks genetics!

Getting nervous

8 days out. Yesterday starting running fever and I really don't feel all that well. Went to the Dr where I had surgery. They drew blood. Took some swabs and said incisions look good. :(. I'm a little nervous about going into this surgery feeling so crummy. I'm 3.5 weeks post op bladder suspension/gall bladder removal/rectocele repair. I thought by now I'd feel great but I don't. I def don't want to lose my money. Trying everything to feel better. Juanita called to confirm appt yesterday.

Surgery Cancelled. :(

Today was the day I was supposed to be landing in North Carolina, getting ready for Dr. Harley! I was going to come back a new me! I've been mentioning how crummy I have felt after the surgery 3.5 weeks ago. Well On Friday One week before I was to fly out I woke up and my left leg felt heavy. When I walked on it it looked mottled. I immediately googled it. I had 6/10 symptoms of a blood clot in my leg. I called my husband and we went to the ER. Long story short I had a blood clot in my leg that ran from my ankle to my pubic bone, plus bits had broken off and I had bilateral Pulmonary embolisms in my lungs. I was terrified. I was transferred to a diff hospital where Interventional Radiology did a procedure on me on day 3 where the put a filter in to catch the clot and put a catheter in my leg to try to break the clot up. They left it in overnight and gave me TPA and heparin over night in the ICU. I woke up about 2:30 in morn in a pool of blood from the insertion site on my neck and I seriously thought that was the end. They turned off the meds and different people applied pressure to my neck for a long time. That continued to bleed till 9:30 in the morn after the second procedure to put a stent in. Went back to ICU for a bit and then back to room on day 5. I was finally discharged today on blood thinners. I am extremely disappointed in not being able to make my trip to Asheville but I feel so lucky to be alive. I don't know if the clot was caused from me sitting around to much with a catheter after surgery or they put some kind of compression on the vein near my pubic bone. I don't have any clue when I will get to go back to Asheville. I have to be on blood thinners for 6 months then trial off. They said I will likely have to take a baby aspirin forever. I have been trying to guesstimate when I might can do this again. I still want to but I am a wee bit in shock of all the events the past week. Juanita and Dr. Harley were amazing and said I could reschedule when I was off blood thinners. August sounded great but may be too soon. I will also have issues with child care then. I cancelled everything and should get a full refund on the flight because I bought insurance on. Thank goodness! I never buy insurance. Isn't that ironic. Until then I will likely be paying off medical bills. :(

Ha! I must have the worst luck of anyone! 2016 tried to kill me too!

My ordeal did not end the day I got discharged on Dec 29! I ended up in the ER on the 30 with a horrible drug reaction! OMG Really! They gave me steroids, benadryl and pepsid and sent me home. Well next morning it was so much worse!!!!!!!! I had to go back to ER. Was there all day without much relief. They took me off two previous blood thinners and put me back on Lovenox injections. I suffered in a holding area with no privacy for 2 nights! I had to practicaly beg for steroids after night one. I thought I was going to claw my skin off. So bizarre. They don't really know what drug it was. They are trying to blame it on the antibiotic I took 3 weeks ago. I will post pics! I am so done!!!! This has been nuts! Ready to start planning for Dr H! I am home now! Hopefully on the road to recovery!

Pics from the reaction. :(

How can you change your scheduled date??? I must be a idiot!

I wasnt able to have the surgery due to medical complications. Id like to change my surgery date but cant seem to figure out where to do that? or how! It looks like im 4 days post!

Appt with Dr

Is anyone else having trouble getting spots with Dr Harley? They keep telling me they are working on their schedule and I tried to book for Late June July in April???? Frustrating. I'm holding off all family trips while waiting for reply.
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

I have had my phone consult with Dr. Harley! Looking to book a date within the next week!!! :)

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