43 Years Old with Horrible Saggy Neck!!!!! - Asheville, NC

I am wanting to have a neck lift/lower face lift...

I am wanting to have a neck lift/lower face lift done. I am in the process of researching Drs. I have had a few consultations in Houston, but I am really impressed with David Harleys work. I am trying to gather info on things I need, how much money my stay would cost and how I can plan to be off. I wanted to have a bladder suspension done the week before in Houston and then travel to NC for the facelift. I am not certain if that is realistic or not. Having a hard time managing time off because I teach clinical for schools. While no lifting is required to do that, my job does require lifting. So I am trying to find a block of 6 weeks off. Not sure if I can do it this year or I may have to wait till next Dec. I don't have the cash saved up yet.

Current pics. :(

I wish I had the cash to do this Dec! But I may have to wait. I can't stand my neck. Weight gain and loss is not nice to my skin. :(. I work super hard to be fit. It just doesn't match.


I don't want to purchase all those fancy pillows. Does anyone know where to get them if I need them. I was hoping to use lots of reg pillows. I feel like I need a list of stuff.

Phone consult

Had a phone consult with Dr Harley. He was super pleasant. I'm going to try to save up enough money to do this December!!! That's my goal! Plus drop 20#!

Updated surgery date

I've had a appt with my surgeon today for a pelvic prolapse. He says I need to be off 8 weeks. I mentioned Dr Harley he said wait 6 bfr another procedure due to dvt risk. I'm not taking off 8 weeks with no neck lift. I am willing to wait 4. But that's it!anyone going to Dr H mid December?

How long does Dr Harley say for lifting?

What's Harley's time requirement for no lifting. I work for a flight team and there's no light duty. We lift quite a lot of heavy stuff. Any know?

Bleh! I hate that profile!

And this is why I hate my neck! I have no jawline anymore! I'm so worried everyone will notice somethings different. I'm working a crazy amount of hours to save for this. Not sure I will have enough for a upper bleph! Talked with Juanita today. I am planning on reserving my spot next Friday!!!! I still feel vain and crazy guilty!

Upper bleph?

Not certain I want to do this at the same time. Both eyes sag. But I'm not sure I can save enough money and I'm worried I'll look freaky.

Trying to nail down the plans.

Tomorrow I go for a pelvic ultrasound. I'm going to be out 8 weeks for surgery for "female" issues so I figured now is the time to go see Dr Harley! Hopefully I will be booking with him by tomorrow. Then it's the airfare and stay. I'll likely be flying around the holidays so it's more pricey. I'm hoping he can see me the morning after I fly in for the consult followed by surgery because we won't get there till late the day bfr. Hubby will stay at least 4 days bfr flying back alone. I was looking at the extended stay. Has anyone stayed there while going to Dr Harley?? It has a stove, fridge and microwave. Ready to get rid of this neck! I've been torn about being quiet or not. I'm a over sharer. I'm afraid they will know!

Any tips on Food & things needed greatly appreciated!

I have been jotting notes of all I need but I am curious how all you out of towners are getting around down there? Uber, Cab? Renting a car? I am wondering if its cheaper to rent a car for grocery and walmart trips than to try to get around everywhere? Hubs will only be there 4 days with me. I have read I need Arnica, pineapples, blueberries a blender perhaps and pillows. Any other major things. I was hoping someone had made a list but I cant seem to stumble upon one! I should have my surgery booked by today or Monday!!! EEK things are getting real!

I have a date!!!!!! Deposit paid.

It's getting real! On Nov 28 I will go out for a bladder suspension and gall bladder removal! On Dec 30 I fly to see Dr Harley!!!!! Just gotta get airfare and hotel arranged!

Hotel and flights purchased! yikes that was pricey!

Booked my stay at the Clarion inn Biltmore today and airfare for me for 8 days and hubby for 4. It is more expensive at the hotel because it is over New Years eve. In toal it was $2452. Tickets seemed limited and it was making me nervous. The countdown begins now. I am hoping to lose about 18 pounds before. I want to be on the leaner side so if there is excess skin it will be there! I am excited and scared at the same time. Bought travel insurance just in case. I never buy the travel insurance!!!!! My kids will be staying with my in-laws that weekend! I am worried about looking like a freak on the flight home! I guess its a good thing I will be flying alone or I would think people thought my hubby did that to me! READY!

Hair Day!!!!! These eyes!!!

I've been going back and forth about a upper bleph. :(. Then I see pics like today and I think why I am I even wavering!!!! I need it!!!!!

New hair!

Well..... I know a lot of you guys say to change your hair up before! I changed mine way before! I'm glad I tried it now because I would've been in complete shock if I would've waited till the surgery. I'm having the hardest time getting used to the red! Who knows what color I'll be by Dec!;)

Afraid of what close friends will say!

Idk why I care. It is my life. But just today my friend who is 6 years younger and probably thinks I am pretty vain anyhow was making fun of a soap opera star on TV being pulled to tight. Others joined in and they all had a laugh at his expense. I am not telling anyone except maybe my mother in law. I am afraid they will notice. Some people are really observant. I am prepared to come clean about the eyes if someone ask or says something but otherwise I am keeping it hush hush! I do wish this site was easier to navigate! My comments and replys seem to get lost. You get a alert and can't figure out where it was from!
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

I have had my phone consult with Dr. Harley! Looking to book a date within the next week!!! :)

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