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I've never had great boobs. What an opener right?...

I've never had great boobs. What an opener right? Haha...I developed them very young and they've always been saggy. I want perky!! I've been oven the opportunity with finances to be able to afford this! YAY! I've wanted this for SO LONG and never thought it was possible. I've recently lost some weight and want my girl parts to be where they are supposed to be! I want to look good naked! So I've researched a lot and I've narrowed it down to what I want. I had consult last week and have preop this Thursday! Scheduled for surgery NEXT THURSDAY! So the countdown begins...9days out! I'll post before pics soon..I do want to know about any PREOP suggestions you may have for me. Vitamins, beef up the proteins, but what else? Anything to ease the recovery...THANKS!

Preop TOMORROW! Just had my anesthesia call...SO EXCITING!

So I'm scheduled for Abdominoplasty w/mons, breast left and aug and some lipo NEXT THURSDAY! I have my preop appt tomorrow! I'm so excited to try on dozers and decided for sure what I want. I've debated the whole saline vs silicone thing. I'm think High Profile silicone Submuscular. I have some breast tissue left from nursing 4 babies but mostly just skin bags. Lovely. I'm ready to have some nice girls again! Will post before pics soon, I PROMISE!

Preop DONE!

Today I had my preop apt with my doc! We decided to go with Mentor Silicone Gel 340CCs mod plus profile sub muscular. I AM SO EXCITED! I will have a lot of work done so I'll be the first surgery on Thursday morning...Breast reduction (just a little) then lift and augment. Abdominoplasty with mons lift and flank lipo. whew...Im starting Arnica tomorrow and really focusing on low sodium diet, lots of proteins and hydration. I have 4 VERY active kiddos and I need to get back in the game as soon as my body will allow. I have an awesome support system with friends (the few ive told) and family. Hubs is stoked but trying not to be too excited, as he wont be enjoying the girls anytime too soon! haha...hes going to be my rock though. I am completely paranoid to post nudie pics of myself..especially before...maybe after I'll post both...LOVE reading your journeys though! VERY inspirational!
I'll admit, now that Im paid and scheduled, Im getting more nervous. I am nervous they will be too big! Especially when my tummy is flat. But Im trusting my doc. Ive stressed to her that I want perky NOT saggy and nips that look ahead and not at the floor...haha...so its in her hands now!

Cold feet?

Really thinking im getting cold feet! So many "what ifs" running through my head! Help!!

2 days!

I have 2 days to mentally prepare! I'm so excited! I thought I would be more nervous than excited. I was VERY nervous last week but the closer it gets, the more I feel ready!
So my little guy (one of my twins) started with a stomach bug last night. Lasted all night long. Ugh! I have to snuggle the poor guy but prayed the whole time that I don't get it. That would be HORRIBLE after surgery!
I've filled my meds, I've been taking my Arnica tabs daily and have to do some last minute shopping for a couple more recovery supplies but IM READY! I've read some really inspirational recovery stories from you ladies and I pray I have similar results! I want to feel good! I want to look good! I want to be back at it with my kiddos and hubby soon!
Thanks for your stories!

Tell me I'm normal!

Starting to freak out with crazy things like "what if I don't wake up?"!! Help me!! I'm literally 36 hrs away from the flat and perky side! I know it will be worth it! I know the recovery will be tough but I want to recover!! I'm being ridiculous I know! Stupid brain!


PostOpers....in all reality, BE HONEST you won't scare me...will I be able to enjoy the big day with my family just 1 week post op? My doc says yes, shouldn't be a prob at all. But of course, everyone is different so...my family (mom and extended) says I won't be ready.

Before pics

CANNOT believe I'm posting these! YUCK! But am so very grateful for a healthy body that brought 4 very health awesome kiddos into this world! Including TWINS! Cannot wait for a sexy tummy and boobs! 24 hours away!

12 HRS away from the flat and perky side!

So in the morning I'm the first case! I'm getting an abdominoplasty w/ mons lift, BL w/ Aug...340CC silicone gel mod profile under muscle. I AM SO EXCITED!!!

See you on the flat side!

Headed to surgical center NOW! See y'all later!

I did it!

So I'm groggy and drugged now so I'll post pics later...BUT it went very smoothly! I have great boobs and my belly is gone! I sit down and can see my "girl"! Wahoo!

Night one

Long night but pain meds keeping me comfortable. And loopy, haha! Up and down to pee a lot, I've drank a lot but also its prob from the IV fluids. Honestly the pain isn't as bad as I expected.


Went to post op appt and that was exhausting! My boobies look GREAT! Taking deep breathes seems to be hard. I had a 5"diastasis recti she had to close, so my tummy is SORE!

Feeling loopy and sore!

I think I took pain meds alittle too late earlier. It was ROUGH but I'm doing better...

Better night!

I am happy to announce that I delivered my poop baby this morning! Gah! What a relief! I slept pretty good last night. J cried a little in the evening because I hurt. I'm good now. I have to wear compression stockings for 2 weeks! I HATE THEM!
Loving my belly button and boobs though!!


Success! Except I'm so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open.

More pics

Compression stockings

So I have to wear thigh high compression stockings for 2 weeks! Ugh! I HATE them more than the drains! Somehow I lost yesterday in my brain. So I've made it to day 3 and am happy. I've heard 2 and 3 are the worst so I guess I'm over that hump. Day 1 wasn't great and 2 I slept through. Have some swelling still, I suppose that's gonna hang around for a while yet. Ice feels AMAZING!
Oddly enough, I had lipo on my hips and flanks, my butt is swelling! Lol! I didn't need any help back there! That needs to go down too. And I know you guys have said not to weigh but I did out of curiosity, down 3 lbs so she must've removed quite a bit because I have a lot of swelling and extra fluid. That makes me happy! Looking forward to everything getting better and easier!

Day 4

Woke up feeling really good. Hubs kept telling me not to over do it, but I did. And by over doing it I mean I tried on a couple shirts to see the girls new profile. Washed a few dishes and baked brownies. Sat in between and alternated ice. I HATE compression hose but kept them on all day. Just now took off for a few minutes so i can shower, shave and get ready for bed. Seriously that's all. Cutting back on the pain meds tonight. But waited a little too long to take. Not the best day other than seeing my flat belly and nice girls in a tank with no bra. Post op scheduled for day after tomorrow...I'm begging for the hose to go. Prob will have to keep drains as they are still draining at a decent pace. I guess it's better than staying in me and making me swell more. Always a bright side right!?! Wanted them gone for Thanksgiving though, kind of difficult to hide. Anyway, I'm ready for a better day tomorrow. Thanks sweet ladies for listening! Just a few more days until I hit my Turning point right?!

One week post op

I was hoping to have better news about my drains but they are still with me. They take them both out at the same time so even if one is ready and the other isn't, I keep them both. With it being the holiday weekend i get to keep them until Monday. Made me kindof sad but I know it's for the best. I'm feeling good though! Breasts are easy! Seriously, might be because the tummy stuff but breasts are no big deal! I love them! The tummy hasn't been horrible, just the drains are a nuisance and the swelling. Pain isn't bad. I'm down to one pain pill at night along with muscle relaxer mostly to help me sleep. Will post pics later!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I slept in my own bed last night and only woke a couple of times. This morning my swelling was down and I actually could envision how GREAT I'm going to look!! I'm so excited! I spent most of the morning pain free and did some straightening up around the house. Decided to embrace feeling good so I refused to take advantage of it! Having dinner with family later and I want to feel good then too! I am so thankful for so many blessings in my life! Having such a healthy body able to bring 4 awesome lives into this world and take care of them as they grow. Not to sound too vain but I'm also thankful for my doc who understands me and knows how i want my body to look. She did an amazing job and I'm just floored that just yesterday I was down about the swelling and having to keep the drains. I know it's best for now so I'm going to just get through this weekend with them and they come out Monday. I am so grateful that she looks out for my well being even when I whine ;)...my RS friends, BE BLESSED and Have an awesome day with your families today!


One thing I can say before you do anything to your body is make sure you love you the way you are and make sure you appreciate what your body has done for you!

Time for new pics!

Happy Friday! Decided to post a few pics, gave the girls a break from the bra for a little bit this morning! I love how they stay right where they are supposed to! Still a lot of swelling but pain is minimal.


Yesterday was day 11 and my appt went great! She removed my drains (THANK YOU GOD!) they were awful! I'm healing above what they expect so that was reassuring to hear as well! She put a binder on to help with swelling. I don't mind it at all. Kind of feel a little more protected while I heal up. I'm getting tired quicker than before but I'm pretty much able to do most things. Still not supposed to lift above my head, that and lifting are really my only restrictions now. My breasts are starting to soften, and I still love them! A little more tender as they soften and move around a little more but nothing unbearable. Looking forward to each day getting better and better! Happy December RS friends!

Oh Happy Day!

My PS called to tell me she removed approximately 5lbs of skin and fat! Wahoo!! That's a lot of skin and fat! I actually wore jeans today! JEANS! I'm 13 days post op! JEANS!
My boobies are tender this evening. Went to grocery store and realized the tailgate in my suburban is awfully high when I'm not supposed to lift above my head. Whoops. Haha!
Anyway, back to chilling out this evening! Thanks to time change, I can put my 5 yr old twins to bed at 730! (Trust me, kindergarten wears them OUT and they need the extra sleep!) it helps the wind down in the evening.
I never in a million years believed any of you when you said you were able to do "stuff", regular life "stuff", just two weeks post! But here I am doing regular life stuff!
This is awesome! I'm so flipping happy I did this!! And everyone I've shared with says either "awesome good for you!" OR "dang I'm so jealous! Wish I could do that!" So the feedback had been all positive! (Not that I really care what anyone thinks, it's my body and I'm thrilled!)
So I'm sitting here, letting the girls rest from the tight bra. I notice in my PJs i have on, that the ladies, unsupported, are still perky and upright! These PJs used to be not so flattering but wow I look good! Haha!
Okay okay, have a great evening friends! Happy healing!

Thought id update pics...

I'm still feeling good! Boobies are a little more tender and I'm already sick of sports bras! BUT it'll be worth it in a few more weeks! I'm actually wearing my jeans which I think I posted before, however they are a little loose in the waist. YAY! So they kind of annoy me having to tug on them all day. I wear the binder still so it protects the scar from the wear. I actually like the binder. I feel protected. Glad it's winter because I'm sure I'd be hot as ever if I had to wear it in the summer! Anywho, uneventful post. But I like to let those know that it's possible to have a TT, BL and BA with mons lift and flank lipo and still feel pretty good only two weeks later! Honestly I do! We had our Christmas parade and festival in our little town today and I was out and about all afternoon into the evening. I came home, showered and am relaxing now...happy healing ladies!

Yesterday was officially 3 weeks post op!

I removed my tape from incisions. Didn't want to but they started peeling off my breasts (that was the scariest to me) only because I felt more secure with them! I liked being taped together! Anyway nothing too exciting to report, my breasts were the best part at first due to just being easier. Not hurting and felt great. NOW, they are more sore and bruised feeling. Nerve endings are returning and rightys nip is MOST sensitive. Wow. Lefty is starting to return but it's NOTHING like righty! I have 4 kiddos and two of them teenagers and very active in sports so I'm getting back into the routines..it's extra exhausting right now but have to do it!

This was a journey my sis and I have done together, she only opted for the BL and BA. Today is her day!! She should be going in right about now!! She was so nervous as she's never been put to sleep before. So just say a comforting little prayer for her too if you will RS friends!

So tired

Spoke with my PS and she says I'm doing too much. Haha! I mean really? I have 4 kids, 2 of which are teenagers and play sports, and 2 of which are 5yr old twins. Doing too much is the only thing I can do! I have a VERY helpful hungry but truly cannot stand the guilt of missing out of their activities just because I did something for myself! Okay, enough with the dramatics. I have to slow down. She says "it's only been 3 weeks! You are going to have lots of swelling still. You're going to be sore. You're going to be somewhat uncomfortable still. Quit beating yourself up and just allow yourself to heal!" So there you have it. No truer words than that. Allow yourself to heal ladies! It will happen faster if you take care of yourself now!

On another note, my nipples/Areolas are still attached even after the tape came off. It's a crazy irrational fear but I liked the tape! I'm good now. I started to massage the scars (that my hubs still tries to "help" me with) poor guy, he always liked my girls but they cannot play for a while! And that doesn't even hurt as badly as I expected. Sometimes I do need a little extra leftover pain med at night. Helps me relax and get comfy as I've always been a side sleeper. I don't take the "good" stuff every night! Don't worry! Just when I've had an extra active day and am extra sore.

Went to the grocery store with the littles and the hubs. Then came home and cooked supper. After all that, I am done!
Happy healing friends!

Life happens!

It's been a while since my last post...I'm still doing good. I still wear the sports bra at night and binder most nights. Scars are looking amazing! Still get stupid crazy swelling in my tummy. I actually started arnica again for that. It has helped a ton! I went a got sized at VS for wireless bra and she said it was 38D...it's so not so fortune after a while of wear and the band is too loose. I really feel like I'm a 36DD yet they say the cup size is the same. I disagree, maybe for some but not on me. Spent freakin $100 on 2 bras so I'm wearing them but I don't love them.
On a more personal note, I've been feeling a bit down. I hear this is normal but I don't like it! I'm ready to feel like myself and I'm so not there yet. Seems the smallest things exhaust me still. I feel like I'm just sitting around getting fat or running my ass off and getting fat (swelling)...I really am ready to start working out but am told 8 weeks. I need to do something. I will admit, I wasn't prepared for the emotional part of recovery.
Hope you are all well! Happy healing!!

One month pic

Happy New YOU!

Had my 6wk post op appt this past Wednesday. Doc cleared me for exercise now! FINALLY! I'm still healing great. I woke this morning with a stinging pain in righty areola and did my massage and broke some skin. Apparently a stitch was fighting to get out and now I have a hole. Nice. I know it's normal though and part of the healing process. 6weeks is DEFINITELY a turning point! I have felt really good this week! 2 more weeks and I can wear underwire bras again! Happy Healing friends!

It's been a while

So we are snowed in. I've been playing and sledding with my kiddos and tonight I have lots of swelling. SO SICK OF THE SWELLING! I mean honestly SICK OF IT. I'm so impatient i guess and my PS just says I have to allow healing!! GEEZ! Okay I guess in done whining. Healing still going well. Breasts still spit stitches. I'm sleeping without a bra or binder at night now. SO COMFY to sleep now. I've pretty much dumped the binder all together now. Hated that thing anyway...happy healing friends!


It seems that I have an angry boob. I currently have a festering stitch that is working its way out and has been on and off for some time. It hurts. And I can't get in my hot tub until it heals. Errrr...got some meds for it and hopefully it will clear up quick! On another note, mine have dropped a little more than I would have liked. Difference in saline and silicone I suppose. That was one of my tough decisions I had to make and went for silicone because they are a little more "natural" feeling. I will be honest though, I kind of wanted them unnatural because natural for me was saggy. Lol...anyway still plugging along with healing process. Perhaps a couple more months I'll be completely tickled with the results! Happy healing girls!


Just a quick update...I never imagined I would feel this great about my body! Stick with the healing girls! It DOES get better!! The swelling only comes and goes depending on my activity level but doesn't stay long. I still want to lose a few more pounds but over all I'm pleased! I do still spit stitches which is bizarre to me but they don't hurt. Happy healing ladies!
Asheville Plastic Surgeon

Amazing job! Dr Stern and her staff are awesome!! She knew what I wanted and so far I'm very pleased with results! Can't wait to see the end result in a few months! I would recommend her to anyone!

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