Biltmore Lift (Mini-lift) and Forehead Lift. 61 years old, Asheville, NC by Dr. Harley

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I am so happy with the results of Dr. Harley's...

I am so happy with the results of Dr. Harley's surgery! I had the procedure done Friday, June 10, only 6 days ago. I was able to go out almost immediately with no one seeing that I had just had surgery. I had no bruising and very little swelling. He does the procedure with Valium and local. I pretty much slept during the surgery and also slept more than usual the following several days. I had very little post-surgery pain. I took a Tylenol twice. He is truly an expert! Also, I felt like a friend in the office, not a new patient. I am telling all of my friends about him. So far this has been an amazing experience- way beyond my expectations. By the way, I'm 61 years old. Note- I tried to eat healthy foods for several weeks before surgery- a lot of organic greens and fruits. Less sugar and fried foods. And I limited my alcohol to a couple glasses of wine per week. The week before surgery I ate a lot of blueberries, pineapple and oranges and took Arnica Montana and some extra Vit C. After surgery I continued eating a lot of greens, blueberries, oranges, beets, cherries and I've been drinking tart cherry juice and green tea. I've limited alcohol to one small wine in the evening and I've only had one coffee. I've also continued the Arnica Montana and some Bromelain. I don't know which of any of these things have made a difference but it seemed like common sense to me to do what I thought would expedite healing.
I've seen three other patients as I've come in or out of the office- they all looked great. One was from London, and another was from Texas. And I know another was coming from Israel. He seems to be getting extremely popular!

Biltmore lift, Dr. Harley, Asheville, NC

Photos of brow lift/forehead lift

A couple people asked to see these so I'm posting them. The stitches were just removed yesterday (10 days after surgery).

Incisions for forehead/brow lift

A couple people asked to see these so I'm posting them. The stitches were just removed yesterday (10 days after surgery). I have heavy bangs so they won't be a problem for me.

side picture with swelling

I drove home yesterday- a 10 hour drive and my cheeks and neck became swollen. Here is side view with swelling.

Day 14 Chin healing very well!

I'm surprised that my chin is healing as well as it is. This is only Day 14 and the incision is pretty much unnoticeable. The brownish color on the edges is either a shadow or maybe the left over of any bruising, but I don't remember seeing any bruising before. The ears are healing well and I wear my hair down so what is shown in the picture is pretty much covered. The front shot shows me wearing no foundation or makeup, only mascara and lipstick. I'm really pleased that incisions are healing well and that no one realizes I had surgery 14 days ago. Only a little swelling under my chin and the neck area. Also I wanted to mention that Dr. Harley and his staff are SUPER fast to respond when I called to ask a question. Very comforting for me to know that.

Brow incisions

Someone asked for these- brow lift incisions 18 days after surgery

18 days after surgery

18 days after surgery

Brow lift incisions 18 days after surgery

Someone asked to see these. Brow lift incisions 20 days after surgery

34 days after surgery

I'm posting some updated pictures. I'm still really pleased :).

10 week post-op update

A few people have asked recently to see the incision marks. Just posted some current pictures. 10 weeks post-op.

10 weeks post op

Left forehead lift incision

10 week post op pics con't

10 weeks post op. Con't

Chin incision 10 wks post op

Chin incision 10 wks post op

Three and a half months post-surgery pictures

Browlift incisions 3 1/2 months after surgery. Can barely see them.

I just posted some pictures- people are asking me how things look now, almost a year later

People have been asking to see how things look now, so I've just posted some recent pictures. I'm still happy with the results and people who know I had a mini-lift tell me how natural I look. The forehead scars can barely be seen. The one on the right is invisible, the one on the left is just a white line. The scar on the chin has disappeared. I also had my upper eyelids done Jan 2017, about 4 months ago. I should've had them done when I had the mini-lift but I was afraid. I had more bruising with them than I did with the mini-lift but everything looks good now. I can see my eyelids now! I'm really happy with Dr. Harley's work.

1 year post mini-lift and forehead lift surgery, 4 months post upper eyelid surgery

Some people have asked me to see recent pictures. I'm still happy with the results. Things aren't quite as tight as they were right after surgery, but I still look better than I did before the surgery. People tell me it looks real natural. The mini-lift and forehead lift were 1 year ago. The upper eyelid surgery was 4 months ago.
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Harley and his staff are amazing. Very polite, patient and responsive. I felt like I was in good hands- I could relax and trust his work. The office is super-clean and nicely decorated. Everything just felt "right". I am very pleased with my results!

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