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Wasn't sure I even wanted to review my upcoming...

Wasn't sure I even wanted to review my upcoming procedure until I realized today that I wouldn't be having it done if it were not for the courageous women who willingly posted their own stories (pictures and all) to share their experiences and most importantly the outcome. Yes, those pictures are worth a thousand words, so let me throw away my ego and share for those who come after me. A picture when I was younger (30), a few current mug shots (61). Who is the quack pot who even started this selfie craze. I am and never have been photogenic, so this is kinda painful, lol. I will be having a Biltmore Lift and the upper and lower eyes done. So wish me luck or better yet (all you brave and beautiful Harley Honeys) send all your good energy to Dr. Harley on June 2nd!!

It's Countdown!

Thank everyone so much for your uplifting comments and encouragement. What would we do without the support of our "sisters?!" Soooo, yes, I am as nervous as a sore tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs! But in a good way! Not fearful at all because of the ladies who have taken the time to post their experiences. I know I am in good hands with Dr. Harley and Kelly. Tomorrow will be the new me and hopefully some photos. My older sister is coming up from Savannah to be my driver and caretaker for a few days. I think I have just polished off a bottle of Rescue Remedy, lol.

Day 1 post surgery

Woke up, really alert. The experience was awesome and not uncomfortable at all. My only memory was Dr. Harley putting in some filler at the corners of my mouth. Just a minor stinging sensation. My sis just ran out to get me a milkshake. Eyes are oozing a bit, quite normal. I can't say too many good things about Dr. Harley! He is quite personable and compassionate. I like his low key sense of humor. Here's the gruesome photo, scared me like all get out when I caught the first glimpse, but I know the best is yet to come. Again, no pain, just tightness. I am taking "everything" prescribed right on time.

Day 1 after surgery

No pain. Went by the office and had the drain removed. Little funky feeling but good to get the compression bandage off.

The proof is in the pudding!

Well, here it is day 4. Yes, I would have loved to wake up and see that image that keeps flitting around in the back of my mind. The reality is that "time" heals all. I had several procedures and although I can't see how much better things are looking, my sister can! And she tells me so on a daily basis. I can see that I have my jawline and little chin back. My ridiculous bed-head seems to be my first focus every morning and I neglect to see how little bruising I have had. I have a couple of hard spots on each cheek but none of the numbness that others have experienced. I feel every little touch of the q-tips when I am cleaning the sutures. I ice on an off if I feel tight and swollen. Not too interested in food yet, but if someone mentions a milkshake, I raise my hand!! Have to stop that indulgence after today though. Too many calories and I don't usually do dairy anyway. Sister has gone home to Savannah today and I'm on my own. :( It will be a whole week until the sutures come out so here's to keeping busy and not going out of my mind with boredom. I live on a large farm with a flock of sheep and various and sundry farm animals, but I am staying indoors and on the porch until the sutures are out. I can watch the baby lambs from the porch and the shearers came while I was in Asheville and all my girls have had their haircuts for the year and look beautiful. Now if I can only do something with my hair the next couple of days, life will be sweet. Til later. Here's the latest round of photos from this morning.

Pics are so serious looking, but I'm all smiles on the inside

Well, here it is day 5 and although I know some of you had posted that a low day shows up, I was really not prepared for it yesterday. No, not seconds thoughts of should I have done it. I would do it again in a heartbeat. More of just feeling not my best, this is the longest I have ever gone without a touch of makeup or earrings or a cute outfit. That's kinda funny because on one hand I am such a tomboy and on the other a real girly-girl. So today, I did all of it and went out to lunch with my daughter! Albeit in sunglasses. Guess what? No one pays one bit of attention. Here I am, thinking I look like a reject for a casting call for Bride of Frankenstein and people just go about their business. I even went back to teaching last night. I Skype a couple of nights a week and teach English as a Second Language to a molecular biologist in Seoul and Conversational English by phone to clients here in the US, foreign attorneys who need to have top notch elocution. Worked one of those sessions in today also, but it made my ear a little sore, haha. Can you heal too fast? The stitches I mean. Here are the pics from today. Might call Dr. Harley's office, because I am not scheduled to have the stitches removed until next Monday.

Too Fast?

Very little bruising, is that normal?

A Little Antsy

Thank you all sweet ladies for your support and encouragement. I think I must be one of the lucky ones who doesn't even remember the actual surgery and I have had no pain following it at all. The after pictures are scary to me, but each day brought rapid improvements. Still can't understand why I don't smile in any of the after photos. I hate my picture being taken (always have my whole life, haha) ,so they all look like mug shots from the county jail, lol. A little hardness on each cheek and these eye stichs are driving me batty. They all come out Monday, thank the stars!!! Looking forward to what Dr. Harley has to say about his handiwork. Promise to look as happy in those photos as I do on the inside! That was how the whole journey began. I really wanted the outside to match the inside. I did the work with diet changes and a whopping 75 lb weight loss, but it took Dr. Harley's expertise to remedy the excess skin laxity around face and neck.

Hooray for Stitches out Day!

Yesterday was awesome. Kelly took my stitches out and I admit that we were giggling the entire time. Better to hear laughter at the dr.'s office than moans and groans, lol. Celebrated with a trip to Biscuit Head in Asheville for brunch with my daughter, drove back home to SC. Put just a dab of makeup on and went shopping for a cute new outfit. No, the journey is not quite over, but I do feel like I am almost to the top of my self improvement pinnacle. Although, I love Dr. Harley's work and artistic ability, I am still not able to do it justice with these awful mug shots views. I will post them anyway, lol. Will check back in a few weeks as healing time takes it's own sweet time. Everyone heals at a different rate and although it has been so beneficial to read everyone's own personal story, keep in mind what works for one person may not for another. I personally never had any pain and bruising was minimal. I will tell you my own tips. Eat healthy, before and after surgery (yes, you can celebrate on the day you get your stitches out!), use the recommended arnica gel and pills, use the bromelian supplement, get a wedge to support you in an upright position in bed (that will keep you from sleeping on your side and aggravating the swelling), first two to three days, ice (or for me cold washcloths) several times a day. Oh, yes, the little neck travel pillow! I am still using that to sleep with on the wedge to keep my swelling down. Yep, you look like a corpse laying upright with the neck pillow and your hands folded across your chest, but you look like a "beautiful" corpse, with a kind of Tim Burton flair. To all the ladies still thinking and researching, I don't care what corner of the globe you are from, Dr. Harley is the best there is! Asheville is a pretty good place to spend a mini vacation those first few days of recovery. I stayed at the Baymont Inn and it was fine. Til later girls. Hopefully with some decent photos, I have a friend who is a professional photographer. My selfie days are over! LOL
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

I can't begin to say enough good things about my experience. Firstly, thanks to all the ladies that went before me and were generous to share their experiences and pictures. So, for me, there were no surprises. Dr. Harley is the ultimate gentleman and professional. After the little sedative cocktail, I don't remember a thing until I woke up and he was injecting a little Juvederm to the corners of my mouth (just a wee bit of a sting). Knowing what to expect and the timing is making recovery a breeze. I have had no pain whatsoever. Yes, I am taking all my meds on time. Minus the pain meds and nausea pills since I haven't needed them after the first 24 hours. I am eating fresh pineapple, taking the arnica and bromelian and using the arnica gel. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Harley for any facial procedure. His little stitches around my ears and chin are better than my best French heirloom sewing stitches! lol He has a caring support staff and they have been available for any and all questions graciously. I feel so fortunate to be on a little over an hour away, but even if I was from California, I would have made the effort to get to Asheville and Dr. Harley. I don't look like me yet, that is coming a bit each day.

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