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I'm very nervous! I'm 54, but I struggled with...

I'm very nervous! I'm 54, but I struggled with infertility and had my kids late, so all of my friends are much younger. In the past 4-5 years I've really aged. I interviewed three doctors. The doctor I chose uses only valium and local meds, which has me the most nervous. He said all of his patients sleep thru the procedure. Hoping I'm one of them. I wanted to avoid general anesthesia because it makes me lose tons of hair, and it's thinning lately anyway. I lost my Mom in December. She was very much against any type of cosmetic surgery, and did not want me to have anything done... (of course that's in the back of my mind as I go into this).

So nervous...

Tomorrow is the big day and I'm SO nervous. I'm worried about the risks - nerve damage, that something won't "work right" afterwards. My 12 year old son is horrified, and has cried about it. My daughter is unhappy, but better about it than my son. It concerns me that some people say they have trouble smiling afterwards. Wondering if I should "leave well enough alone"...

Day three... Washing hair?

I'm still pretty swollen (expecially my cheeks), but really have no bruising. One small bruise on my neck. My face feels terribly tight - like I have bands wrapped around it as others have said. My ears hurt the most. I'm still taking pain pills - one every 5-6 hours. Wondering if others stopped by day 3 or continued? Normally I stop pain meds really early (after my 3 c-sections), but this bothers me more. My ears are pretty swollen - DD said my ear holes are tiny. I haven't used a hand mirror to really inspect things - I just glance full on in the mirror. I know things will change as time goes on, so I don't want to stress about details. My neck looks 100% better since the surgery though, and that was my big issue.

Where do I post questions about recovery details, etc.? Yesterday I put on a bit of mascara (washable) and lipstick. I'm not sure if that's okay yet, but it sure made me feel better. I want to wash my hair, but I'm apprehensive about getting water/shampoo on the incisions. They run along my temples, in front of my ears, and a bit behind my ears. How did you ladies handle hair washing?

Day 5...

Minimal swelling (ate Chinese last night - not the best idea). I have some yellow vague bruising on my neck and cheeks. The hardest thing for me is the icing. I don't like the pressure on my incisions. I wish I'd had my eyes done - this "down time" is hard to do, and now I'll have to do it again in the future. I'm very grateful that things have seemed to go well. Five more days until the stitches are out, I can put makeup on and go out! I'm tempted to go out now, but I don't think it's a good idea with the stitches...

Update - 4 weeks...

My recovery has been suprisingly quick and easy. As soon as the stitches were out (day 10), I was out and about. I love the results! I have a bit of a tiny red "tuck" at my hairline on each temple where the incisions end, but that may be more the red incision color that's visible than anything else. Prior to the surgery I'd quit wearing all necklaces, as I thought that drew attention to my neck. It's fun to wear necklaces again!

The "banding" feeling is pretty much gone, and the tightness has subsided.

I'd recommend the surgery (and my surgeon) to anyone considering this!
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

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