BL, Upper Bleph, Dr Harley - Asheville, NC

Scheduled for BL , upper bleph tomorrow with Dr...

Scheduled for BL , upper bleph tomorrow with Dr Harley. Paying it forward to all the brave souls who have shared your experiences on here. Very excited and nervous. Have been taking arnica, eating pineapple and blueberries. Hoping to receive much needed support and encouragement. TLC will be with me.

Right after

This is scary but keeping it real

48 hours post

Face is so swollen. Eyes are red and bruised. Trying to stay calm

72 hours post

Love jawline. Marrionette lines are gone. My eyes are still very bruised/red, even under my eyes. I know this is passing. Eyes are very dry, too. Using moisturizing drops.

Day 4 eyelids

Pic doesn't show how bad bruising is. Look forward to getting sutures out Thursday.

7 days lower face

Only posting pic of lower face b/c eyes/upper cheeks are still so bruised. Ok, some I am vain!! Love, love, love results!


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