Biltmore Lift - Asheville, NC

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Hello everyone I had my Biltmore lift on Friday...

Hello everyone I had my Biltmore lift on Friday May 20th I had researched many doc's and was most impressed with realself reviews and pictures. This dr is a little over 2 hours away. I met Dr Harley and his team on Thursday afternoon the day before the procedure. Very nice quaint office and lovely staff. Went and picked up my meds and checked I to my hotel. Surgery day started at 6.15. Took my cocktail of meds and went into the room where dr Harley began numbing my face and drawing his markings. Although I am a tough one to knock out the meds did a great job relaxing me. I felt no pain whatsoever. I do remember talking but do not remember too much of what I was saying. I also had a little filler in my 11 lines and the corner of mouth. 2 hours after surgery I went back to my hotel. Slept most of the day and night. Next morning Dr Harley removed my head wrap and I went home. I was back to work on Tuesday 5/31. 10 days later I had my stitches out. My face is still a little swollen but not bad. I am elated with my jaw face and chin. My face is still tight however my neck was never tight. Not at all. I can see a huge difference from before but I was just a little surprised that I never felt any tightness in my neck at all. I did express this to the dr and he said it was skin and not the muscle and to get the tightness I had thought I was going to get we would need to either pull the neck tighter and make another incision in either the back of neck by my hairline or in the front of my neck where the thyroid gland sits. Dr and I agreed to give it a few months and then look at it again. I don't mind the scar as a trade off for a tight neck after all this was what I wanted and expected. Looking at me straight on or even from the side it looks terrific. I just wanted the neck to be as firm as the face. It was the easiest procedure I ever had. I am holding off on the rating at this time because I would like to see what happens in the next couple of months and how we are going to proceed. At this time I only have great thing to say about Dr Harley and his team. Friendly kind and never rushed. The only thing I wished I knew was that the neck might not be as tight as the face. I will post pictures soon.Last updated by RockinIt on June 1, 2016

Wrong date sorry folks

My surgery was 5/20 not 5/27.
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Holding off at this time

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