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When I turned 40, I decided I wanted to "get in...

When I turned 40, I decided I wanted to "get in shape". A friend challenged me to sign up for a 1/2 marathon and I signed up!!!! Mind you, I was a previous smoker, ate unhealthy and drank Mountain Dew on a daily basis. I ran my 1st 1/2 marathon and thought to myself "wow, I really did that"! For the past 10 years I have lost count of the number of 1/2 marathons, 10k and 5k races I have ran. Along with running came the gym workouts 3 times a week. I have worked hard, enjoy being physically active and I am in shape. But the downfall to all this is what it has done to my facial features. I was told by a plastic surgeon that I had "runners face". Along with my "runners face", my age and my genetics, I don't like what I see in the mirror. I have done the fillers but just never felt like they made a huge difference. I too, have done tons of research, spent countless hours looking at photos and read every review there is to read on RS regarding face procedures. I am traveling to Asheville, NC on Wed. and will be having the Biltmore Lift performed by Dr. Harley, bright and early Friday morning (April 15). A close friend asked me this morning if I was nervous, I replied "nope, not at all". I see what Dr. Harley has done for all of the others who were so brave to post before and after pics that I have complete confidence in him and his staff!!!!

Life At 51


I arrived in Asheville today and my sister and I did some shopping and then I met with Dr. Harley. There is just something about him that will make you feel relaxed when you are talking to him. I have my medications, have showered and am headed to bed since I have to be at his office at 6:15 in the morning!!!!! I am hoping to be able to post something tomorrow……………we will see!!!!!!


I arrived at Dr. Harley's office at 6:10 am. this morn. , signed my consent papers and took my cocktail. About 15 minutes later, Dr. Harley took my pictures and escorted me in to the surgical chair. That is the last thing I remember, seriously!!!!! I felt absolutely nothing!!!!!!! Since returning to my hotel, I have slept off and on all day! I have eaten some baby food, drank a protein shake, some water and a chocolate sunday from McDonalds. I have only taken pain meds twice and really the only thing that s bothering me is the tightness of the compression bandage. I am looking forward to getting it removed in the morning!!!!! Here is a picture that I snapped as soon as I got to the hotel!!


Day 2: Arrived at Dr. Harley's office promptly at 8:00 am. and off came that compression bandage…Yeah, that made a world of difference. It wasn't that I was having any pain, it was just a little uncomfortable. Dr. Harley said I looked wonderful and would have a excellent results. He then gave me all of my post op instructions and off I went headed back to my home in Missouri. Here is a pic I took on the way home. It was a long car ride, approximately 12 hours and we stopped a couple of times to stretch. I have had NO PAIN and have not taken any pain medication today. I have a little swelling and I did ice my face for a little while after I got home. I will post more pics tomorrow after I wash my hair and shower!!!

Day 3

I had a great nights rest (in my own bed). Got up this morning and had a little swelling. I do have numbness on both sides of my face and under my chin as well. I feel great!!!! I showered and cleaned my incisions per the instructions. Not working out or running for 10 days will be very difficult for me but Dr. Dr. Harley did say I could walk…………, a 6 mile walk it was!!!! Beautiful day to be outside!!!! I snapped a few more pics. when I returned from my walk so will share those.


My procedure was last Friday morning at 6:15 am. Since then, I traveled the 12 hour car ride home on Sat. I slept in Sunday morning but did the usual, laundry, etc and got a 6 mile walk in with my close friend that I workout and run with almost daily. Monday I drove to St Louis with my daughter and we shopped all day for an outfit for her high school graduation. I am a Nurse Consultant so Tuesday I put in a long day (14 hours) in a skilled nursing facility. Today, I consulted at a facility for 5 hours and am now at my daughters track meet. I have not taken any pain meds since Saturday nor have I need any IBP or Tylenol. I do not have a lot of bruising. I have had some swelling yesterday and today and I have a crease which once the swelling subsides should be gone as well. I was a little concerned about it yesterday so I did send Dr. Harley some pics and he responded to my message within 5 minutes. He agreed, once the swelling subsides, all should be well. I just love that man, as well as the rest of his staff!! I have not been the model patient in regards to icing a couple times a day but I am now!!!! here are some photo's to show my progress!

1 Week Later!

I continue to heal with no setbacks.Each day the swelling and numbness becomes less. I don't have much to report regarding bruising because again, I had very little! Last night was my daughter's prom so it was the first time I was around friends!!! All was well and no questions were asked. Something that I noticed about myself was that I was certainly more confident when pictures were being taken of myself and my daughter!!! Self confidence regarding your physical appearance is a great feeling!!!!!

2 Weeks Later!!

Since getting my stitches out on Monday, I have been applying ScareAway (silicone gel) twice daily. Washing the area's with soap and water. Progressing and looking good!!

3 Weeks Later

Another week has passed and I continue to see improvement with the swelling and numbness. I still have a few area's along my jaw line that are still lumpy and somewhat numb but this continues to improved each day. Incision sites are remarkably almost un-noticeable!!!
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We are all unique as well as beautiful in our own way. Being a beautiful person can be defined in numerous ways. To me, a beautiful person is someone who is caring, compassionate, non judgmental, or would give the shirt off their back if they thought someone needed it worse than they did. I think when someone has these qualities along with self confidence about themselves and their physical appearance, they posses beauty from within as well as their outward appearance. You can be a beautiful person on the inside but for whatever reason, your physical beauty just doesn't match your inner beauty! To me, having a beautiful, radiant face has made me feel like the beauty that Dr. Harley has so precisely created, now matches my inner beauty. It's a wonderful balance. Sadly, people are quick to judge when looking at someone's face and since our face is what people see, putting trust in a physician and allowing him/her to utilize their surgical skills in hopes of enhancing our facial beauty is something that I did not take lightly nor should anyone who is considering any type of procedure to their face. I researched numerous physicians, looked at TONS AND TONS of before and after photographs of women my age. I'm not sure how I stumbled across but that is where I found Dr. Harley. First of all, I reviewed his schooling and years of experience. Learning that he was double board certified was impressive!! Of course I googled him, found youtube video of him discussing the Biltmore Lift, after watching it, my thoughts were that he appeared to be very calm and caring. There was also a video of a couple of ladies that had shared their experience with Dr. Harley. I read EVERY ONE of his reviews on real self umpteen times and looked at all of the pictures umpteen times!!!! It was pretty evident to me that his surgical skills were beyond professional. I'm pretty sure I read all of the information on his website multiple times too! After sending my photo's and having a telephone consult with him, I felt that he was realistic and honest with me. I had other plastic surgeons that said I needed a full facelift with fat transfer and cheek implants and another one that said I didn't need a facelift but would benefit from a $5000 liquid facelift (fillers). After all of my research, I had complete confidence in Dr. Harley. From the time of my telephone consult in February 2016 to the day after my procedure, April 16, 2016, I had absolutely NO negative thoughts, second thoughts or regrets about having Dr. Harley perform the Biltmore Lift. And since I am a nurse and I know that behind every physician is great nurse……….Kelly is a rockstar nurse who you will feel at ease with the minute you meet her!! Last but certainly not least is Juanita, we spoke on the phone several times and it was obvious she was caring, attentive and the nicest southern lady you will probably ever meet. The sad part is that is I didn't get to meet her when I was there for my pre-op and to be honest, I think I met her as I was leaving after my procedure but I can't be 100% certain. Since I traveled back to my home state of Missouri 24 hours after my procedure, I have had ZERO issues and felt confident that if any issues presented, I had Dr.Harley's personal cell number. I did send him a text message on Wednesday and asked what his thoughts were on me going and running a few miles. He promptly texted back but it wasn't really the answer I was wanting to hear :). I feel that Dr. Harley and his staff take a personal interest in each and everyone they provide services to. Would I recommend Dr. Harley……..IN A HEARTBEAT!!! A part of me doesn't really want people that I know and associate with on a regular basis with to know that I have had something done but then the other part of me wants to shout from the rooftop………I HAD A BILTMORE LIFT PERFORMED BY DR. DAVID HARLEY. Beyond Exceptional Results!!!

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