63.5 Years Old and Sagging! - Asheville, NC

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I am retired and have decided after much soul...

I am retired and have decided after much soul searching, researching and review of this site, that it's time (really past time) to do something about the aging saggy skin I have developed on my face, eyelids and neck over the past several years. So, today I'm seeing Dr David H Harley at Biltmore Plastic Surgery, 1249 Hendersonville, NC

Anyone Else Awaiting Biltmore Lift or Mini-Lift

Hello all, I'm counting the days until my surgery, got 19 days to go! I'm really excited but the time seems to be passing so slowly! I've already gotten all the supplies needed. Packed a bag to take with me on the day of surgery. Prepared the clothing and sleepwear I will need. Trying to stay busy cleaning closets and drawers, anything to keep my mind busy. I know there must be others out there in my situation. If so, I would love to hear from you and know how your passing the time. Best wishes to each of you on this wonderful and exciting adventure..

Before pictures

Here are some before pictures. I took them myself. I'm not sure that you can see the eyelids. I will post more later. No makeup!!!!!! Roseacea.

More before pictures w/no makeup,

Really embarrassed by these photos! But, figured that they may help someone realize that if Dr Harley can help me he can surely help anyone else that may be considering the Biltmore Lift!

One week from today!

7 more days until surgery! I'm counting them down. Juanita called yesterday to tell me that she will be calling in my Rx's today. It's beginning to feel real finally!
Had my hair done yesterday in preparation for the surgery. Have all meds and supplies ready. Now just have to do a few last minute things and count these last 7 days down!

4 days and counting! More before pics

Here are so more before pics!

Don't know why the pics didn't load

I'll try again.

It's Done!

Hi everyone, I had my surgery this afternoon . Dr Harley and staff were wonderful! For those of you who we're wondering , absolutely no pain! I promise!
Here are pix just after surgery.

Just after surgery

Here are pics just after surgery. Tried and tried. Pictures won't load???????
Help please!

My jpg pics won't load.

Don't know why my pix won't load??????
Help! Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

These are right after surgery on Thursday late afternoon

Right after surgery!

These are on Friday 2/20/20

These pix are 1day post-op!

Saturday morning 2/21/15

Surgery went so well 31/2 hrs. I never felt anything slept thru most of the surgery. I remember talking to Dr Harley and asking him questions. I have no idea what the questions were much less the answers! Kelly was talking to me and rubbing my shoulder. As I have stated before I had the Biltmore Lift, upper eye lids, lips and fillers for wrinkles. I was numb most of Thursday night but took pain med as instructed. Slept off and on using several pillows. We have a split king adjustable bed so, sitting up without disturbing my husband. Was able to eat applesauce and soup for dinner.

2days post-op

It's Saturday morning. I'm feeling ok, sore but no real pain. Face feels tight just as it should. Still taking pain med.

Still very early on.

Hey My Dear Friends,
Just wanted to say that all this swelling that I have right now and the Juvederm that I had injected into nasolabial folds, and marionette lines really make it look as though these areas are really plumped out and smooth.. It will take about 3 months to see the true result. But, I know that Dr Harley did a very good job.
He and staff are just outstanding in so many ways. They are well qualified, caring and available to each of their patients. I urge anyone who may be considering a procedure to please at the very least consider a consult with Dr Harley.
Dr Harley told me that he removed a large amount of fat under my chin. No more turkey neck. Dr Harley doesn't use Lipo on the neck to prevent lumps and bumps.
I'm just so pleased even though I still have a lot of healing to do.
For those who may be wondering about local sedation, I'm telling you the honest truth. When I arrived, after signing consents and addressing any questions I may have had, Dr Harley administered my oral medication in another 10-15 minutes Kelly and Dr Harley came and got me and assisted me to the surgical suit. Immediately both Kelly and Dr Harley started talking to me to relax me and Dr Harley was placing sterile drapes over me. I don't remember what we were talking about. I do remember Dr Harley saying I may feel a little pinch but I didn't feel anything and don't remember anything until Dr Harley woke me up.. I didn't feel anything, I didn't smell anything, I didn't know anything at all!
It was just so easy. The next day when I returned to have the drain removed there was no pain at all.. Now I have NO TOLERANCE FOR PAIN! I'm just telling you this is the way to go for the procedures that I had!
I had made a promise that I would let everyone know the absolute truth about everything so I felt obligated to write this note. Still no real pain just soreness.
I appreciate each and every one of you and consider you friends. Please stay in touch. Ask any questions you would like to I will answer them truthfully.

Sunday 2/22/15 3 days post-op

Here are pix from today. Post-op day 3. Still a lot of swelling and some bruising on my neck. But, coming along. No pain just a little discomfort with swollen eye lobes. Gonna shampoo hair tomorrow and take more pix.

15 days post-op

Here are some new pix.. Some with wet hair, no makeup. Some with hair done and a little makeup (but no makeup on suture lines.

Tomorrow will be 3 weeks since surgery

New pix. @ 3 weeks post surgery. Still have some swelling. In part sodium dependent, and in part positional, according to how I sleep. I am very happy with where I am right now. I think Dr Harley did exactly what he said he could do. I feel much better about myself. As I have stated several times, I'm no great beauty, never have been and don't expect to be now but I do like the improvement. Thanks to all of you that have taken you time to communicate with me and have been so kind. It really means so much to me.
Will post more pix next week.

One month and 5 days post op

Wanted to post some more pix. It's been a little more than a month.. I'm very pleased with what Dr Harley has done for me. I feel refreshed, still me, with improvement.

More pix, trying to get pix of eyes and jaw line and neck

I hope these pix help you to see my eyelids (only upper bleph) jaw line and neck. I. Have had some questions about those areas so I wanted to do my best to show you.. I think I had 3 syringes of Juvederm, none in marionette lines, only nasolabial folds, a few wrinkles on forehead, ( 11 ) and lips..
If there are any questions that I can answer for you I will be glad to. Thank you to all of you, you have truly become friends and I feel like you have gone through this wonderful experience with me supporting me every step of the way. Love and hugs. Nan

BTW, My Children don't know I had this Surgery!!!!!

Forgot to mention to y'all that I haven't told my children anything about the surgery! My children are grown and live in different states than we do so, they have no clue. Planning to visit our oldest soon..we will see if he notices any change in Mom. Or if the grandchildren or great grandchildren notice anything!
Want that be a HOOT!!!

I'm back from visiting Family and my Best Friend!

As I told you guys earlier my children and Grand children didn't know that I had this surgery done. I had not seen them in almost a year. First, I saw my Sister and she said " oh, you look so pretty and soft and young! No, you don't look Joan Rivers! (Although, personally I thought Joan Rivers was beautiful for her age. Have to remember when she first had PS it was not today's plastic surgery). I visited my dear friend in Ga. She said " oh, I want it, I want it now, you look so great!
After spending 4-5 days with her we went on to visit oldest Son and family.
When he saw me he said "Mom you look so good, you look so much healthier, you look better than you have in years" (I had some very major surgery in 2009, in fact I ended up having 5 surgeries, nothing to do with PS). He said you look better than you have since having all that surgery. You look like you've finally gotten over all of that". Your so pretty again, like my Mom! I'm so glad your finally better! WOW! I couldn't have ask for more than that. I didn't have the heart to tell him that it was Dr Harley that made his Mom look like his Mom again! My older grandchildren echoed his words as well! They made me feel really good.
Yes, I would do it again in a minute! Yes, it was worth every penny! Yes, Dr David Harley is a miracle worker!
I will be posting my official Before and After pictures sometime after the 29th of APRIL. Please stay in touch and I' ll be glad to answer any questions.
Love you my friends, I feel as if you have gone through this wonderful transformation with me. Thanks for your support!

Almost There!

Just a few pic updates. Surgery was Feb 19th 2015.
Doing fine and very happy with Dr Harley"s wonderful work!

2 more pics with my glasses on.

Thought I'd post a couple of pics with my glasses on.

Before and After Photos

Sure don't like to look at these Before Pictures! Dr. David H. Harley gets all the credit for this impossible feat.
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

I had my initial consultation with Dr Harley today. I found him to be warm, friendly, calming and caring. I already knew from all my research and all of the reviews on this site that Dr Harley is extremely well qualified. He was very reassuring and answered all of my questions and my husbands questions as well. I will be having "The Biltmore Lift", upper eye lid surgery, Lip Augmentation, and some injectables! WOW! I've gotta be a real mess to need all this! My sweetheart of a husband is so supportive and encouraging. He says "I'm beautiful to him just as I am" (obligatory statement, I'm sure) but, I should do what makes me feel better about myself. So, after meeting Dr Harley and Juanita we decided to go ahead and schedule my procedures for February 19, 2015. I'm so excited! One month from today! The time can't pass quickly enough for me!

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