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I have been waiting to do this for over a year and...

i have been waiting to do this for over a year and I can't believe the day is finally under a week away. For several years I have been obsessed (no, actually disgusted) with my neck. I found Dr Harley by chance on RS and when my husband could not take my nagging anymore he took me to meet him. We both loved him right away! I hope my posts will help others like those of Red, Southersister, Texann, and so many others have helped me. We will arrive in Asheville on Thursday to get everything organized and will be staying at the Baymont Inn by Dr Harley's office. My procedure is first thing on Friday morning!


Bandage off!

The procedure itself was a breeze- I don't remember a thing! Hubby and I arrived there at 6:15 (still dark), met briefly with the sweet doctor and off I went. That's all I remember. Next thing I was in hotel room. I did have some pain around my ears. I took the pain meds and that helped. I slept a lot. When I woke up my chin hurt but not my ears loll. Took some more pain meds and a delicious smoothie hubby made me. Slept some more. By 2 am I was able to take myself to the restroom and give my self Tylenol. I have not taken pain meds again. Oh, I did have to take the nausea pull once. This morning we were back at Dr Harley's at 8 am. He said everything was looking fine and gave us the go ahead to drive to Pinehurst... I feel pretty good, actually.

Day three

I've been fortunate to be able to use these post op days as a mini vacation. I still don't want to reveal my face since I have told very few people, but I will once the healing is done. The incisions around the ears in the front are hardly noticeable- I do have a huge glob of crusty scab/ bacitracin which I am afraid to remove so it's staying there until it falls on its own. The chin scar is a bit swollen and also has scabs. But I just LOVE my neck! I told Dr Harley I thought I looked great loll. And I am VERY critical of myself! I have no bruising yet, which is amazing since I am a real bruiser... Probably day 4 or 5. I do have some uneven swelling around my cheeks but I believe that is normal. I am trying to ice regularly -had to resort to holding the ice with kitchen mitts to avoid frostbite loll
Can anyone give me tips on washing your hair? I am using baby shampoo and no conditioner, so you can imagine what that looks like! I still have the purple marker marks on my neck ( it's not a wrinkle, yeyy!). Once all these markings are out and I can do something decent with my hair I am venturing out into the world! Once in a while I do get a bit of discomfort around my ears and chin but I have not taken Tylenol since yesterday.
I feel so very lucky to have found Dr Harley. He follows up personally after the procedure to answer questions and/or give additional suggestions. I think I already said that I am a very private person but I am so pleased with Dr Harley's treatment that I will gladly talk to anyone who would like to hear more of my experience. More photos forthcoming!

Day 4

I don't know how I am going to get the bacitracin off my hair! These pictures are after a shower and shampoo (I am only using baby shampoo to be safe). My hair is still sticky and the white globs on my skin are the spots of bacitracin that can't seem to wash off! I have used almost the whole tube in 4 days so maybe I am over doing it... In any case, I think most of the stitches continue to look pretty good. The only weird one is behind my left ear, where the drain was. The bruising has still not come in-just a bit under my neck. I am taking the arnica and bromelian and icing ....a lot! But I have not been necessarily "resting".

Photos day 4

.... Didn't load last night

Day 5

Can any one tell me how to remove the bacitracin from hair? The instructions say do not put soap on the incisions. I'm assuming that includes shampoo and conditioner..?

April 13, twelve days out

Sorry for not updating until now but my laptop/ internet or something has not been cooperating! Thanks for the tip pinkie. I just got from Amazon more mephitic to use at night and another cream somebody recommended here which I have not yet applied. Well, mysutures started off beautiful and then got red and not so pretty. I also discovered that huge ball that looked like a pimple on both sides of my face. Of course this was late at night and I was not going to call Dr Harley at that time. I did write Juanita an email and as expected, he replied the next day. He says those are probably the sutures and there is nothing to do but wait. He is such a pleasure- he even wished us a good weekend, and evenremembered my hubby's name! Today, 18 days out, the lumps are much more reduced- you will see when I catch up on the posts. Maybe my laptop is dying because I can't write in the captions but you can see the lumps I was talking about in the photos.

April14, Thirteen days out

I think this was the day I looked the worst. The lumps were hard and I thought they looked huge but in reality they were noticeable if you looked at them straight on. I have avoided makeup as much as possible so most of the pics you will see are without it.

April 15, two weeks out

Unfortunately I only have one photo of Friday. That evening we had a large social event and I spent a lot of time worrying about how I was going to "pass". I really did look pretty good- I put on makeup ( I think for the first time since the surgery), fixed my hair, and dressed up. The photo of this day is obviously, just stepping out of the shower. Oh yes, notice the tape still attached??? I was afraid to remove them! I just did last night ( a week after the sutures were removed!). I think that had started to irritate my skin.

April 16, fifteen days out

You can disguise pretty much with hair and makeup. And I was still wearing the tape!

April 17, sixteen days out

So these pictures are before I decided it was time to remove all the tapes!

April 17, sixteen days out

In the evening.
I pulled off the tapes, very gently, because although I felt certain this way overdue, they were still pretty much attached. I showered and let the water run over the scars a while. They look so much better.... Clean? But later on that evening... The itching! I applied tons of Mederma and I think that helped. The lumps and the bruising seem to improve a bit and then get worse and then all over again. I think it's part of the healing process, all this moving and shifting...
Again, these photos are straight out of the shower, no makeup and probably over- sensitized skin.
This is the first photo of the chin incision ( since I had the tape on it before). I think I never mentioned that the first time I posted pictures I got a call from Dr Harley asking that I keep an eye on something on this incision that he had noticed on RealSelf and had caught his attention.... He took the time and the interest to look at the RS and to follow up!

April 19, eighteen days out

This is the chin today. I wore Mederma all day and after my evening shower I put on tape again.... I am definitely staying out of the sun/ using tons of sunblock on these scars! Dr Harley said that if the round spot next to the scar turns brown that he will prescribe something for that. There seems to be a weird line ( indentation) on my neck. Wonder what that is....
The ears are swollen and itchy but healing nicely I think. That bubble in the back is a suture, I imagine...
The front of my right ear looks better than the left.

19 days post

I think the Strips irritated my chin scar ( maybe because I left then on for a week!) so I did not use them during the day. I took more pics now and everything looks better than this morning ( scrubbed clean after the shower) with some traces of makeup left from the day. I will try to post if wifi or iPad cooperate...


20 days out

Every day brings a little improvement :)
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr Harley has narrowed his practice to concentrate on rejuvenation of the neck. He is not a plastic surgery mall offering a million shallow choices. In his intimate, small office/ operating room you will find one surgeon with a very specialized skill and his very friendly staff of two. He followed up on me the next day, a Saturday, and then again on Sunday, by phone call, text, and later by email ( when I sent him some pictures with questions about my healing process). I can only say wonderful things of my experience. Dr Harley is a warm, caring, highly-skilled doctor. I did a lot of research, I met top plastic surgeons in Miami, and I know I made the best choice with Dr Harley!

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