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The last few years have taken their toll: Losing...

The last few years have taken their toll: Losing my Sis followed by 2 back-to-back major surgeries. I looked in the mirror and pulled the skin on my jawline back to see what I used to look like. Even worse was seeing photos of myself taken when I couldn't prepare with the right pose - straight on to minimize my neck and a big happy smile. Ugh! I've gotten to the point of trying to keep a tiny smile on my face all the time to minimize the marionette lines that are beginning. Enough is enough already. I started looking in South Florida for a good surgeon, but since I live in Plastic Land I was worried about getting a South Florida "look." Then I remembered a dear friend who had incredible results from Dr. David Harley in Asheville, so I asked her to tell me everything. So after massively researching this doctor, looking at all my friend's pics, having a phone consult plus face to face meeting, I'm booked for July 7, my 65th birthday. This is about doing something good for myself, embracing the girl I used to be, and giving her back a little bit of her mojo. I'm not afraid. I'm the queen of surgery at this point, and figure if there's any pain it will be good pain - the kind you have with childbirth. The kind you quickly forget because you end up with something so awesome. (However, according to everything I've read and heard about the Biltmore Lift, there won't be much to worry about. Wish me luck!!!!

New Haircut

Getting ready. Nine days away.

Less than 24 hours away!

Okay, folks. I have to admit to feeling a little nervous. I'm trying to keep the thoughts 'over there' and separate from my consciousness.

I'm at the Palm Beach airport now, waiting to board my flight to Asheville. My friend - who had her Biltmore Lift 4 years ago - is picking me up. We'll spend the evening going through all of her photos as she transitioned from day 1 to 2 months out. She said that one week out people would be hitting on me! Ha ha!!

Wishing all you gals a beautiful experience and result as we all embark on our mojo reclamation adventure.

I'll be in touch!

One day out

Well here I am - first day out and getting it in the rearview mirror already. So lucky to be with my friend who can tell me what to expect.

Getting the bandages off this morning was great. It was like getting rid of a tight nylon sock -- face sticking out where your toes would normally be. Ahhhh.

Friend says I'll look worse tomorrow. Good to know what to expect. Eyes are getting more bruised below. But my neck and under the chin already look so much better! Tincture of time is what it will take.

I'll post photos soon.

Funny, but the worst part of the surgery was my shoulder blades cramping. Must have been something about my height and where my body hit the reclining bed.

Perfectly tolerable otherwise.

More later,

3 days out

I'm icing a LOT and it makes a huge difference. I've stopped the Tylenol with codeine and am now just taking Tylenol.

Can't believe the deep restorative naps I'm getting. Today I slept out on the shaded deck. Flowers all around. Mountain view. Chimes in the wind. Really magical.

I have a jawline like I haven't had since - ever maybe. Eyes are still bruised and I'm anxious to get the stitches out and wash the bacitracin out of my hair

I'm really happy with the results - even at this point and have no regrets.

Liaki you look marvelous.

Stitches out

All done!!!
This was the worst part of the entire procedure, especially around the eyes which are so sensitive. But once they're out you're good to go with a little protective tape.

Dr. Harley and his staff have my utmost trust and confidence, which is a lot for a nit-picker like me to say. He KNOWS what he's doing.

Can't wait for hubby to see me this Saturday evening when I fly back to Florida- and vice versa too cause I miss him like crazy.

Would I do it again? YES!
But only with Dr. Harley. It's the best absolutely self-indulgent wonderful life-affirming thing I've ever done for myself. Worth every penny.

I'll post a photo tomorrow!

Photo from yesterday

Before stitches were removed. A lot of what's around the eye is bruising etc.

Close-ups after stitches removed

I can't believe I'm doing this, because I'm a very private person. I'm not even on Facebook!!! But here you go ladies - up close and personal.

My friend's scars are completely invisible.

Today they told me that in a week I should start pressing and gently massaging the incision line and to do it often. This will aid in healing.

But not bad for 7 days post surgery. How about you Liaki? Same look?

Feeling Conspicuous

It's difficult getting use to looking different. I got eyes and lower face done so it seems very obvious to me. My husband is very supportive, says I look great, but the swelling has really gotten to me. There's a numbness and thick feeling like my face isn't my face. I keep telling myself to be patient and wait for things to settle down. Just wish I were a month into this already. I feel so conspicuous and am glad I have another week working at home before facing everyone at the office. I'm hiding behind my reading glasses.

Am I the only one out there who feels like this?

Birthday Card

When I returned home to South Florida after my surgery, I found the most amazing birthday card from my best friend waiting for me. Here's what it said:

You know honey! If it's sagging, bagging, or dragging...'s time for a nip, tuck or suck.
Treat yourself! Happy Birthday!

And below, she wrote:
"Can you believe this card? It was made for you! We'll celebrate the new and improved you when you're ready to show off. Hope everything goes as expected and that you're thrilled with the results."

Photo taken yesterday

I'm absolutely thrilled with my new jawline. Dr. Harley did a great job, and the tightness is already lessening and I'm having more feeling.

The eyes are still bruised and swollen and I know that will change. But, it's more about the dramatic change in them than anything else. I guess I didn't realize they'd become so hooded. My husband told me I looked different - and when he said that I kind of went off into pretty deep regret for a day or so and he felt awful that I felt awful.

I'm going back to work Monday and am worried about the BIG REVEAL. It's true, I do look different. I'll probably use my reading glasses as a shield for a few weeks, until everybody (and I) become more accustomed to the new look.

My face came back today

Just shy of 3 weeks, which will be this coming Tuesday, the swelling has subsided substantially and my eyes make sense in my face again. I attribute my healing to resting often, icing often, and cutting salt out of my diet. And of course just letting time go by, which is really hard for me. There's still bruising under my eyes, but by the time I go back to work Monday I'll be able to conceal it completely with makeup.

Thank you Dr. Harley and my Waynesville buddy for advising me to do the eyes and lower face at the same time. It may have been more involved, but I feel like a kid again - I really do.

Oh, and just so you know. There was such minimal discomfort involved in this procedure. I seriously don't know how he manages it.

Passed the gauntlet at work

I put my makeup on carefully and checked it several times during traffic slow downs. One more time in the parking garage, then headed to the back door where I could enter in relative secrecy. Oops. Forgot my key, so had to ring in at the main entrance. Still, no one around. Good. And then the ladies swooped in, pulled me off to a private room and gave me the once-over. There were nothing but smiles and oohs and aahs and me wondering why I'd been so worried. I work with the sweetest ladies on earth. But I WAS glad to have the Big Reveal over and done with. They said You look like you but a better you. Thank you Dr. Harley!

The men didn't say one word! BTW.

I'll post some new photos soon.

Eyes at 4 weeks and 1 day

Someone sent a message to me asking for some photos of my eyes. There's still a tiny bit of bruising under the eyes and little "bags," but every day it gets better.

In these photos I have a little makeup on. If I need to post some completely free of makeup let me know.

I'm kind of psyched that the scars going 1" beyond the outer corner of my eyes is practically invisible. How does. Dr. H do that?

One month and 2 days

Here I am in my office, where those first droopy photos were taken. Can't believe its already this far behind me.

I still have numbness on both upper eyelids and numbness along the sides of my face, closest to my ears. Also a little along the jawline.

My jawline is MUCH less sore though. Seems like over a couple of days it got so much better. I massage my face where I can feel bumps (where the stitches were placed). I remember Dr H saying the stitches inside will dissolve, so I guess massaging them helps.

All in all, so very happy to have more of the me that was inside, on the outside now!

Eyes Settling Down

It will be 5 weeks tomorrow and my eyes get better every day. There's STILL a little discoloration but I can tell there's gealibg going on.

Still healing

I didn't mention this in any of my earlier posts, but there was a bump on my eyelid where Dr. Harley had placed his running stitch. I was a little concerned about it, but by yesterday it was practically all healed. And likewise for that red spot in front of my ear. I think the numbness is going away is going to take a lot longer. There's still quite a bit of it in front of my ears.

It's pretty amazing how the body mends itself. It just takes some tincture of time.

Saw Dr. Harley yesterday

It was so great to see Dr. Harley yesterday! I felt so comfortable and happy and am so grateful to have found him. I don't see how any surgeon could top him, I mean it.

Someone asked Lialki about pain and if it the surgery was worth it -- oh yes it's worth it. And the pain is practically non-existent. (I was worried about that too.)

In a week I'll be two months post-surgery. Dr. H said the healing goes on for quite some time, especially for someone like me, who had upper and lower eyes + the Biltmore Lift done. But, things get better every day and I'm regaining feeling and looking more "natural" around the eyes.

I was in an accident when I was about 15 which severed a nerve above my right eyebrow. So, I've had limited mobility above the right eye, and it's had a botox kind of effect. So, I've aged in an asymmetrical way, and there are more lines on the left side of my forehead, which has total mobility. When I frowned, there was a very deep wrinkle on the left side, but not the right. As I've gotten older, it's gotten a lot more pronounced.

So, I got some botox a few days ago -- mostly in the forehead area that moves freely -- to even things out. Dr. H says that if I do it 3 or 4 times a year it should keep things nice and even.

I'm posting the before and after photos. I seriously feel like keeping the befores under wraps, but I'm going to be brave and share them. I'm pretty tired and worn-out looking. WOW! WHEW! You'll also see that I don't have eyebrows. I've gotten really good at drawing them in. With the new symmetrical forehead it should be even easier.

Good luck to everybody out there still healing or contemplating seeing Dr. Harley. For those who haven't made the leap, you should. You can trust him and the positives FAR outweigh the negatives, which are minimal to begin with.

Recent photos

I figured it was time to send some recent pics. Healing is continuing and I'm feeling really comfortable with my new look. Hubby just loves my eyes, which is great, considering how freaked out we both were early in the process. Seems like a distant memory now.

However, I am having some extreme redness and my eyes are very watery. I'm going to call Dr. H tomorrow to see what he recommends. I have a feeling he's going to tell me to use lubricating eye drops, which I have not done. My work requires that I stare at a monitor several hours a day. That's probably not great either.

Otherwise, I'm so thrilled I bit the bullet and did this for myself. I don't have any regrets. Not one.

Till next time!
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