Neck, Jowls, Bags - Yuck! Who is That Woman in my Bathroom Mirror. Asheville, NC

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I just want my outside to match how I feel, which...

I just want my outside to match how I feel, which is so much better than that miserable looking woman who lives in my bathroom. She has just got to go! I have saved for this procedure for more than five years and finally found our wonderful Dr Harley. I've had numerous consultations with plastic surgeons from different areas. To say the least I am cautious to a fault but have finally found THE ONE. Thank you to all those who have gone before me and now it will soon be my turn. To make it even more exciting I have found a buddy with whom to share this journey on THE DAY. Her procedure is after mine on the same day and as she puts it it's kind of funny to think that Dr Harley will be performing his magic on a Brit who lives in the U.S. and his second patient will be a Georgia gal who lives in the UK. I talked with pinkieleeoo, bless her for allowing me to call her. It certainly helps to know you can chat with someone else who is in the same "club".

Journey begins!

On the way to Asheville tomorrow and see Dr Harley on Tuesday. Here's the latest before.

April 2016 Biltmore lift

Hello everyone. I had fully expected to be back on realself in June of last year but stayed in Georgia to help with a knee replacement surgery that went wrong. It's a long story but I am now back in Florida doing doctor appointments, checkups Etc that all retirees do every year, lol!

My neck lift, upper and lower bleph were perfect and recovery was simple and uneventful. I am very happy with the final results and am now getting a prescription of Retin-A so I'll be able to take care of myself better. While I was in Georgia I didn't do anything other than apply the coconut oil at night. Daytime it was sunscreen, and wear a hat. Hardly any makeup except eye makeup. I still have to order my Jane Iredale items.

I want to thank all those before me who gave such wonderful and valuable advice which enabled me to prepare my body for recovery and healing. I did the pineapple, blueberry smoothees for two weeks before the procedures and continued for weeks after. I took the arnica pellets too. I was so surprised to have so little bruising and discoloration post op. Even Dr Harley commented to the fact

April 2016 Biltmore lift upper and lower bleph

I'm going to try to add pictures now. Hope this works. Remember my age, 76, and this is the first time for anything. My only comment is the wide open eyes of the pictures with blue background, is a bit exaggerated as I had just blinked tightly.

Biltmore lift, upper and lower bleph

Hopefully a few more pictures of immediately after surgery. Here goes again.......

Biltmore lift, upper and lower blep

I just spent hours adding pictures and forgot to save and lost everything so here goes again. I hope I get it right this time.

Biltmore lift, upper and lower bleph

Post op pictures

Biltmore lift update nine months post op front view

Here goes these pictures are with just eye makeup and lip color.

Biltmore lift 9 months post op

Left side view

Biltmore lift 9 months post op

Left side view

Right side 9 months post op Biltmore lift

I'm back! That old woman in my bathroom mirror moved out, lol!

April 13, 2016 with Dr Harley - it's been a year!

Hi everyone, I had planned to have pictures ready to put up to show a year later. I will get this done in the next few days. I am having a little problem with my vision right now but it's not from the surgery. It's from the astigmatism in my left eye which couldn't be fixed with the cataract surgery I had some time ago. Anyway, I'm getting a contact for my left eye tomorrow. Before that it was surgery for my left index finger and being a "lefty" that was a real handicap. Getting up there in age means we have to do the maintenance once a year for all parts of the body, lol! Anyway, I'll be back.

Biltmore update lift done a year ago.

Hi everyone, here's the update. So happy and just wish I had been able to do this years ago. If anyone has any questions or doubts in the 60-70 group don't hesitate to let me know I'll be glad to ease your mind. Dr Harley is so perfect in every way for all women of every age.

Txann update on Biltmore lift

I have just got back to Texas and have wifi again. Oh happy day, lol! I wish I knew how to get to edit where it says "not sure" to very happy or something really positive. I wish someone in RealSelf would fixit for me. Please please help.
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

My consultation with Dr Harley was at the end of September 2015. He was just as everyone before me have said, and my impression is that he deserves all the praise he gets. It's well earned from the beautiful results he produces. We are extremely fortunate to have him take care of us.

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