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Hi Everyone! I am about 57 days pre-op. First and...

Hi Everyone! I am about 57 days pre-op. First and foremost I would like to thank all the lovely ladies & gentlemen that have gone before me and posted such fabulous reviews of Dr. Harley. I thank each & every one of you for time you took to take pictures, explain your procedures and the why’s of you doing so. It has been fantastic. I have read each and every single one! Your inspiration is the reason for my mini-blog on my journey to be a Harley “Hottie”. I want to not only move forward with my surgery but also leave something that others who are on the fence can read and possibly identify with.

Why Dr. Harley: I have had at least five interviews with very wonderful and highly respected surgeons. I have not had a problem with any of them ...however; I have a great fear of twilight or general anesthesia. I have sleep terrors which leave me exhausted if I am down deep enough. When I had my wisdom teeth removed the surgeon asked me if I was tapping Morse code with my foot. I replied I felt like I had to or I would die. It also makes me tired for days post op. I had my upper eyes done 15 years ago with meds and locals, it was just fine. Tragus work is another biggy for me personally. I have a piercing in one of mine & love it; however that is not the only reason. I see many a tragus just destroyed during surgery, they no longer look natural, sometimes even removed totally so there is nothing left but a flat piece of skin instead of cartilage. Trust me, tragus is hard part to heal, so with Dr. Harley I can avoid that and I will. Reviews, I guess you can all see them. Trust, I have that especially after my 45 minute phone interview with Dr. Harley. Experience, it’s what Dr. Harley does. He doesn’t do lip lifts, lasers or boobs, nor any other body procedures. It’s not a mini-lift; it’s a Biltmore Lift that Dr. Harley coined using his own technic. It’s a combination of a skilled SMAS facelift and neck lift. The Biltmore Lift does not address the upper portion of your face which is something I will get to later with a different PS. Dr. Harley will do an upper & lower blepharoplasty, fillers & peels. Possibly a small brow lift (maybe). You cannot get Botox the same time as surgery. If you are flying in you must stay 7 days post op. The Biltmore Lift is $6,400 which is all inclusive except for the medications they will call in for you. Your hold date deposit is $500.

Don’t worry…the ugly befores are coming. Cheers everyone! Please let me know if you have any questions! I plan to answer all.


Two Gadgets for Post-Op! Gonna try em!

Hi Guys! I know there are some ladies/guys-in-waiting as I am so I wanted to just post this real quick in case you were interested. Both products were off e-bay & under $5.00 each shipped. I got my ice roller today from my USA seller!! OMG, this thing is so stinking wonderful! I love it so much! I think I am going to use it every morning while waiting for my coffee (4 minutes, Bunn Velocity! Yes!). The roller is very smooth. The temperature while cold is nothing like rubbing an ice cube on your face. It just feels really really GREAT!! Also use it for sunburn, bruises, bug bites...etc. The second thing I ordered which hasn't gotten here yet is from China (these usually take almost a month). It's called a Beauty Bar (MC Biken 24k pulse). The read deal is around $80. but I'm not paying that so for under $5 I ordered the knock off. We shall see. I'm not doing it for some kind of muscle tightening but rather using it in a circular motion for a little facial lymphatic massage, gently & way post-op to help with swelling. If anyone is driving up, I ordered a case of Instant Ice. I think it was $27.00 including the 4 stitch removal kits and that includes shipping. They stay cold for about eight minutes then slowly cool off. Easy to use, no dripping mess. Just my .02 here guys, let me know if you have any questions! Cheers!
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