Dr. Harley Lower Face & Neck Lift. Let's Rock This! 11.10.16 - Asheville, NC

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Hi Everyone! I am about 57 days pre-op. First and...

Hi Everyone! I am about 57 days pre-op. First and foremost I would like to thank all the lovely ladies & gentlemen that have gone before me and posted such fabulous reviews of Dr. Harley. I thank each & every one of you for time you took to take pictures, explain your procedures and the why’s of you doing so. It has been fantastic. I have read each and every single one! Your inspiration is the reason for my mini-blog on my journey to be a Harley “Hottie”. I want to not only move forward with my surgery but also leave something that others who are on the fence can read and possibly identify with.

Why Dr. Harley: I have had at least five interviews with very wonderful and highly respected surgeons. I have not had a problem with any of them ...however; I have a great fear of twilight or general anesthesia. I have sleep terrors which leave me exhausted if I am down deep enough. When I had my wisdom teeth removed the surgeon asked me if I was tapping Morse code with my foot. I replied I felt like I had to or I would die. It also makes me tired for days post op. I had my upper eyes done 15 years ago with meds and locals, it was just fine. Tragus work is another biggy for me personally. I have a piercing in one of mine & love it; however that is not the only reason. I see many a tragus just destroyed during surgery, they no longer look natural, sometimes even removed totally so there is nothing left but a flat piece of skin instead of cartilage. Trust me, tragus is hard part to heal, so with Dr. Harley I can avoid that and I will. Reviews, I guess you can all see them. Trust, I have that especially after my 45 minute phone interview with Dr. Harley. Experience, it’s what Dr. Harley does. He doesn’t do lip lifts, lasers or boobs, nor any other body procedures. It’s not a mini-lift; it’s a Biltmore Lift that Dr. Harley coined using his own technic. It’s a combination of a skilled SMAS facelift and neck lift. The Biltmore Lift does not address the upper portion of your face which is something I will get to later with a different PS. Dr. Harley will do an upper & lower blepharoplasty, fillers & peels. Possibly a small brow lift (maybe). You cannot get Botox the same time as surgery. If you are flying in you must stay 7 days post op. The Biltmore Lift is $6,400 which is all inclusive except for the medications they will call in for you. Your hold date deposit is $500.

Don’t worry…the ugly befores are coming. Cheers everyone! Please let me know if you have any questions! I plan to answer all.


Two Gadgets for Post-Op! Gonna try em!

Hi Guys! I know there are some ladies/guys-in-waiting as I am so I wanted to just post this real quick in case you were interested. Both products were off e-bay & under $5.00 each shipped. I got my ice roller today from my USA seller!! OMG, this thing is so stinking wonderful! I love it so much! I think I am going to use it every morning while waiting for my coffee (4 minutes, Bunn Velocity! Yes!). The roller is very smooth. The temperature while cold is nothing like rubbing an ice cube on your face. It just feels really really GREAT!! Also use it for sunburn, bruises, bug bites...etc. The second thing I ordered which hasn't gotten here yet is from China (these usually take almost a month). It's called a Beauty Bar (MC Biken 24k pulse). The read deal is around $80. but I'm not paying that so for under $5 I ordered the knock off. We shall see. I'm not doing it for some kind of muscle tightening but rather using it in a circular motion for a little facial lymphatic massage, gently & way post-op to help with swelling. If anyone is driving up, I ordered a case of Instant Ice. I think it was $27.00 including the 4 stitch removal kits and that includes shipping. They stay cold for about eight minutes then slowly cool off. Easy to use, no dripping mess. Just my .02 here guys, let me know if you have any questions! Cheers!

Lookie what I got!! Plus, how an average mature 53 year old looks!! Bonus extra: Healing Help!

Hey Guys! So my date is near. I am over that dark place I was out about 2 weeks ago. Dr. Harley's office called this morning to confirm which made me even more excited to get this procedure done! I told everyone that I was going to lay low for a week pre-op so that I don't bust myself up like I usually do. Apparently that didn't work. My Bishon, Ben, jumped in my eye. Isn't it colorful? At least by looking at the picture you can see what mature (15 year old) blepharoplasty looks like. Yup, can't even see the scars. It really really does at least six months to look that way. I wish I was having Dr. Harley do my eyes but sadly that's not in the budget this trip.

The old picture of me at 13. You can see by smiling I am keeping my chipmunk cheeks up. The started to slide south shortly after. I always knew I would be getting a face lift. Just sorry it has taken this long.

Side views pretty much speak for themselves. My texture isn't bad for a pale freckled chick, it's just a lot of extra skin. Thanks gravity....I see you menopause!! Not sure where the folds near my tragus came from. I am not sure if Dr. Harley is going to be able to get out all my puppet lines but I'm not worried about it. He is filling up my matronly lips though, a little touch of icing on the cake.

I have been reading a great deal about surgery recovery. I came across an article for DermAvance Forte. Reviews are pretty good on Amazon. The cost is $36.00 for 14 caps. Considering Dr. Harley already recommends arnica & bromelian, I went ahead & picked up the rest on Vitacost. Rutin, grape seed extract and of course C. I have already been taking about 3-5 grams of C per day. If taking pills bothers you then take a look at the DermAvance! I guess we shall see how it goes.

Now to start packing! YASS!! :)

On the other side!

Hi Everyone!

I apologize for not updating but I was unable to connect to the Clarion wifi. To touch on the hotel, it is okay. The room are recently remodeled and are very nice. Stay was was great. I requested a room in the back, ground floor. It was great, just walk in the door. They have parking passes so there was plenty of room to park your vehicle. Hot breakfast from 6:30 am until 9:30 with coffee available 24/7. There is also an outside pool. No problems what so ever. Cost was $80 a night including taxes & fees.

I had my pre-op with Dr. Harley on Wednesday at 12:30. There was another patient in there but I wasn't able to say a word since they wisk you in so fast! Gracious Lynn left me a wedge pillow which worked out fantastic & I am forever grateful!! So very nice. Thank you so much! They do read the boards here but don't know our real names. :) Dr. Harley was everything everyone says he is. He explained that since I have a round face (he said he does too so hey not so bad) that I might have that "alien" look. LOL I expected it. Some who the subject got on to what happens with the extra skin removed during surgery, he said the sausage factor picks it up. Dang, we have the same sense of humor, to bad he is to young & married!

After pre-op we drove right up the road (make a left) to the Fresh Market & picked up salads for dinner. We had lunch with my Aunt & Uncle so I figured we would be worn out after driving 7 hours. It was a good call. I got my meds at Walmart with is past the Fresh Market on the left also. It was $24.79 with BCBS.

Surgery day & go figure I wasn't a bundle of nerves. Reading everyone's journey, I knew I was in great hands!!! Dr. Harley saw us in since we arrived early. He explained my post-op care to my daughter & told her to come back after 8:30 since the doors are locked until then. I was given the coctail which didn't take long to hit my fanny. Dr. Harley took pictures, I didn't care. Next think I know I was wrapped in a blanket & laying down. Dr. Harley told me he was starting the shots, but that's all I remember for a good long while. I guess near the end things started to wear off, I moved my hands to reach for my face but Kelly held them down. I could feel Dr. Harley cutting & sewing but I didn't care. I was pretty much awake for my lip injections but I really didn't care either. Your care giver parks in the Handicap spot so you don't have to walk far. By about 8:45 I was back in the room sipping coffee.

I didn't find any food restrictions. I had some left over salad from the night before & my daughter brought back a full meal from Boston Market. We also had a bunch of water in the room & light snacks.

The worst part was the night. Painkillers do nothing for me. I could not sleep. I wasn't in pain except for where the drain was around my jaw. My right side was freaking fantastic but I could not get stop the ache of the drain. I think it was hitting a nerve or something which of course isn't Dr. Harley's fault, he wouldn't know and i have a strange face. I dozed off & on. I am also claustrophobic so the head wrap didn't help that either. I made it thru & was glad when 8:30 came around.

Post Op. The thing about Dr. Harley's office is there is NO wait. I sure wish other PS's would be like this. I waited 3 hours for fillers one time!! Kelly took my head wrap off then Dr. Harley came to take out the dreaded tube & talk to me about how I was feeling & post op care. He also said that while other girls on RS are talking about cleaning with peroxide then using an antibiotic cream he has abandoned that to just using the tape he puts on only until it falls off in 3-4 days. I like a progressive doctor, perhaps he will abandon the tube to just a single port? hint hint?

I iced as we drove home 7 hours back down to OBX. It wasn't bad. My hair looked weird and with my swollen face I got some weird looks looks when we took pit stops. LOL I am uploading some pictures which I am bad at.

Let's talk about it! XOXOXO KAT

In Living Color!

Hi Everyone!

Today was shower day!!! YIPEEE I asked Dr. Harley how to get rid of the blue marker lines that many of us have questions about. He said he did not want us to try to rub them off. To leave them alone & they would eventually wear off. As I was going to do a coconut oil hair mask, I decided to also do my face as well. I left it all one for an hour before showering. It took them off! Of course I forgot about the one under my neck...duh me.

I am posting 2 after shower pictures since the tape came off. Like Dr. Harley said, I just put more tape on with nothing else on it. I will say that after my shower & a nice hour long nap the swelling went down..and I kid you not...tons!! It looks like I have bruised more then others but let me tell you about my jaw line. Take a soft boiled egg, cut it long ways then place each have a little bit above your chin. Yup, that's what I had. Two large pockets of fat that would never go away no matter how little body fat I would be wearing. They are GONE! I got to see little demon fat pockets in my drains. It was gross. But hey, if you have them too, yes, you can be rid of them forever!

Energy level has been good! I am trying very hard to be a good patient! Staying in bed, not lifting. Walking feels great so I sat out in the sun for a few minutes. However my Visa card isn't liking me right now. What's a girl to do anyway? Sephora, Ulta, Revolve, Macys hauls that's what! It happens!

Also I wanted to say, if you can afford to get your eyes done too. Mine looks so sad. I guess that will be part two.

Let me know if you have any questions or what to see anything else on my face! :)


One Week!! And the ugly by request. LOL

Where did the days ago? It seems like just yesterday I was sipping coffee after having surgery with Dr. Harley. I will certainly do this again in a few years at the first sign I start to need it!!!

I took it easy over the weekend and things were pretty much back to normal by Monday. I still don't lift anything heavy & have tried (LOL) to keep my face level. I didn't find I needed any diet restrictions and I had a few drinks which was fine. I didn't take any pain killers, they simply were not needed. To me it just felt like I wearing a party hat with rubber band neck thingy.

I take my stitches out tonight. I'd like to say it would be a relief but frankly I forget they are there.

If you are thinking about it, go for it. I love love love my new neck. I love my lips too, it has been years since I wore anything but clear gloss. I will be getting a lip lift from Dr. Morgan in the spring (Dr. Harley actually liked that idea too) so the juvi Dr. Harley gave me is a little icing for now.

Here is one really hideous picture. It was a terrible year, many family & friends passed away..and I actually ran over my elderly cat. This was just the pick me up I needed.

Cheers! KAT
Asheville Facial Plastic Surgeon

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