Unexpected Emotions - Asheville, NC

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Hi everyone. I'm two weeks postop from having a...

Hi everyone. I'm two weeks postop from having a breast reduction. I went from a 34DD to a large B, small C. I was so looking forward to the surgery and just shrugged off the information I was given regarding the emotional roller coaster that could follow. I definitely went through a couple of meltdowns, questioning my decision and feeling like a boy. I was focused on everyone else's breasts and thinking that mine were inadequate.

Please understand this may happen and that it is normal as you are facing a body image change. The breasts may appear smaller than you think they should, may look assymetrical and may look misshapen. Trust me when I say that time will improve all these things. I did question my decision afterwards but I can say that just two weeks out, I am very happy that I did it. I can wear tops that I could have never worn before and the neck and shoulder pain I was experiencing have pretty much disappeared. I just wanted to share this information because I feel that this issue is probably not discussed preoperatively as much as it should be. Hang in there and know that things just keep getting better and better!

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