30 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5'4" 135lbs, 475cc silicone gel unders - Asheville, NC

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I had my consultation with Dr. Stern last Friday...

I had my consultation with Dr. Stern last Friday 6/24 and have booked my surgery for August 8. I have been wanting a BA for years, but decided to wait until I was finished having children. I decided on silicone implants, under the muscle with crease incision. I have not narrowed down a size yet but I will be trying on sizers at my pre-op appointment. I am hoping to be at least a DD (currently 34C). I have three children and breastfed my third for 16 months so I have lost fullness in my breasts, plus I have always wanted to be larger. I am very happy with my surgeon and her team. She made me feel extremely confident in my decision to have this surgery. She answered all of my questions and made me feel very comfortable. I'm so excited; it's going to be hard to wait another 6 weeks!

4 weeks to go and before pics!

I hate waiting! I wish I had scheduled my surgery sooner, but I wanted to wait until my summer semester was over and I was done with school. I feel like I'm on this app staring at boobs all day lol

Here are some photos of what I'm currently working with.

More photos

For some reason my other before pics didn't upload :-/

Less than 2 weeks out!

My surgery is less than 2 weeks away now and I'm getting so excited! I need to go shopping for some things for after surgery and then my pre-op is August 3, surgery on the 8th. We are going on a beach trip this weekend and it'll likely be the last time my "before boobs" are in a swimsuit!

Pre-op and decided on size!

I had my pre-op appointment today. It all feels so real now. I started getting nervous and overwhelmed going over everything, but I'm so excited that my BA is in 5 days! I tried on sizers for 450cc and 500cc and I just couldn't decide so I chose to meet in the middle and go with 475cc.

I have to get my prescriptions filled and pick up a few things then I'm ready for surgery day!

Last before pics

I forgot to add a few more before pics with clothes on. In these I'm wearing a very padded bra from VS.

Today is the day!

It's currently 8am; I have to be at the surgery center at 11:15. I thought it would be hard to sleep last night but I slept surprisingly well. My sister is taking me since my husband needs to stay with the kids. I just want this morning to fly by so I can be on the other side finally!

Day of Surgery!

I am finally on the other side! I'm a little loopy from the muscle relaxers and pain medication. But I wanted to update you guys on how my surgery went.

My sister took me since my husband had to stay with our kids. I got to the surgery center at 11:15, surgery started about an hour later. I had to take a pregnancy test then I was taken to a recliner to wait until it was my turn for surgery. The nurse gave me a muscle relaxer so that it would be working already when surgery was done. Next they started my IV and Dr. Stern marked me. I was then taken to the OR. I don't even remember falling asleep! I laid down, then next thing you know they were waking me up telling me it was over!

When I woke up I was in extreme pain. It felt like an elephant was walking across my chest. Between my breasts was so achy and sore. I was so out of it. Apparently my sister got some funny videos but I don't even want to see them! The drive home was okay, except when we hit bumps. When we got to my house, my husband helped me to get upstairs and into our bed.

I took a nap and when I woke, the pain was obviously still there but it had lessened like crazy! It's more of a dull ache right now rather than extreme pain. I feel a lot of pressure and can't breathe very deeply because it hurts to do so. My surgeon doesn't have me wearing a front closure sports bra until two days after surgery, after my first post-op appointment on Wednesday. So right now I just have on a front zip hoodie with a bag of frozen vegetables on my breasts. The ice pack feels really good and will hopefully help with the swelling.

I asked the nurse what profile my implants are when I woke up. I believe she said they are HP, but I need to double check that on Wednesday. 475ccs in both breasts. I'm happy with them so far. They're not nearly as boxy right now as I thought they'd be, which is a good thing. I'm excited for the D&F process though!

Well I think I've got it all there! If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask. And I apologize if there are any typos. Like I said, I'm a little loopy right now! I'll try getting some better pictures this evening or tomorrow.

1 Day PO

Yesterday was rough. I feel great when I'm on the meds but as soon as they wear off I'm back to having extreme pain. The ice packs help a lot though. Honestly, I can't wait until I go to my appointment tomorrow and can start wearing my bra. I want my breasts to be more compressed. It hurts so much to have them out like this. I was told by my nurse that the day of surgery and the following day are the worst days for pain, so I just want to get through today and am hopeful for some relief in the next few days.

I didn't sleep well at all last night. I could only sleep for an average of 2 hours at a time before waking up to use the bathroom or because I was in pain. I kept up with my meds through the night though so I could get a little sleep. It's only 5:30 am right now and I'm typing this update because I can't sleep! I'm so uncomfortable sitting up too. Any advice from some of the veterans on getting sleep?

I'm happy with the way my implants look so far and it's only been a day! I can't wait to see how great they look when they D&F.

Finally In A Sports Bra

My surgeon said to start wearing my sports bra on day 2 but I had to try it on and compress the girls for a little bit. It feels so much better having it on!

First Post-op Appointment

I am 2 days post-op and visited with my surgeon this afternoon. She said that my breasts look great so far and showed me how to massage them, which I have to do for 5 minutes 3x per day. She also took the tape off my incisions so now I just have the steri strips which should fall off on their own in the next few weeks. I can finally shower tonight!

I have to wear the front-close tight sports bra for 2 weeks, then I can switch to any wireless bra as long as it is supportive.

I'm feeling much better today than I was the first two days. My armpits are super sore so I've been keeping them iced. Today was the first time I put on clothes that aren't pajamas and felt human again. I'm still taking my meds as directed, my pain level gets pretty high when I miss a dose.

3 Days PO

I am feeling so much better. My nurse was spot on when she said the first two days would be the worst as far as pain goes. I still have some soreness and tightness /pressure but I'm feeling great for the most part. Still pretty bloated though. I'm finally wearing regular clothes again too but nothing looks right over my sports bra :(

I slept well last night and was finally able to sleep almost flat on my back instead of sitting up. I'm still taking my meds, but this may be the last day I need them. My breasts are getting softer every day, although the right one is harder and settling slower. I'm sure they'll even out eventually though.

Progress Photos

I just wanted to share some photos between the day of surgery and today, they already look so different and are getting softer. Very happy with my progress so far!

One week!

It's been a week since I had my BA. Not much to update on. My husband went back to work today so I'm managing the kiddos and the house by myself for the first time. I'm moving around well and I'm barely sore anymore. I still feel tightness and if I move the wrong way I'll have pain.

I love the way my breasts look after only a week. I can't wait to see how they look in a few months! I'm finding that a lot of my clothes don't fit right anymore so I feel like I never have anything to wear. They're getting softer and squishy now, too. I can push them together without it hurting.
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