38 Years Old, 2 Kids, 12c Before, Deflated Saggy

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Ba booked for 10 nov 2016, wanting to end up with...

Ba booked for 10 nov 2016, wanting to end up with 12dd no smaller, dr says 385cc high profile natrelle textured over the muscle will give me that, I do want to not go too small and asked for 415cc but said it would be too big and I would look freakish!! Worried I won't be happy with size!! Need advice or help 385cc or 415cc .. Dr Chen says 415cc too big for my size?? I'm 64kg and 163cm tall, please help??

Wish pic

Just finished and home

Not much pain only if I laugh actually quite suprised but I think because of the painkillers that were given to me by drip! Went with 385cc natrelle high profile over the muscle

It's now 5:30 pm day of

And only hurts when I laugh, pain is about 2 out of 10.. was the easy and most comfortable painless procedure! Dr Chen and the team at Ashbury Windsor were wonderful!!

Ist post operative appoiment

Just took my bandages off! Dr Chen very happy with result!

Day 3 post op

Still hadn't popped since op, got an enema after trying prune juice, laxtatives etc, and it worked and feeling so much better. Haven't had to take my strong pain killers today( panadiene forte with codine) only took paracetamol this morning. Pain is minimal only if try to extend arms out, which I won't and sometimes with walking of sitting up from lying down! Overall pretty good! Have bruising and swelling but looking better everyday!

2 weeks post op

Feeling good hardly any pain now, one boob left is dropping faster, have my 2 week post op appointment with my plastic surgeon in a few days.. so happy with my results, just get better everyday!!

First bra!!

Brought my first bra today and loved trying them on and instead of not filling them out, I'm too big!! Brought a 12DD and it fits me perfectly!!

Nearly 6 weeks

Love my new assets!!

8 weeks

First beach holiday with the girls

8 weeks

First beach holiday with the girls
Dr Jame Chen

Very good so far, but recommended 385cc as biggest I could go without looking like a porn star

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