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Ladies thanks so much for sharing your stories and...

Ladies thanks so much for sharing your stories and photos. I've been lurking on this site for a while and I've found your posts very encouraging.
My story begins in 2004 when I 24. Thinking back (I also looked at some photos), my breast were beautiful. I was close to being a nice B cup. A nice little handful. But I was young and single and I had always wanted bigger breast. At that time, I just thought about the present and didn't think much about how I would feel later. I was single and looking for attention also. I had my implants done in NOV 2004. I consulted on a Tuesday and by the following Tuesday, I was in the OR.
You, young and stupid. I didn't even see other surgeons. I was just excited about getting bigger breast.
I have 325 Saline filled to 375. Under the muscle. I enjoyed them and they looked wonderful and natural for a while but for the past 2-3 years I've done more and more to hide them and I'm very self conscious about being so big. I hate them now.
I'm tired of looking top heavy and fat in photos. I'm tired of not being able to wear button down shirts. I hate that my bras are crazy expensive. I just don't want them anymore. Most importantly, I want to be natural and healthy and prevent any future errors with mammograms. My husband met me small, married me big and now he will see me small again (small, saggy and deflated I guess). This is my biggest fear. What if explant and I absolutely hate how saggy and droppy my breast are. My hubby is supportive and I show him photos all the time and he always says "babe, those look just fine." But part of me is afraid of looking horrible and being unsexy and unattractive.

I've had 3 consults and I'm tentatively scheduled for July 3rd. I'll simply be removing the implant. Waiting to see how I heal. Most likely, I'll have one more baby and than maybe consider a lift. I don't know, all that cutting scares me about a lift. Who knows, I may need one anyway but I'm going to wait at least 2 years.

All 3 surgeons said no capsulectomy. One said drains, the other 2 didn't. I think the one who said drains is old school. Anyway, I chose a well known PS in Virginia who specializes in breast augs, lifts and reconstructions. He was nice, took his time and explained everything but he did say I would be droppy. Not terrible but def droppy.
I mean my implants are 8.5 years old and I've breast fed, gained 40 pounds in pregnancy and my weight has fluctuated too.

I am okay with some sagging and droppings. I understand I'm not 24 anymore. I'm just really scared.

I'll add some photos soon.

New Consult. Possibly new doctor!

Hi ladies,
I had a second consult today. This PS was the first to tell me that I have a good amount of natural breast tissue and that he believes I won't be as droppy/saggy as I fear to be. He wouldn't even consider a lift til 6 months post op. However, he does believe I should remove both capsules and have drains. He mentioned its safer and I'd possibly get a better result.
His bedside manner is better and I like how he wasn't turned off by me wanting to remove my implants. All the other Docs acted as if I was mutalating my body.
He is much more pricy though.
He also wants to go in the previous site, the areola. I prefer the infra mammary because I don't want to mess with my areola in case of future breast feeding.

Can you guys tell me more about capsulectomies? Must I have one? My implants are soft and I have no capsular contraction.
Is it really safer? Does it hurt?
How much draining will I have?

Here are the pics. Let me know what you think.

More photos

2 More Weeks and They're OUT

Im scheduled for July 3rd. Had my pre-op and everything. I continued to consult other physicians and I've decided to go with another PS. He made me feel much more comfortable and even said I may not need a lift. That I have a good amount of tissue. I ended up paying more but I will undergo a full removal with capsulectomy and I will have drains. He feels I've had my implants too long to leave the capsule in. Even thought I have no capsular contracture. I honestly feel its safer. Yes more painful and bothersome but I dont want scar tissue appearing in future mammograms and causing confusion and anxiety. I was also scared to have a seroma so having drains for 2 days is extra re-assuring.

I'm very scared though. I'm afraid of looking like the old lady on There's Something about Mary (the movie). I want them out and I ready but still worried about my appearance. IV sedation also scares me. I don't want to feel pain but I'm so afraid of not waking up. It's just a scary thing.

Pray for me ladies.
Pray that all goes well and my bobbies will fluff up.

July 1st Actually

Sorry it's July 1st.

I need support. About to back out.

I'm scared. I'm terrified that I will look horrible and be left with saggy and deflated boobs. What if I absolutely hate what I look like and fall into a deep depression.
I want them out. I hate having implants but the unknown scares me.
I've thought about canceling.
My husband says I will look just fine and that I will always look "amazing"
but what if I really don't.

I went to Nordstrom to buy a sports bra for post op today and I have no idea what size to get. I got horribly frustrated and just left.
The lady helping me said "why do you want them out. I just got mine put in." (They looked fake too).
Just wishing I never put them in.

Anyways, I'm rambling. Sorry.
Someone please tell me you were just as scared.

5 more days!!! How bad does it hurt?

5 days until explant.
I picked up all my prescriptions today. 45 tablets of Percocet, 45 tablets of Valium and anti-nausea.
I'm scared. How bad is the pain?
Will I really need the Percocet?
When I got my implants I only took extra strength Tylenol. I was in pain but Tylenol did the trick.

I'm spending these last few days making my son his baby food so I won't have to. The house was cleaned and laundry is getting done little by little. I bought 2 products from Clarins today. They are bust lifting, toning products with apparently great reviews. I hate spending more $$$ on this but I thought I'll give it a try.

But now I'm scared. How bad is the pain post explant with capsulectomy and drains?

When will I be able to lift my son?

Thanks for all the support.

Tomorrow they're gone!

I'm am getting really, really, really nervous. Scared of anesthesia and scared of what I'll look like.
Please pray for me ladies.

They're Out

They're out guys!
I'm sore mostly in my back and arms though. I'm tightly wrapped and have drains. I can't look at my new girls until Wednesday at my follow up but they said they looked "good" and they do not look like raisins.
We shall see. The anesthesiologist and nurses were so nice. I woke "with it" too. I was talking to everyone in recovery.
I have to say that whatever they used to put me under is some good shit.
I was terrified and crying and asking "please don't let me feel pain, but please make sure I wake up." Than, all of the sudden, I felt really relaxed and what do you know, I woke up in recovery. HaHaHa.

I'll post pics later on.

Sooooo, the issue with having no boobies is...

You can't let you're belly get bigger than your boobs. I refuse. Maybe I'm swollen and this tight bandage is making me have a appearance of a "nice gut". I'm still carrying 10 pounds of baby weight from my 7 month old but I refuse to look this way. I just need to work out and since my son, I haven't done shit.
Sorry ladies I have a sailors mouth.
But honestly, the huge tatas got in the way.

I'm up taking some Tylenol and my antibiotic. I'm not going to take the Percocet. It makes me feel nauseated. I'm glad I got drains. Even though I had no CC at all in either breast, I'm draining a good bit. Can't imagine leaving that in there to accumulate. Eeeek.

Tight wrap

Very Sore but I'll see the girls today!

Ugh I'm very sore but I go to follow up today and I'll see my new ladies!
I keep draining so from the looks of it, I'll keep these drains well into next week. It's so strange. My PS said the capsule was so thin but it's protocol to use drains. So glad I did, you should see the guck that comes out of them. I would say, my personal opinion, capsulectomy or not, drains are a must.

Saw my new girls!

Ladies, I'm very pleased. I still have a good amount of tissue and cleavage. The right one looks dented because of the drain he said and from wearing 2 ace bandages. They will improve little by little. I'm so happy. Now it's time to work on my tummy.

Here they are!

Immediately after removing bandage. Drains will stay in until Monday or Tuesday!

4 weeks post explant tomorrow.

Ladies, I'm back. Sorry I haven't updated. I went through something really funky post explant and I couldn't bring myself to come on here and read all the "best decision ever," "Im soooo glad I did this," "why didn't I do it sooner." Well, I have to be honest and tell you guys that I did have mixed feelings post explant. Immediately after sugery, I felt great. I was glad my implants were out and I felt much more natural. I didn't worry so much about how my breast looked because I was confident time would fix things and they would fluff up and even out. To me, they didn't look pretty. Especially my right breast, which seems to be indented at the bottom of my areola.
My original placement scar is around the areola and explant took place in the fold. As it was explained to me, the indentation on my right breast is due to scar tissue from the original placement. Its getting better and better every day but they still don't look great. At least to me they don't. I massage twice daily to really manipulate the scar tissue to get it to soften up.

Don't get me wrong, I am okay with my decision. I didn't like having implants. I guess what I am trying to say is that Im glad I am natural, but I do miss my bigger breast. I felt sexier honestly. I have always had a thing for bigger breast. Even if I would have never gotten implants, I would have probably always wondered what it was like to live with big breast. So now, post explant, I think I understand why I got them in the first place. I like bigger breast. I just wish I had them naturally and didn't need implants.
So my absence was because I was going back and forth and back and forth.

Here is my list of CONS post explant:
I lost my mound. I still have the same amount of tissue, but I have no upper pole/mound.
That damn indentation from scar tissue. I absolutely hate it.
Stretch marks are visible now.
Your belly looks bigger. You have to work at getting your belly flatter. At least I do.
I am now self conscious about my belly.
I find myself starring at big breasted women, and I like their breast.
I miss how I looked in tank tops.

I am natural.
There is nothing artificial about me now.
I don't have to worry about strange symptoms, leakage, CC and etc.
I look thinner. In some weird way I do although I worry about my belly.
My clothes fit great.
I can buy pretty much any kind of bra.
My breast feel good. They are soft and it feels good to touch them .
I can work out without a problem.
I can run.

Hopefully in a few months I can tell you that I feel 100% that I made the right decision, but I can't right now. I am not upset or devastated that I went through with it. I just miss the way I used to look. Although, I wasn't happy with being so big, I am not so happy being this small. Do you get what I am saying? I hope at least one of you do.

4 weeks post photo

Here is one photo of me 4 weeks post explant.
I'll take more photos soon. I just really hope this dent resolves.
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Michael Chiaramonte at the National Harbor, Maryland.

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