27 Years Old Removing 9 Year Old Implants. Ashburn, VA

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Hi ladies! The stories and pictures on this site...

Hi ladies! The stories and pictures on this site helped me alot so I thought I should share mine. I got 240cc under the muscle saline implants when I was 18. There is nothing wrong... no pain, no rupture, they look and feel good...I'm just ready for them to be out. At 18 I didn't think too much about what would happen or what they would look like later in life. I was a small B and now wear a C or D depending on the bra. My surgery is scheduled for September 23rd and I'm so excited and nervous. My doctor is very nice and easy to communicate with. He said he will not use drains which makes me really happy because they totally freak me out!! I will post pictures and updates once it's done. Good luck to anyone in the same situation, I think we are making a good choice! :)


I had my pre-op appointment today and everything is all set. I am not looking forward to fasting all day before the surgery though. eek! I ordered 2 wireless bras today but I have no idea if they'll fit. How long did you ladies wear a sports bra? What about showering? How long did you wait?


I'm at the hospital! I'm registered and just sitting in the waiting room now. Eeek! I set up a little camp in my room with water, gatorade, snacks, movies, and books so I should be all set when I get home. I'll post an update when I can :)


Hi friends! My surgery is all done. I'm sitting on the couch now. My boyfriend just made me some soup which was awesome because I was starving! I feel a lot better than I expected. I really have no pain other than some stinging around the incisions. I wish I could tell you how the surgery went but I don't remember a thing. The dr said everything went well and he did not have to do any work on the capsules. I have a bandage so I can't post any pictures until Friday, but I will upload a few as soon as I can. I feel super weird but I can see a little cleavage so I'm hopeful!


So I've been sleeping on and off pretty much all day. Pain is still really minimal...I took 2 Tylenol around 1 and still feel pretty good. I'm over this stupid bandage though! It's tight and annoying. Not to mention I look like a boy in the pajamas I used to fill out. I'll be reallllly happy to take it off tomorrow. I still feel great about my decision though. I hope this helps anyone who is thinking about removing their implants. DO IT!

bandage is gone!

I just took the bandages off. Going to wait a few minutes before taking a shower...don't want to overdo it. Did you guys let the incisions get wet in the shower? I have those little strips over them but I'm not sure if they should get wet. Also, I still feel a little stinging around the incisions...is this normal? here are a few pics. I wasnt sure what to expect, but im happy with the results. There are lines from the bandages, but everything looks pretty good so far. I will post more pics once the lines have cleared.


Ok I don't remember them being this jiggly! Did that happen to anyone else? I'm a little sore around my incisions but otherwise I feel great. I'm going to look for a bra today because the ones I bought aren't working. Here's a pic without the lines from the bandages. I don't think much has changed since yesterday.

day 6

Hi! It's Monday and I'm going back to work today... boo. I feel great and I'm sure it will be fine but I wouldn't mind another lazy day ;) . I went out to watch football yesterday and felt pretty comfortable for the most part, just a little sore when I got home. I am posting a few pictures I took this morning. I don't see much of a change...they might be a little smaller. I have little spots on my chest and stomach. They're not itchy and I'm thinking it might be from sleeping in a bra...I usually do not. I'll ask my Dr about it at my appointment Wednesday. I am adding a picture of one of the bras I bought. It is soooo comfortable! I got it from J C Penny. It is called ambrielle. If you have not bought any, I would definitely recommend this one.

Day 9

I had my sutures removed wednesday. I did not see the dr, but the nurse said everything looks good. I still have spots from the soap, but they are going away. I'm posting a fee pictures...I'm not sure if I see much change. The incisions still hurt every once in a while, but other than that I feel totally good! I'm going on vacation with my friends for a few days now! Talk to you soon. :)

2 weeks!

I can't believe it's been 2 weeks already! I don't even feel like I had surgery at all. I am really excited to be sleeping on my side again. I am still wearing sports bras, but plan to go shopping in the next couple weeks. My incisions itch every now and then, but the scars are healing up nicely. I haven't shown my boyfriend or anyone other than you guys, but I love my squishy little boobies!

almost 8 weeks

Hi! It's been almost 8 weeks and I'm still really happy! I love laying on my stomach lol. I have been using kelocote on my scars... I don't know if it's doing anything, but it doesn't hurt to try. I've found a few really cute bras and so far my clothes don't look too much different.
Ashburn Plastic Surgeon

The office was clean, and the staff was friendly. I have not the surgery yet, but I am happy with the dr so far. He was easy to talk to, and explained everything so that I understood the procedure. I will update this when I have more to give.

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