Liposuction and Fat Transfer to Even out Asymmetrical Breasts - Ashburn, VA

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I'm 45 and have had 4 kids and have breastfed. I'm...

I'm 45 and have had 4 kids and have breastfed. I'm 5'4 and about 120lbs. My right breasts has always been smaller than the left. My goal was to even out and if an overall boost could be achieved, all the better. Today I had liposuction only to the overall abdominal area. My doctor was able to add to both sides with obviously more added to the right. So far the day of my left breast is a little bigger than it was. ..probably about where it was before I lost 15 lbs and it feels soft and normal..a bit firmer though, probably pre pregnancy consistency. The right one is pretty hard, almost like an implant is in there. Dr. says that is normal because a lot more fat was transferred to that one and that it will soften. I'm worried because it is perked (because it's harder) and therefore sits higher and still appears significantly smaller than the left. I'm hoping that as it softens it will drop down and be more even with the left or else I just spent a bunch of money to end up with the same problem, but with bigger breasts. As far as discomfort, so far so good, but I probably still have some numbing medicine that hasn't worn off. My breasts sort of feel like they did when I had a baby and my milk came in..hard and sore, but completely tolerable. No pain meds needed yet. My abdomen is pretty tolerable so far. Kind of like a hard work out but more surface like versus deeper in the muscle. I took the compression garment off for a minute to take a look. Hard to tell as there is expected swelling. I have a feeling tomorrow won't feel as good as today, but so far the level of pain doesn't require narcotics :) Feel free to ask questions and I'll try to remember to update!

48 hours post op

I went to work today. Of the whole procedure, the pressure garment is the worst part. The surgical discomfort is sore but tolerable. If I'm not moving around I really feel nothing. My abdomen is not too pretty. It's got bruising, swelling, lumps and dents, but I think that is pretty normal for 2 days out. I'm happy to report that after 2 days my breasts are looking pretty good! The right one has already started to soften slightly and is just starting to fall in line with the left. So far so good. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be very happy with the outcome.

day 5 or 6 depending on how you count

I'm healing very nicely. A lot of the abdominal bruising is going away. There is still some swelling, but because I was fairly slim before, it's not super noticable. Pain wise it feels like I have a bruise over the abdomen. ..a little sore to touch but I feel nothing if I'm not messing with it. The main goal of the whole procedure was to fill my breasts out a bit. As far as that part goes, I'm thrilled! They are filled out without being over the top. They aren't quite even but I can see where as the right one continues to soften it may even out more. Either way...100 times better than what I started with. I assume I'll lose volume through the healing process, but I'm definitely happy so far with the outcome. I was scared to death before doing this and nearly canceled the surgery. Totally glad I went through with it. I'm only afraid that I might be hooked now and want to see what else can be improved.

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