48 YO Male, Wanted Chin Definition. Time for Lipo. Got Chest and Flanks Done to Save Money - Ashbrooke Cosmetic - Mosman, AU

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Had vaser lipo today. Chin and jaw, pecs, and...

Had vaser lipo today. Chin and jaw, pecs, and flanks. Took about 2 hours to do 5 body parts. Was surprised how much fat they took out. Although I was fully conscious all along , the procedure was 95% painless. As the chin was anaesthetised I had to stop chatting after 15 mins so I just lay there. Got a bit cold with all the wet sheets, but the nurse gave me towels to cover up with. Otherwise I felt it was a good experience, far less painful or uncomfortable than I'd expected.

Am sitting at the PC with the chin pressure bandage and the full torso barrel pressure bandage. The chin one makes me look like a crazy aviator. The full torso one isn't too bad, just restrictive.
I have to wear the chin bandage for three days, then only at night. The torso bandage for 10 days. I'm told when the drugs wear off I'll want to sleep, but I'm trying to stay up late.
Overall I feel like i was a good experience. Like most people I was nervous before hand, but committed. I asked lots of questions and researched a fair bit. I got conflicting information about the practise, but was still convinced that they knew their staff.

Will post some photos after three days. I look like mummy right now.

I'm happy I managed to get an appointment before the Easter break.

2 days post

After the op I slept 3 hours, then a night as normal, then another 3 hours mid morning. I'd taken another poster's advice to actually sleep putting body weight on the lipoed areas in order to encourage leakage. Taking off pressure bandages for my first shower I was surprised how much fluid had come out into the cotton-plastic liners the nurse had padded the garments. They were heavy with the weight of the fluid. Great thing was that I had almost no fluid retained, nothing leaked in my bed, and haven't had any leakage since.

After my first shower I inspected the results. My chin has a nice curve to it now, and I was very happy to see it. My chest/breasts have the natural curve I had 10 years ago. My flanks have lost all their strange bulges. It's early days but I'll be thrilled if this is all retained.

Sleeping is a bit sore, like a bruised feeling, but it's all very bearable. I only take a few panadol, along with the antibiotics and anti-inflammatories prescribed. Only my flanks are sore when I get up from sitting. If I'd had abdomen work as well I think it would have been much worse. I'm actually quite keen to get out and about as I feel fine. But I'm committed to wearing this chin garment for 2 more days so can only remove it for short bursts.

All in all, great job by the team at Ashbrooke so far, exceeded my expectations.

A month before versus the first day after lipo

Chest 2 days after

The marks are mostly from the pressure bandage, some pre-op drawings, and a bit of bruising.

Flank 2 days after

I don't currently have a before shot of my love handles, but this is the effect 2 days later.

3 day itch woke me up

Was woken up at 6am by the increasing itch, particularly on my left flank, but it's generally all over where the skin is reconnecting and healing. Unluckily you have to eat food with the anti inflammatory drugs, so it's breakfast at 6am. The irritation had really started yesterday on my neck so it's really a 2 day itch. Hope it's on the tail end now.

One more day with this neck pressure mask and then after that I'll be able to get out and about in the daytime. It's usually fun to hang out at home, but the distraction of waiting to heal takes a bit of the enjoyment out of it.

Ultrasound massage at 5 days

I went back for my post op check and all good. I decided on an ultrasound massage as it's supposed to reduce swelling and increase flexibility. I'm not in any pain, but wasn't expensive and it did feel good after. I feel the swelling subsided, particularly beneath my ears where the canula entry points are.
Overall I feel great to be out, about and back on my feet, and am savoring the sensation of feeling rejuvenated again.

8 day update

I've been away for a couple of days. My update healing after 8 days:

1) pecs. They're both nicely healed, still with two dark half moons of bruising under each pec. Puncture marks haven't healed. The shape and form looks great. Need to wear pressure bandage 2 more days and nights.
2) flanks. Still sore, especially the left one. It actually still expels small amounts of fluid, especially after a shower. Feels puffy but I don't think there's any infection. Puncture marks haven't healed. Need to wear pressure bandage for 2 more days as well.
3) chin. Visibly fully healed. Jaw still sore in parts. Feels a bit puffy at times. Looks really great. Finishing up use of the pressure bandage tonight.

I did a 2 hour trek yesterday and the pressure bandage was a little cumbersome and made me feel hotter than normal, but otherwise walking seemed fine, as long as the body part didn't move too much inside the bandages.

Final update

While I'm more than happy with the procedure, I've decided to stop posting updates on this site.
Dr Nair

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