50 Year Old, 2 C-section and 1 Appy - Katy, TX

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I'll be going to hospital in one hour for surgery...

I'll be going to hospital in one hour for surgery at 1pm today on 06/02/16. So nervous but leaving my worries to the man above. I've been praying that surgery goes well and recovery is fast (no blood clots, no surgery wound infection or delayed healing, tolerable to no pain, no illeus or SBO, no N/V). ?

2 day post op

First day I was on that MS PCA ever moment because I didn't know if it was pain, gas or both. I dangled on side of bed around 3am. As I was sitting I burped a lot and felt pressure relief. I didn't sleep much because the SCDs was clenching my legs every two minutes and the BP machine was clinching my left arm. JP drains and foley emptied. IV abx and fluids given and changed throughout night. My husband and daughter stayed all night for support but they really didnt have to do anything.

The staff at hospital were awesome but I was ready to go home so I got out of hospital bed and walked around in hallway with the staff. Then I sat in chair. Dr. Rodgers came by and assesses me that morning and told me everything looked good and call to have drains removed Monday if drainage less than 20cc/daily. I slept on the couch in the recliner while my family camped out with me in the family room. The night went reasonable well except using the bathroom. Pain was controlled with Norco alternating Tylenol. Glad I bought that elevated toilet seat and a BSC. The compression belt is too wide for my torso and irritates my skin on upper thighs and under my breast. If I wear it over my breast it doesn't compress abdomen well.

Post op day two my husband had to buy me a better fitting belt but it was to small so I resulted to abdomminal/back support I already had. Napping a lot today. One Norco definitely better than two ES Tylenol because it helps me with agitation. I need to transition asap to avoid constipation. JP draining red tinged fluid and amount less than 25cc in both. I'm feeling better this evening. Appetite is fair and drinking lots of fluid (water, green tea, ginger ale). I'll keep you updated with progress and before/after pictures are coming.

Abdominoplasty/Lipo in flank areas

Well 20 days post op and having mixed emotions since 14 day post op. I still have low energy and find myself walking slow and slightly hunched over. Seen by doctor 17 days post op cause had hard tissue swelling to left side above incision but no fluid since there was no fluid wave per PS. I've been doing self lymph massage from you tube and apply moist heat and massage to the area with some softness and decrease swelling. I'm wearing my spanks (oldies such as me call it girdles) and my abdominal support at night. Eating in moderation but can't eat alot cause of thr tightness you feel and food is not quite as appetizing. When you are full you stop whether you want to are not. Next appt. 6/27/16 to get tape removed from suture area. Some pics that I finally have the nerves to put up. Not much of a self body picture person but here goes.....


Other pics within first week post op.

7 week (approx) update

It has been a hard long recovery, probably because I returned to work on my 13th day post op. My energy level is really low and it's about 100 degrees outside which tires me from the walk in parking lot to inside building. Finally started walking pretty upright about a week ago except when I sit too long it takes a few steps to walk normal. I still have more swelling on my right lower side above my incision/groin area and entire abdominal area at night so I wear a girdle (spanks) and a compression at night. I usually have to decrease my salt intake, drink green tea or eat/drink pineapple. Hopefully within the next 10 days I'll have decrease swelling because I'm going on a cruise. I have 7 week post op appt tomorrow. Overall very happy I finally had this surgery, just wish I had it done when I was 10 years younger.
Dr. Rodgers

Will post later

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