Artefill Experience

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The process wasn't very long, not very painful and...

The process wasn't very long, not very painful and the rewards are great. The effect is subtle as it creeps up over months, and no one realizes that you've hand anything done, you just start getting compliments about how you look. It can be pricey, but it lasts longer than the other fillers so the cost is actually far less when you are not going every few months!

Make sure you get a good doctor, one who would rather do it in stages, than someone who want to pump the whole syringe in at once. My doctoer often says, "I can always add more but can't remove so let's go slowly."

I got some in my nasial labial folds and it worked but not as much as I wanted. My doctor wanted to build up the apples of my cheeks, rather than just inject into the folds and the first time we did it my way, with some results but when I did what he recommended, the results were better.

Be sure to ice! But I also found there was much less swelling with this than other fillers.

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