Amazed at the Beautiful Results of my Arm Liposuction

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When it comes to improving my body, I can lose...

When it comes to improving my body, I can lose weight from my hips/thighs, abdomen, and middle back with some ease, but struggle greatly with my arms and bra bulge (above the upper side band).

After considering the procedure for a long time, I decided to consult with three surgerons. I was so pleased with the first consultation that I selected that doctor. First, and most importantly, the surgeon told me to have modest expectations. Despite that, I chose to go ahead with the procedure.

I went in for surgery a month after my consultation and have just had the easiest of experiences. I owe a lot of that to the staff, doctor included, who are all so pleasant. Even the pre-op passed quickly in conversation. The major con to consider is the initial post-op recovery.

For me, that was the first pre-op week. I needed help with everything the first night, a given because I had my arms done. Still, I remained positive. The second day was better. I resumed some of the basic self-care but had mom on hand for support. The third day was when it was really bad. I had taken too much pain medication and was thus a zombie. I slept most of the day and finally got off the medication then.

Thursday I went out for the first time and found it a little challenging. I still wasn't driving but I had some company to make moving around easier as I was still very sore and swollen. Friday was good in that I resumed driving, but the post-op let down was building. Saturday was when the post-op let down was the most severe. No tears :) but I did go to the spa for about two hours to prevent that from happening.

I got a facial with a gentle massage of my face, low arms and neck, and then a longer neck and head massage. I feel that the manipulation just eased some of the tension. I felt I could finally carry my arms naturally. Even if it was just a "psychological effect" it worked wonders and lifted me out of my slump. That's also when I started to resume some of my normal activities- shopping, gentle walking etc...

Now, the second week of my vacation is going too fast for me :) Now, nearly two weeks into recovery I am in complete disbelief. Everything is shrinking! The swelling is receding from the post-op height beautifully. I see myself getting the arm shape that I so envied in others. I also see that pesky bulge shrinking. It was very noticeable even out of clothing. I still have four weeks to wear my corset-like compression garment- another con, but a pro in that conscentious wearing helps reduce swelling. They do soil quickly so lots of washing is recommended.

Be sure to have a garment bag on hand as they seem prone to fraying a bit if not protected. I'm looking forward to continued recovery and to those after pictures. I'm also looking forward to discussing a breast procedure with the same surgeon because I know the results will be worth some pain and inconvenience.

I'm also looking forward to continuing to improve my eating habits. I feel the investment I made makes wise food selection making easier. Perhaps the biggest change I've made is to look at the servings of crackers I prepare for snacks. I've started to swap them out for fresh fruit. I am also more firm about saying no to fries/chips etc. when I go out to eat. These aren't life changing changes, but I know they will make maintenance easier because I'm eating more nutrient dense food over the empty white stuff. Ultimately, I'm more motivated to shed that last 10 pounds so that the rest of my body can look as good as my surgeried areas are looking.

Its now over six months since the surgery and I am...

Its now over six months since the surgery and I am as happy as can be. The lipo has beautifully shaped my arms and back and has motivated me to lose those 10 pounds I mentioned in the review. I've since had another, more involved procedure with the same doctor (I'll be able to write that positive review once I'm a couple weeks out).

Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon

I selected him for his integrity in designing the right treatment plan; he is exceedingly happy and pleasant; he lays out the cons (modest expectations) as well as the pros to help patients make the best decisions for themselves; the family-like feeling between staff members makes the office atmosphere very comfortable; ease of booking appointments.

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