Arm liposuction

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Toronto Plastic Surgeon

THE BEGGINING BEFORE LIPO Where do I start? This entire experiance has been amazing. I'm 26 years old but since the age of 20 I have been self concise of my arms. I've always had strong legs but weak arms. Growing  up my weight fluctuated but no matter how much weight i lost it would never come off my arms. I felt like they were big, weak and did not fit my body. I've never had surgery so I was always hesitant to get them done.  I spend years googling and researching arm liposuction. This year in the beginning of October I found dr. Jindal as one of the high rated plastic surgeons. After some research on him I decided to book a consultation. The moment I walked into edelstein cosmetic I was greeted so kindly and felt very welcomed. I didn't have to wait long to see Dr.   Jindal , I was taken in right on time. He was kind and made me feel comfortable by explaining every detail of what my surgery consisted of, the risks and recovery. I mentioned to the staff when booking that I have my brothers wedding in a month. They asked Dr. Jindal to accommodate me and he made it happen. They found a spot for me as soon as they could so that I could be a little recovered for the wedding. THE DAY OF LIPO Remember to get your blood work done a few week before surgery so they get the results! And do not eat anything before surgery! The clinic where the procedure takes place in is clean, comfortable and like a private descreat hospital. I was so nervous before the whole thing! I almost walked out 3 times. The nurse there came in and we talked about the process and what was going to happen once I got out of surgery. Dr. Jindal came in a few times to speak to me and reassure me I will be okay. Once it was time to go I walked in to the operating room I completely freeked out (it's normal) I was laid down on the bed and the nursed kept talking to me to calm me down.. I was shaking and started to cry a little. Dr. Jindal stood next to me and made sure I felt safe.. he took my hand, the nurse put the oxygen mask on me, and before I knew it I was up. The garment was already on me and I was okay. Waking up the pain was bad. Not unbearable bad, just stinging bad. The nurse gave me a needle and it went away. Dr. Jindal told me my arms look great! I can really say I woke up with a smile on my face feeling calm and confidant in my choice of going through the procedure. The two nurses there made sure I rested in recovery, anytime time I called for one they were there. Once I was ready to go, two nurses helped me get dressed and helped me get to my friend who was waiting for me. RECOVERY FROM LIPO The first night when I got home I was really drowsy and can honestly say I couldn't feel a thing. Dr. Jindal called me to make sure I was home okay and there was no problem. The next moring I started taking my medication as well as my pain medication. My arms felt sore but looked amazing. I got a call from Dr. Jindal again to make sure my night went well and there were no complications. He let me know how to reach him incase I needed him. Larter his office called me (Heather ) so see how my surgery went and to make sure the appointment they made for me fit my schedule.  The next two days went by great! Hardly any pain, I am recovering fantastically! On the 3rd day I woke up with a massive headache. The pain in my head hurt more then anything. My friend contacted Dr. Jindal who answered immediately with some options. Lucky I didn't have to go to the emergency. I slept it off.. it's been a week now and I can honestly say, other then that headache, I would do this all over again. This entire experiance has been amazing. I've felt welcomed, safe and comfortable through out the entire time. The team is extremely helpful and friendly and Dr. Jindal is an amazing doctor. They helped me get accommodated in the time I needed, and called with reminders. Dr. Jindal answered any concerns I had, always made me feel comfortable and confidant with the procedure, and was extremely reliable when I needed him.

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