28 Years Old, No Kids, 5'4, 180lbs, Need Flat Belly - Arlington, VA

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So I've been thinking of this for several years...

So I've been thinking of this for several years and finally had the guts to pull it off. I just had smart lipo done today on my upper and lower abs and flanks. American lipo centers was so affordable I don't know why I didt do it sooner. It's snowing today. Like 8-10 inches. They called me yesterday and said that surgery was still a go so I was happy because I was just ready to get it over with. I got there at 7am for my 8-10 surgery finished my paperwork and Catherine, the medical assistance to me back to take vitals and medicine. Dr segev was in early in case the snow got bad and I truly appreciated that. So instead of starting at 8, we started at 740 and I was done a little after 9. The lidocaine shots weren't as bad as everyone says. If you've had a shot before, you'll be fine. The pumping of the lidocaine into the stomach was a weird feeling and stung a little. The suctioning of the fat probably hurt the most but still wasn't that bad. It's a weird vibrating sensation and when the doc does the same spot over and over again it starts to hurt. Sometimes it tickled. So I wanted to laugh and cry at the same time haha. Catherine was great and held my hands and we all talked and joked around to pass the time. I stood up twice for the doc the get more and even it out. I specifically told him about the roll right under my breasts that I want gone and he told me when he was working on that so I liked that a lot. I sweated a little because I couldn't help tightening my abs due to the strange sensation. I get why ppl say they feel like they've been beat up the next day because that's how it feels. Once I was done I didn't want to look but I could tell I was very very swollen. I still haven't looked at my stomach. Tomorrow will be fine. I went straight after to get a lymphatic massage by the person they recommend. That didn't hurt at all because you're still numb and she gets rid of a ton of leakage. I didn't leak in the car at all. I hope my results are going good! I'll attach my before pictures and the two liters they took out. I just want more of an hourglass shape and a flatter belly. I can take care of the rest.

One day post op

So the pain last night was pretty bad, I woke up at 4am and had to take more of the prescribed pain meds but that knocked me out until about 8am this morning. Overall, I got some decent rest. The white binder hurts the most to wear, thankfully now I only have to wear it at night. Today is the big reveal!!!

So I took everything off and it looks...not so dramatic. I realize there's a lot of sweeping going on and my belly definitely feels flatter so I guess I just have to be patient. My husband thinks the side profile is where you can tell the most difference. Pain this morning is not so bad at all. I still cannot bend over very much and standing feels better than sitting. Not sure if this garment is tight enough either, I've worn tighter ones all my life so the marena garment is actually more comfortable than I am used to. I'm keeping optimistic and hoping the swelling goes down and I have awesome results!! Here are some before and after pics. The yellow bra is before, purple is one day post op. I loved seeing before and after pics of other people so I will make sure to share!

Second day post op

No pictures today because I pretty much look the same. The pain has definitely decreased but it still hurts to get up from bed or sitting.

I went for my second lymphatic massage and boy, that was amazing. She starts out using this machine called Ultrasonic Fat System and it's connected to a knob that she rubs in circles around my belly and flanks. Then she starts with the actual massage which hurts in some areas but it feels like she is shaping my body and moving the fluid out since I'm still very swollen. I actually had to pee three times while I was there! After the massage, she put me in something of a pressure suit. It covers my legs up to my upper abdomen. It felt like one of those blood pressure tests that put pressure on your arm, but this was on my entire lower body. It was so relaxing I fell asleep. Then the procedure was over and they tried to sell me new compression garments. They look and feel like great quality. Amazing compression and soft inside. They said it would do a much better job of shaping my body. But for $120-$190, I'll pass. I actually bought a new one last night by leonisa and hopefully it works just as well. At the end of the massage, my body ached but felt so much better!! I felt so much less swollen and it was as if my damaged tissues were healing.

I've been sleeping a lot otherwise though. Just trying to heal before I go back to work on Monday. I gotta find a new massage place closer to where I live, and hopefully for a little cheaper.

Third day post op

Pain is much much better!! I almost feel 100%. Still swollen but not as tender. I massaged my belly lightly with some tiger balm and vitamin e oil. I definitely feel ready to go back to work tomorrow. It doesn't hurt when I sit anymore. I still don't want to move too quickly though.

It's my birthday and I'll cry if I want to

Cry if I want to cry if I want to you would cry too if it happened to youuuu!! Haha jk. Sort of. So today is five days post op, took a picture in the morning, still no difference so I'm not going to bother posting pics. Sleeping in the binder and cg was so uncomfortable last night I had to take that binder off, I felt like I couldn't breathe. But then if I loosened it, it's like, why bother having it on?? I hope it doesn't affect my results.

Last night after I took a shower I noticed one of my incisions under the bra area was oozing something gross so I cleaned it as best I could and put neosporin on it. This morning I woke up and it looked fine, like it was healing so that's good.

I had my post op follow up appointment with dr segev today as well. He said I was healing nicely. That my flanks look really good. He removed a lot of belly fat and that is why my belly is so swollen he says it will go down. He says I'm still very swollen, it's not fat in there, it's fluid and tissue that's inflamed. He said that at the six week follow up I should get close to what my final results will be. So yay. I have to wait at least another month for great results. I knew it would take time. I'm just such an impatient person. I also know he says he can't give me what Mother Nature didn't give me, eg even when I was smaller, I wasn't really an hourglass. Maybe I should have gone to the Dominican republic to get it done. Everyone says the docs there can make anyone's body look like Kim k. Oh well, maybe after I have kids I'll redo it haha.

My girlfriends are coming into town this Saturday and I'm having a nice night out on the town and I wanted so much for this swelling to go down more and for my stomach to be flat. Or flatter, it will probably never be as flat as I would like. I tried on a sexy bandage dress I bought awhile ago and it looks awful with my swollen pooch. Ughhhh. I have no idea what to wear Saturday to look good.

Also not exercising is getting to me because I have to watch every little thing I eat even more! I've been pretty good though. Except today. Today's my birthday so ill do what I want.

Sixth day post op and new girdle

Hey everyone, I think I'm seeing a little bit more progress today so I'll post a before and after pic. No more pain when I get up. A little tenderness is still there and some bruising but nothing I can't deal with.

So I reveieved my new girdle in the mail today from leonisa. I like it a lot. It seems to hold me in a lot better. And it doesn't hurt as much to put on because there are three hooks and a zipper instead of pulling the entire thing up and it squeezing the tender parts. The quality is very nice, firm compression. It's crotchless though so that takes a little while getting used to. You can go #1 easily but you have to take it off for #2. It was only $60 and a much better quality garment than what ALC gives you. However, ALC's marena garment is a more breathable fabric so it is better for nights and this one gives more support during the day. I was reading research on the impact of compression garments on lipo and apparently there isnt really a difference. Its all about support and swelling. A tighter compression gives more support and helps reduce swelling faster but in all patients in the end have the same results after 6 months. That's what I read anyway. Pics of the garment are up too!

10 days post op

I took some pictures yesterday to show my progress but didn't get a chance to post since I was too busy having birthday fun :)

My girlfriends came in from out of town to celebrate and I hired two masseuses to come over to my house so that we could have a girls spa day. The massages were amazing. Not lymphatic but very much needed. My back has been achey lately because I can only sleep and lie on my back at night and my sitting job does not help. I was actually able to lie on my stomach during the massage with a pillow underneath my stomach and it was totally fine. Then the girls and I had korean food and steamed crabs. So yum but also packed full of sodium and I could feel some bloating and swelling. We did a wrap around our stomachs before going out. I have a bottle of this product called Fat Girl Sixpack. It's supposed to reduce inches and it felt like it may have helped with some of the water retention. Then we went out for dinner and I had amazing lamb chops and asparagus. Just divine. I definitely ate more than I should have this weekend but will get back on track tomorrow.

I also weighed myself this morning, I've lost 8 pounds since my pre-op weight and I'm feeling pretty good about that. I've been eating a lot of tuna fish, almonds, pistachios, and controlling my portions. It actually makes me feel queasy when I eat more than I should. I also try to eat every three hours so that I never actually feel hungry. Oh and lots of water.

Smaller size

I forgot to add that my clothes are a lot looser than ever. I can actually fit into a medium sized dress from bebe! Before the large was getting a little tight. Shirts from express are really loose at a size large. I tried on the medium and it fit better but was still a tad bit tight.

Two weeks post op

So it has been two weeks since my smart lipo and I'm liking the photo results but not the scale. I gained back about 3 of those pounds I lost last week as my appetite is back in full force and swelling seems to have increased at night. I work hard everyday to focus on what I eat and my activity. I went to the gym yesterday for the first time in two weeks and walked for a hour on the treadmill. Then I used the sauna for thirty minutes. When I was done, I felt better physically but started to feel a tightness in my upper abdominals. It comes and goes. I massage my stomach and flanks every night with tiger balm and I think it helps with the swelling and tightness. I am also now starting to feel lumps and so I keep massaging those too. You can't see the lumps but you can definitely feel them.

I haven't had the chance or the budget to do another lymphatic massage yet. I will probably do one next week. The problem with lymphatic massages around where I live in Baltimore is that most of these are for people with lymphadema, not post surgical lymphatic massage. The post surgical lymphatic massage seems to benefit more because the massuese applies a good amount of pressure to also shape your body, not just drain it.

So there's not much else to update lately. I think my garments are getting looser which is a good and bad thing. Good because I'm getting smaller but bad because I have to buy a new one soon haha. All these additional costs add up and you don't really think about it when you get that quote from your doctor. I certainly don't regret it though. I think this has definitely been one of the best decision I've made, wish I had done it sooner. Looking forward to my one year anniversary with my wonderful hubby in the Bahamas. Maybe I'll be able to wear a two piece without being self conscious!! That would really be awesome. That's in May so I have some time to heal more and work on myself.

3.5 weeks postop

Hi everyone. So I haven't updated in awhile but things are going well. My recovery has been pretty pain free after the first week. I still have some lumps and bumps here and there that I massage every night. I was supposed to have my period this week but I didnt. I'm guessing that's a result of the surgery. Belly is still swelling at night but pretty nice in the morning.

I went for another massage yesterday, it was awesome. Not really a massage but it smoothed out a lot of my lumps and bumps. They started with the ultrasonic fat system again. Then instead of a massage like last time they used this machine called dermocell that was like a cupping machine, it has a suction cup attached and they put it all over my stomach, sides and back. It felt like a kneading, sucking vibration. Then after that they put a reddish mask over my belly and back and wrapped me up like a burrito for about 20 minutes. It felt like a sauna. Afterward I peed a lot and felt pretty drained and tired. The lumps were a lot smaller. I've attached pictures of everything.

Pictures 3.5 weeks postop

Pics didn't attach the first time.

6 week update!

I can't believe its been 6 weeks since my surgery, time flies by! My clothes are still pretty loose, I've lost 10 pounds so far and feel pretty good. There isn't any soreness at all but I still have little lumps underneath my skin but that's not a big deal either. As for my stomach, I still have rolls when I sit and it looks like I have some belly fat when I'm standing. Don't get me wrong, it's definitely an improvement over my pre op belly but it's not as flat as I'd like. I also don't have a defined waist, you can see that from the pics. My flanks are smaller but my waistline just isn't there. I think that's just my natural body shape, I don't have a waist and definitely not built like an hourglass. I might try waist training to see if that works. I have a few corsets here and there but they are such a pain to wear. I guess beauty is pain!! I've posted the pics I took this morning. From the last pics, I don't see a whole lot of improvement. Maybe I'm done and that's it, this is as good as it'll get. Who knows.
Dr. Gilad Segev

He's a nice guy, we shall see about the results. He told me I wasn't just a good candidate, but a great one b

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