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I've gone through all the mixed emotions and...

I've gone through all the mixed emotions and doubts of getting a makeover. I've considered the cost, the risk and the time of recovery. I went to a 3 different doctors before narrowing down. I narrowed down to Dr. Nakamura for a couple of reasons, he is close to me. He offers a discount for getting multiple procedures, he is able to do the full tummy tuck, lipo, and breast lift and implants all at once. Not to mention I know someone who has had work done from him before. Oh I saw came on here to real self and saw really good reviews about him. I had my first consult with him in December, I took time to think about it. I went back to see him this week, and paid my deposit and scheduled for July 11.

8 weeks to go

I have 8 weeks to go and I'm very excited. I am trying to gather any information that may be helpful. I am wondering how necessary is a recliner? Do I buy bra's before hand? How long will it be before I can carry my toddler? Do I need to wear a surgical girdle and for how long and from where?
I will post pics as we get closer to the time. Just a little about myself, I have 4 children all vertical C-sections. My oldest is 17 and my youngest 14 months.

7 weeks

I am counting the weeks which are going by too slow if you ask me. I have 7 more weeks. I have found myself working out lately since I read that I need to be in good shapes since I will not be able to work out for a bit afterwards and that I will need my leg muscles since I will not be able to use my ab's.

counting down 6 weeks

I have been anxiously counting the weeks. I have been trying to take care of things at work and home that I know I will not be able to do when I have the procedure. I am also trying to make the most of family time because I know that I will be out of commission for awhile and will not enjoy going out and doing things as easily. I have been trying to figure out if I need to buy new panties and bras before hand and what size. I might just find during pre op appt.

Counting down!

I'm almost there. I had my pre-op last week and paid my balance. I am pretty much ready. I'm still nervous more about the augmentation than anything else. I hope I didn't go to big (350cc's). I would like to be a full c, but I'm very petite 4'11 so I don't want to be exaggerated. Especially since I haven't told my children or immediate family that I'm getting implants. They all know about the tummy tuck but not the implants. My hubby and sister know and have been very supportive. But I'm a little embarrassed to tell my children as they don't even agree to me having a tummy tuck.

1 week to go!

Ok so I have 1 week to go, my surgery is next Wed on the 10th. I am starting to have mixed emotions from excitement to nervous and panic. I actually had a full blown panic attack a couple of days ago thinking of everything that could go wrong. Like not waking up after I go under and never seeing my kiddos again. Crazy I know but that's the way my mind works. I have talked to a few people who had made me feel better. All I can do is pray that everything is ok because there is no turning back now. I have paid all my surgery cost and there is not refund if I change my mind so I'm going through with it.
I still have a couple of things I need to do to prepare like buy more pillows and probably a new pj set that has a buttoned top. I'm really trying to take my kiddos out and spend the most time with them right now because I know I will be in recovery mode later.
I will post pics in a couple of days.

Omg, tummy tuck time is finally here!

Ok, so I have to up bright and early. My procedure is at 7:45 and I am to be at the clinic at 7:20. Am I ready? You would think so, but instead I'm so nervous and scared. I know I'm being paranoid, but I'm so scared of something going totally wrong. I love my kids so much and would hate for them to suffer because of my own vanity and selfishness. I've read that my fears are very normal so that relieves me a bit. Hopefully I will posting tomorrow with pics of before and after. I wonder if anybody else was as nervous as me. I spent the day cleaning my house, washing clothes, and playing with my kiddos. I'm actually tired so that's good meaning I won't be up all night thinking about tomorrow.

3 days post op

Ok so my nervousness was the worst that even the anestiologist and nurse asked if I really wanted to go through with it. Of course I said yes. I did take pics of before and some yesterday. I will post those in a bit. I am so excited with the results but I will that day 2 post op I was very regretful due to the pain. I have had 4 c sections and none could compare. I honestly think my boobs hurt more than anything. I'm having the most horrible time sleeping. I feel bad for hubby because I have hubby up every 2hours. I am standing a bit straighter every day. I was a little comcerned about swelling on my inner right thigh hopefully it's not a blood clot. Doc said he thinks its just normal since all my groin area is swollen and bruised. I don't know how some have said they are off pain pills in two days. I've been taking my pills. My boobs are so high and hurt I wonder when they will start to drop and feel softer.

1 week post op

I feel really good everything looks great. My tummy tuck was last Wednesday on the 10 and it took until that Saturday to actually feel that it was worth it. I was in so much pain, I totally regretted my decision of having the procedure done. My boobs hurt more than my tummy did, the do not bother now except they are high and hard. Had my post op appt. this past wed and doc said it would take 3 months for them to drop. The incisions from lipo were also very bothersome. I had or should say I still have severe bruising, I was actually very concerned as Saturday while showering I noticed my inner right thigh extremely swollen and red, I called the nurse who explained that as long as no shortness of breath of swelling and pain running down to calf I should be fine. I had not been using my compression stocking so I wore those and iced and massaged my thing swelling went down but became bruised all the way down to my inner knee. Doc also said that was not uncommon. I am actually 9 days now almost standing completely straight and I'm just a bit nervous about stretching totally straight. Only thing I am just so over is being home bound, those who know me know I was always out and about. I did get to go to target yesterday and sit in one the electric chairs just because I still tire easily and I am still a little slower. My daughter thought this was hilarious and took pics and sent them out, not cool. Lol I know I have not posted any pics I will soon I took a couple pre op and a few 3 days post op and I will take a few today and post this evening.

12 post op

I've decided to add the pictures I've been meaning to upload. All the pics I've taken as of now.

I have had 2 consults with him. So far so good. He is very courteous and optimistic, my first consult with him, I felt he was a bit rushed he came in explained and left the rest to the nurse. The 2nd consult he was a bit more relaxed and I got to ask more questions he made me feel very comfortable. Told me exactly what size of aug I should get especially since I expressed I am petite and did not want anything to big. I did have to be very specific and explain what I wanted my outcome to look like. The morning of procedure I was very nervous to the point of saying just forget it and he was so calm and his nurse Suzanne explained everything would be fine. My 1 week post op went well he came it looked at everything and said it was looking very good answered my questions and just told me final results would be in 3 months. I see him again next hopefully everything still looks good.

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