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So, I've been wanting some work done to my tummy...

So, I've been wanting some work done to my tummy and breasts waaayyy before I had kids. I have always had body issues. I have 3 great kids all under 10yrs. I had them all via c-section.

Before my c-sections, I had 2 umbilical hernia repairs and a subsequent scar revision (hence my desire to have work done on my tummy before kids). My navel and scars from the hernia surgery hit my self esteem pretty hard. Plus, I never had a flat tummy to begin with. After kids I was left with saggy skin and stretch marks on my tummy and thighs.
My breasts were a perky 36B before the kiddos. During pregnancy, my areola grew and almost covered my whole breast. My boobies ballooned to a huge 36E. After kids, they deflated back to a saggy 36B/34C. I say 34C cos of all the loose skin.

Here are my stats:
Height 5'6''
Weight 130-134 (fluctuates)
Bra 36B/34C
Waist 29
Tummy 32
Hips 37

I have always been slender and I am happy with my current healthy weight. Growing up , I was skeletal-looking and teased. After teenage years I was between 120-125, which looks anorexic on my frame. I have a muscular upper body and it takes a bit of weigh for me to look healthy. During my pregnancies, I gained 60lbs with the first, 50lbs with the second, and a healthier 40lbs with the 3rd. Fortunately I lost all the baby weight within 3months after delivery of all 3 (with exercise).

I desire a BLA and tummy tuck. I consulted with a...

I desire a BLA and tummy tuck. I consulted with a renowned PS in my area and he was very attentive, the consultation took 1.5 hrs but I decided not to go with him because he was not willing to perform all procedures at once. Fast forward ~6months later when I found a new PS. He will do all procedures at once and he has 21+ years experience. The nurse was gushing at how great I would look and excitedly told the rest of the staff. I started getting excited myself.
I desire to be a full C to small D and though 350cc implants would get me there. The nurse had me try on 350cc -450cc and explained that inserting under the muscle would make me look smaller. I finally picked 400cc….but I am starting to reconsider going to 450 after looking at pic here on realself. I want to look full but not fake. We did not discuss profile shapes, but after all the research, I think I should get high profile due to my small frame. I will discuss with the PS on Monday.

I had a pre-op apt a couple of weeks later and only say the nurse. She went over surgery instructions and took my before pics. She gushed again about how good I would look, said I had a tiny waist waist hidden by a poufy tummy.

So, a few things I forgot to mention. I paid the...

So, a few things I forgot to mention. I paid the full amount due during my re-op. My original surgery date was Jan 17 but I got a call from the PS office asking if I could move it closer to Jan 4 due to a conflict….YES!! I agreed, of course.
My instructions 2 weeks prior to surgery are: No smoking, drinking herbal or diet supplements for the next 2 weeks (I don’t do either anyway). No, no aspirin, fish oil, naproxen pills (blood thinners) and take regular multivitamins. A week prior to surgery: follow ‘2week prior’ instructions, shower with antibacterial wash/soap. I am also supposed to start stool softeners 3 days prior. The day before and the morning of surgery, I am supposed to wash with the antibacterial wash provided by the PS. I am not supposed to apply lotion either (hello ashy skin). Front zip-up sweats, no makeup, and a driver to take you home were recommended as well.
The PS has his own surgery center with no overnight stay, so I get to go home the same day. The PS does not do drains….happy but uneasy about this since everyone else does.
I started drinking prune juice 1 week prior just to get a head start.

I am not scared or nervous ‘cos I’ve wanted this for so long. Plus, I have been through 6 surgeries requiring anesthesia before with no issues. I go back to work after 10 days of recuperating and I am nervous that it’s not enough time.

My DH is very supportive. I told him I wanted the surgery after our 2nd kid. He was against it at first (he thinks my tummy is ok and he is not a titty man anyway). Now he is for it cos he knows I am not comfortable being naked. He wants me to be uninhibited and confident in my body yayy! I told my sis and she was like “NO” until she saw my breasts. Everyone thinks I look gorgeous….but that’s with clothes on! I feel like a 30yr old in a 97yr old body. When I told my mom, she forbade me…guess she’ll have to be in the dark cos I’m going on with it. I never entertained telling my dad or my other siblings…it would be TMI for them.

I can't believe I've got 3 days to go! Time is...

I can't believe I've got 3 days to go! Time is flying by. I can't wait for my boobs to have a new transformed life after breastfeeding 3 babies. I breastfeeding my youngest until she was almost 2yrs! I started taking MOM today for bowel movement and stocked up on some canned pineapples for post surgery swelling.

I read somewhere on here about seroma complications. I hope I don't get that considering my PS does not do drains. He uses a technique of tight and close stiches to prevent fluid build-up. He has been using the technique for 5yrs. Hopefully all goes well.

2 more days to go!!!! I called the PS office today...

2 more days to go!!!! I called the PS office today and requested 450cc HP.....I'm hoping to be a D after all is said and done. I inquired about lipo to inner thighs but the cost was almost $2500....guess I will try to lose that the old-fashioned way.
The MOM I have been taking for 2 days now gave me the runs (sorry for the TMI) and I also started my period today (unlucky me). I won't be taking any more MOM and I hope my period crawls to a stop (don't want to embarrass myself). I am truly grateful and addicted to this site.

So my surgery is at 8:15 am today. I am up at...

So my surgery is at 8:15 am today. I am up at 5:30am and cannot go back to sleep. Still have the runs frm the MOM and my period is still going strong.....ugh oh well. Per PS orders, I showered last night with hibiclen anti microbial soap provided by PS and washed my hair. I will do the same this morning. No lotions, makeup, powders etc. on skin either. I will be taking a Valium with a tiny sip of water 30 mins before surgery as well. Of course I had nothing to eat or drink before midnight. I will try to get a lil shut-eye now before I go to the PS office....so tired. See you on the flat and perky side.

I had my MM yesterday on Jan 4th. Went into the...

I had my MM yesterday on Jan 4th. Went into the office at 8:15and was calm as a cucumber (probably because I took my valium at 7:45 as instructed). The nurse took me to a room and explained some last minute instruction that were already covered during my pre-op. The PS then came in and marked me up.....very awkward for me. since there were 4 of us in the room.

I asked how low the TT incision would be and he said below my C-section scar. He did explain that the incision could ride up a bit higher than that :(. The PS also assured me there would not be a vertical incision. I double checked my chart to make sure they changed the size to 450cc implant, which they did :) I was then giving oral pain meds, IV fluids, and anesthesia.

Surgery took 5 hours and next thing remember was the nurse gushing about how beautiful I looked. I got 450cc smooth roun implants. As the nurse was letting me into the wheel chair, I let out a massive burp in her face :/ She simply smiles and said it was normal. I was in immediate pain, mostly on my boobs. I hurt so much that I did not feel the TT pain. I was discharged an hour after surgery. Once home I DH and sister helped me into the chaise lounge. I vomited twice due to the anesthesia and felt much better. I did sleep in my bed with 6 pillows --. 3 on my back, 2 on the side, and one under my knees.
Per PS orders I am taking hydroco/acetaminophen (blend of hydrocodone and tylenol), phenergan every 6hrs, and valium. The hydroco/acetaminophen are alternated every 3 hrs.

I am icing my boobs but it doesn't seem to help. I ate unsalted crackers and sips of sprite. That was all I could stand.

PO day 1: Less loopy and little nauseas.....yay....

PO day 1: Less loopy and little nauseas.....yay. The breasts are still killing me. It feels worse that breast engorgement during nursing. The breast pain feels more like pinching sensations on the to and sides. All I ate yesterday was a few crackers and some sprit. I was an excruciating task trying to cough out the phlegm in my throat.
Today I ate oatmeal, crackers, sprite, train mix, fruit, and a few bites of spaghetti. DH has been pampering and feeding me. I took a peek and my incision is low, my breasts look awesome, even though they are still high.

PO day 2: Ahhhh feel so much better. No pain in TT...

PO day 2: Ahhhh feel so much better. No pain in TT area although breasts are sore on the sided. I am a bit weak from the Meds and limited food intake although I gained 7 pounds since surgery (that is in 2 days!) I am trying to drink plenty of fluids. The PS had said that my breast incision would be lollipop but I see he did an anchor incision instead. Will post more pics as soon as I get around to it. Thanks for all the support.

PO day 3: I can reach up with my arms with no pain...

PO day 3: I can reach up with my arms with no pain. I took a peak at my BB and it looks like a triangular weird thing that is not deep at all. I should be getting the stiches out of my BB in a couple of days. All other stitches would dissolve on their own. My lower abdomen is numb and does not hurt at all. My upper abs are swollen and hurt a bit. From the get go, I have been taking my meds as prescribed (I want as minimal pain as possible). My appetite is slowly coming back and I had my first BM
I took a shower this morning and immediately regretted not having a shower chair. I had to lean on the ledge of the shower the whole time to take the pressure of pain off my back. I let the water hit my back and slowly slide down my front. I was so glad I didn’t have to raise my once-flabby breasts to clean under it…lol. I patted dry with a clean towel. My BB was clogged with dried blood, so I cleaned it out with alcohol and about 4 Q-tips. The shower exhausted me, so I crawled back into bed and worked from home a bit.

PO 4: Decided to put some clothes to wash. I found...

PO 4: Decided to put some clothes to wash. I found an old CG that I used during my last pregnancy and I wanted to wash some tank tops and snap-front bras. I did not want to do a full load of laundry 'cos I am still weak and hunched over. MAN! I must say I was entirely exhausted from looking for my garments to wash. I also skipped my 2am pain pill 'cos I wasn't in much pain and I was a little lazy to get some water to wash the pill down. An hour later, I was in such pain that I took some tylenol extra strength. I wanted to get off my prescriptions 'cos I was getting really loopy, sleepy, and dizzy on them. I also took a peak at the tummy and bobbies. They look great except for some swelling on the left side of my tummy. I found that changing the rotation of your compression garment helps keep the swelling down. I have been switching from left to right in the morning, and from right to left after showering.
I also taped a small disinfected marble into my belly button to make it deeper....I inserted the vertical side 'cos I prefer a vertical BB. Let's see how it works.

PO Day 5: I just remembered at 11pm the day before...

PO Day 5: I just remembered at 11pm the day before that I made a commitment to attend a work seminar on what is supposed to be my PO day5....CRAP. I immediately went to bed and decided to skip my overnight doses of meds....didn't want to be loopy, plus I would have to drive. I wore my bulkiest sweater over my CG and made sure my CG was extra tight 'cos I needed all the support I could get. I still cannot stand straight, so I slowly hunched my way over to the seminar and sat down. MAN! I felt cross-eyed and super-sleepy. I am not one to feel sleepy at meetings, work, etc. especially since the material being presented at this seminar is very important for my role. I sat there and drank 10 glasses of water in a 4 hour period just to flush my system of the meds and stay awake. Not to mention, I had to get up several times and huddle to the rest room.
Oddly enough, I survived on one dose of tylenol extra strength. No pain today, just on my back for being hunched over. I do feel a lot of pressure in my tummy from the internal vertical stitches of the muscle repair and the multiple internal stitches in my abdomen that the PS used in lieu of drains. None of my co-workers noticed anything different (they are normally very inquisitive and chatty). By the end of the day, I felt like my back was going to give out.
When I got home, I took my CG off and goodness gracious....sweeelll heeellll. I thought my tummy was going to explode without the CG support and my boobs were almost touching my chin! I dragged a stool into the shower and sat down, did the best I could to wash off, and slathered my tummy and boobies with coconut oil and hyaluronic acid. I needed the extra moisturization 'cos my skin was stretched to the limit, almost cracked.... and honey, I'm not trying to get any more stretch marks. I wrapped my CG and sports bra extra tight. I'm not getting outta bed tomorrow!

Oh, and I forgot to mention. I have officially...

Oh, and I forgot to mention. I have officially gained 10 pounds in 5 days WTF??

PO day 6: Uneventful. I did have to drive the kids...

PO day 6: Uneventful. I did have to drive the kids to school 'cos they missed the bus. Then crawled back into bed and chilled all day.

PO day 7: Had my first follow up appt to take out the tape and stitches from BB. I was almost late to the PS office cos I was inundated with emails and phone calls from work....yes, I worked from home on my vacay day :( :( sob sob.
The PS did a quick look over and was happy with the results. The PS said I would be "dangerous" on the beach and the nurse said I could make it into the 'before and after' book that they show potential patients. The nurse took the stitches and steri-strips off, and painted the incisions with liquid substance. The substance is like lacquer that helps with skin adhesion and blocks germs. It will stay on for 2 weeks until my next appt. I asked to read my file...306 grams were taken from my tummy and 86 grams from the breasts. PS said no breast massages, try to stand straight, take 20 min walks, do scar therapy at 3 weeks, and the breasts should fully drop by 6 weeks. The nurse said my BB should look better when the swelling goes down in about 6 weeks (we'll see about that).
I am excited at how everything looks now that the tape is off. Will try to take pics tomorrow. I still cannot walk or stand straight though. Besides the back pains and my CG and sports bra pinching my incisions, everything's great. Happy healing to all you dolls out there!

PO 10: Not much change in appearance compared to...

PO 10: Not much change in appearance compared to PO 8 pics. The numbness on my abdomen is slowly subsiding. I have feeling everywhere except around the navel and right above my TT incision in the center area. My CG has become less comfortable 'cos I'm not so numb anymore. I can stand up straight, but with much difficulty and for only a few minutes. The boobies have not dropped at all, but i feel them slowly getting softer.
My post-up instructions said to sleep propped up with pillows until PO day 7. I followed the instructions....big mistake. I hurt for a couple of days from the stiffness, pinching CG and painful internal stitches. I am now back to using my 2 pillows under my knees, 3 behind my back/head, and 1 on each side. I also took Ibuprofen once a day for 2 days to reduce pain and swelling.
My little one literally runs from my new body....she used to play with my old tummy and ask to breast feed (I breastfed her up until she was 17 months). She is now scared of the tight abs and alien-looking boobs..lol. I've gotten so accustomed to relaxing at home that I am dreading going back to work later this week. Oh we, life goes on.

I peeled off all the glue from my incisions.....

I peeled off all the glue from my incisions...sorry, I am OCD like that! My areolas look great (no scars). My vertical boob scars are almost faded to nothing 'cos i think my PS mostly used glue in that area instead of stitches. My TT in scar is straight and low but I will definitely need scar therapy there. I ordered "ScarAway" and "Invicible Scars - Dr. C's 17% Vitamin-C-Complex", which I will start using when I reach Week 4 PO. I must have spent a week researching scar therapy before deciding on those products. We will see if they work.
I officially went back to work a couple of days ago and it was not so bad. Actually I was less stiff because I was moving around more. By midday though, I could feel one of my internal stitches pinching, so I took some Ibuprofen and was right as rain. I am walking straight, although I can feel the tightness in my abs when I do. I naturally walk/stand with an arch to my back (kinda sticking my butt out) but I can't do that yet.
I measured my abs when I got home from work to see how much swelling I had. I was swollen 2 inches! The rest of the week was pretty much the same until yesterday when I almost slipped in my heels but caught myself. I felt 2 pops in my upper left ab like some stitches popped! It did not hurt, just felt like weird pressure. I went to the restroom at work and examined myself. Nothing looked odd from the outside but I felt like the spot was looser. A couple of "no drain" patch and quilt stitches probably came loose. I am not concerned 'cos those stitches are not functional for the TT. I went back to work and things were normal.
Last night, I slept on my side and without my 8 pillows. It was quite uncomfortable and I had boob pains when I woke up. I guess the sideways gravity of the boobies was just too much weight for my nerves and muscles. The pains wore out after a few hours of waking up. Happy healing Dolls!

PO 2weeks and 5 days I woke up this morning and...

PO 2weeks and 5 days
I woke up this morning and performed my customary weighing and tape measuring. My yoyo weight was 135.8lbs and my abs were almost 2 inches below my pre-op measurement. I was pretty happy because I was quite swollen the night before.
I went for my 2 week appt today (I know a little late..I had scheduling conflicts). It was pretty uneventful. PS was happy with how everything looked and asked me to start massaging my scars with vitamin E oil or Mederma. I will start scar therapy (gel strips) at 4 weeks PO just to be safe and prevent the incision from opening up.

I asked the PS about peeling skin and he said it was normal due to swelling going down.
My nipples have a burning sensation....I think because the feeling is coming back. My abs don't hurt anymore when I cough or laugh but sneezing is still painful. Also my abs don't feel like they belong to me (numb).

The PS said the swelling could take 3 months to completely subside. Also, my posture is getting better 'cos my abs have stretched. No more hunching over. I think I will post more pics at 4 weeks PO. Happy healing Dolls.

I hit 4 weeks PO yesterday. I just wanted to post...

I hit 4 weeks PO yesterday. I just wanted to post a few pics and say hello. Today, I officially stopped wearing my binder/spanx and sports bra 24/7. I'll wear them when the swelling gets outta control. My boobs have softened a lot and dropped a little. I'm pretty much back to normal except for some loss of flexibility but that should get better. Sitting for prolonged periods also causes some stiffness in the abs. The burning nipple sensation is getting better and the peeling skin has slowed.

I got the green light to start scar therapy at 3 weeks but waited until 3.5 weeks just to be sure my wounds were healed enough. There is one sore spot on my TT scar....I think a stitch is causing the inflammation. I massage my scars with oil every evening before taking shower. My PS said to Vit E oil or Merderma but I'm using coconut oil 'cos I don't have any. After my shower/bath, I apply my Scaraway silicone sheets. I pretty much wear the sheets around the clock and only take them off to shower.

I took my first PO soak in the tub at 3 weeks PO after a long day at work and lots of swelling. Boy, did it feel good....and it helped reduce my swelling and pain.
Hope all you dolls are healing great!

4 weeks and 6 days PO: After a few days of...

4 weeks and 6 days PO: After a few days of premature celebration, the TT swelling is in full force. The increased swelling is probably due to the limited use of my CG. My tummy looks super flat in clothes but I can see the localized swelling in certain spot when I look straight down my naked belly. I will have to start using my CG more frequently. Patience...patience...
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