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Had my tummy tuck in march 2015. super satisfied...

Had my tummy tuck in march 2015. super satisfied with results. now, 18 months later, I've noticed pockets of fat developing in love handle area that won't go away even with diet and exercise. a friend suggested I look into coolsculpting. had my consult on a Monday and scheduled my flank coolsculpt for the following Friday. the procedure itself took no prep. the process was simple save for the fact that the plan was to do both sides simultaneously and we ended up only being able to do one for reasons i'm still unclear on. (the machine detected thermal alarms twice and their policy was to not attempt a cycle more than twice. therefore, i'm returning a week later to finish up the other side.)

the actual process was easy. the tugging was uncomfortable at first. never really got the super cool sensation I read about. the worst part was the massaging afterwards. that made me cry out more than once. left there feeling great. the rest of my day was uneventful - no pain, no side effects. I even jogged 2 miles on my treadmill. the next day, I began to get a little achy. nothing too bad. sunday I worked outside all day and ended up having to take a couple of Tylenol before bed. Monday was worse. took Tylenol all day due to just an achy, cramping feeling in left side. managed a short workout that night, then iced it before bedtime. today, roughly 4 days later, i'm getting the tingling deep inside sensation. not painful, just weird. still taking Tylenol and icing it as we speak. the only thing I can compare it to is that once, as a child, I bruised a rib. it was a deep ache and sometimes hurt to take a deep breath. that is pretty much how I feel. don't like to sit too long because that causes it to pulsate a little. I find myself standing and stretching it out throughout the day.

*I would like to mention, the side that malfunctioned was my right side. the machine detected problems 20 minutes in the cycle had to be stopped. she thought the protective layer might have ripped. she replaced and started me over. again, it detected a problem and had to be shut off. this time she blamed it on my tattoo or the machine. she really couldn't give me an answer as to why it wasn't working. what was weird though was that my left, successful side - no bruising. the right, unfinished side, had a giant bruise almost immediately and it was sensitive to hot water afterwards. maybe it was a thermal issue afterall. I will return on Friday to retry that side.

my advice is to do one side at a time. it would be difficult to ice both sides at once and I feel like I'll get better results since they are focusing on one side at a time. pics to follow...

Love handles!

Right side finally done!

So after an initial visit where my right flank was freezer burned, and then a follow up visit where I was told skin was in no condition to cool sculpt, I finally got the right side done yesterday. Here's a photo as soon as I got home. A little swollen for sure and def feeling it the next morning. Very very tender. Left side is 3 weeks in...
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