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My experience was good. I got up at 5;00am for a...

My experience was good. I got up at 5;00am for a 715 surgery. Checked in, saw my doctor, got anesthesia. The next thing I know, I am in recovery getting morphine. Three hours of surgery. I went from a 38H to..I don't know yet. Day two wasn't bad, i trouble with nasea, and threw up for the next five hours after surgery on day one. I had No drain tubes!! I am wrapped up tight until monday, I get the bandages off. No driving for one week and no lifting for two weeks. Sleeping on your back every night sucks, but it wont last forever. I am glad it is over, so now the healing process can began.

I made it to day 10. No major problems, no pain,...

I made it to day 10. No major problems, no pain, no itching. My Dr. said everything is looking good. I have glue on my incisions instead of stitches. I have to start pealing the glue off at my convenience per the Dr. I don't have any outer stitches just inner.
I have started sleeping a little on both sides with pillows to assist me.
The only issue I have is sleeping on my back and sleeping Period. It takes a while to fall asleep which causes me to sleep late into the morning.
Wearing a sports bra makes me feel like I don't have a bra on at all! which is an awesome feeling. They took 800mg which is 5 pounds all together.

I just completed week 4! The weeks are going by...

I just completed week 4! The weeks are going by sooooo fast! There were so many people who say they were bored, etc at home, not here! I have not gone back to work just yet. I am thinking maybe on the 17th. I have plenty of time built up at work. My healing has been going well I suppose. I havent had any draining. It seemed on week 4 they got sore. Nips extra sensitive on one side, no sensitivity on the other. The first three weeks I didn't feel a thing. I have taken only one pain pill the entire time, and i didn't really need that.
The swelling has gone down some, and I think I need to get a smaller, lil more supportive bra. This Wal-Mart special is comfy, but not supportive, and it's a lil big. I did develope a little bubble on the left breast i noticed this week, but i know it will go down at some point. Not real comfy sleeping on the sides still, but i have been doing it off an on, Its the only way i can get some real sleep.
I have soreness not necessarily where the scars are, but where the cleavage area is and on the top of the breast above the cleavage area.
I suppose no one else has glue instead of outer stitches? I haven't read anyone's post that have mentioned it. I am suppose to peel the brown glue off the incisions daily until I get it all off. I have 45% of it off, but peeling around the nipple can be a challenge! Around the nips, the glue is in a swirl pattern, and it doesn't come off in big pieces. It doesn't really hurt because some parts of that area don't have feeling back in it yet, however, peeling glue the same as your skin tone is a lil different. It works best after a shower, and sometimes a lil lotion or vaseline helps. I haven't experienced any itching yet and I was instructed not to put anything on the scars.
I plan to start exercising(walking) next week. (I am enjoying doing nothing). I am not to do real exercise before 6 weeks.
****The worst thing about the whole post surgery is that now I can see my STOMACH***. I had a great shape prior to surgery with the big boobs, (waist looking small) and nice butt. Now, the stomach doesn't look so nice! I will be in the gym after week 6 getting it in. I want the old shape back without the big boobs, so I got crunches to do. I refuse to get lipo/tummy tuck, and I know hard work will take care of this in ( i hear it is way more painfull). So far, it was definitely worth the surgery. Hugging people is better, hugging the hubby is even better, you can feel more! Intimacy is a little different for him, not being able to start at the top and work your way down...however, starting in the middle is fine with me....wink!

I'm still doing well, a little itching, which is...

I'm still doing well, a little itching, which is part of healing. I have completed week 4. Breast are doing good, still sore, and often feel "hard". Can't wait until I can stop wearing the bra 24/7. I wear my Wal Mart specials at night and a more supportive bra during the day..I'm thinking of going back to work maybe next week.
Question: How many weeks did most of u stay out before you went back to work? I know everyone's job is different, but I'm just curious. Thanks.

I am now two months removed from surgerey. My...

I am now two months removed from surgerey. My breast are still a little tender, and hard. Hopefully in a week or so, i will be able to sleep on my stomach (crossing fingers).
I have started exercising more, because now that those big boobs are removed, i can see that pouting stomach I couldn't see before. I could use a tummy tuck now, but i plan to do work it off and not get anymore surgery. My bra size didn't change like I wanted it to, but I am glad that it is less than what I had. I am down to a 36DDD, some bras 38DD, and according to Nordstrom, a perfect fit under the arm for me is a 36G. It seemed my breast got alot shorter, but they are wide, which causes a small problem with some bras still. I know some of my friends had the sides of the breast lipo'd, but my surgeon did not recommend that. I am not 100% pleased with the size, but I thank god it's better than it was. I can now wear tanks without a bra if i want too!
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Everything went smooth. BCBS paid for my surgery.

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