11 Months Post Op. Round 2 set for March 12th 2015

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I’m a 30 year old African American female. I...

I’m a 30 year old African American female. I have 3 children and even after having them I was always thin framed, no butt but I had really pretty breast. Once I turned 26 I finely started to gain weight. I was looking good gaining the weight but it really wasn’t going to my butt like I wanted it to. Once I started gaining weight, it’s like it didn’t stop. I remember putting on clothes, washing them, hanging them up in the closet and by time I picked them out to wear again, they were already too small. It’s like I got fat overnight. Since then I have 20 some pounds. I call myself fat because I’m know how I use to be at 25 and this aint it. I’m about 26 pounds away from where I want to be now because looking at old pix of myself, I don’t want to go back to that size

A few years ago I wanted to make my butt bigger...

A few years ago I wanted to make my butt bigger and everyone was telling me to do squats. Squats were not getting me the results that I wanted so I started looking into surgery. At that time all I knew about was implants but that wasn’t what I wanted. When I thought of implants, I thought of a hard looking butt. I wanted a soft booty. A few years later (last year) I heard of something called the Brazilian Butt Lift (AKA the BBL). When I heard about it I jumped right on it. I started looking at doctors in my area (Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth.. Texas). But sadly I was not able to find anyone that I felt that could give me “the look” that I was looking for. I wanted curvy, vivacious..I wanted to look like a Video Vixen!!! After a while I stop looking until I was telling someone about what I wanted, their sister heard about a doc by the name of Andrew Jimerson AKA DrJcurves at Advanced Plastic Surgery Solutions. They wanted him to do their BBL. It just so happen that I seen Love and Hip Hop ATL where he was on it. I looked at his work on his websites and was impressed. What really got me was all the real life reviews on RealSelf.com . I am so hooked and so ready to have this done. I have already made an account on his website, watched his clips, called the office to ask 100 questions, sent 2 emails to the office, told everyone I know that may want some work done, and started saving.

July is So Far Away,,,,,ugggh

Ugggggh! Now because of school and work it doesn’t look like I’d be able to get it done until July of next year but I’m already planning and saving for that day. I cant stop thinking about the surgery. Im so ready. If I had 10,000 now I would be in ATL right now. ................Stay tuned for more from me, AlmostSexxy.

Think Imma Need More Money or a travel buddy ( Anyone flying in from Texas to Atlanta for surgery?)

So I been thinking and reading others reviews. This one lady posted that she spent so much money on other stuff not including the surgery. Flight ticket, hotel for 10 days (because they want you to stay for 10 days) , eating out for 10 days, taxi rides, plus meds, and things she had to buy from lipoexpress.com. One lady did say that the hotel she stayed at had free shuttles because the surgery center was with in 4 miles from the hotel. That was good because she didnt have to have a taxi. Another lady also said something about if your flying in by yourself there is a 48 hour care that you can buy for 350.00. I think that I will have someone to come down with me, but im not sure if they can get off work for the whole 10 days they are asking me to stay. Its just so much to think about and so much money. I wish he was right here in Texas...ugggh.

Change Of Heart? Dr. Andrew Jimerson or Dr. Wilberto Cortés?? Help!!!

So I been thinking. I was all team Dr. Andrew Jimerson for a while but them i started to think that going from Tx to Ga for the surgery is a bit much. I dont want to stay in a hotel for 10 days, eating fast food, and being a way from my kids for so long. With Dr. Wilberto Cortés I wont have to. Also after thinking about the cost of the BBL plus all the extra stuff ( flight, food, hotel) im starting to look more into Dr. Wilberto Cortés. I have been looking on RS and im loving his work but I also love Dr. Andrew Jimerson work too. I have seen pics ( before and after) for both Dr. Andrew Jimerson and Dr. Wilberto Cortés. With Dr. Wilberto Cortés I even watched his clips on youtube. He is good. They both are. I will say say this tho, Dr. Wilberto Cortés was not my 1st choice. He was my 2nd. Dr. Andrew Jimerson was my first choice but Dr. Andrew Jimerson is in ATL and im in Texas just like Dr. Wilberto Cortés. Dr. Wilberto Cortés is only a 3 1/2 hour drive as Dr J is more like a 12 hour drive and that means Id be flying. Thats more money. Dr. Andrew Jimerson cost more and there are a lot of things thats not covered in the price with Dr. Andrew Jimerson like garments and meds. With the price from Dr. Wilberto Cortés they are.... For me, the fact that Dr. Wilberto Cortés is so much closer to my home, cost less and sill has great work makes a little more easy to choose Dr. Wilberto Cortés but Im not all the way sold. I love Dr. Andrew Jimerson work but looking online Dr. Wilberto Cortés is looking super great too.... Help yall. What you think?

Wish Pix

Just e mailed my pix

Just e mailed my pix to Dr. Wilberto Cortés office. I called the other day and the lady that picked up the phone told me to send in a front, back,and side pix of myself. She also told me to send in my "wish pic". I did!!! OMG, I know thats just a small step but i fell that even tho its a small step, its STILL a step closer to getting me a big ol booty!...lol.. I guess thats the first step...................... Im know the office is more than likely closed by now so im hoping that they get my e mail in the morning and give me a call. Im so ready to get started.!!!

Info from emailing Dr. Cortés office (not full e mail, just highlights)

Dr. Cortés is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon…… Dr. Cortés will do liposuction in your abdomen, flanks, back, axilla, and any place where there is excessive fat, which is then processed and re-injected in the buttock area. This will give you a convenient lift and will increase the volume of your gluteous…………. re-shaping the buttocks. ……….. Dr. Cortés is one of the few plastic surgeons in the USA who knows how to do this procedure. He is a leader in the restoration and enhancement of the buttock area. He received world-class training in Miami under a buttock sculpting expert………. The procedure typically starts around $9,200.00. Remember you will be having seven procedures for the price of one since it is a total body transformation………….When you come for your consultation, you will get an exact quote for your procedure, which will include facility fees, anesthesia fees, Dr. Cortes’ fees, overnight stay, and the girdle that you will wear after surgery among other things………… Two financial options with low monthly payment plans we recommend are www.CareCredit.com and www.SurgeryLoans.com.

*********** Out Of Town Info**********
Consultation over the Phone/Email I would be more than happy to give you all the information you would need as far as Dates, Procedures, Time……….. Required to stay here in town is usually is 5 days to a week…………….. For the consult you would have to send us Photos front, side and back vie, contact Information Height and weight and a wish………….. once we received the Photos i would go ahead and contact you with a quote and all the information you need for this Procedure……. Also was told they would give me the list of the Hotels that we have near our main office, this way if I stay at these locations Dr. Cortes and his Nurse would go see you at the Hotel.

Still Waiting

I know I sent Dr. Cortés office my pix just yesterday but i was so hoping that they would have called me today or at least sent me an email. I told my co worker about it and she said " Girl, you aint the only person he dealing with, give him time".....LMAO. Im like " I know but no one else wants it as bad as me tho"...LMAO............... Anyways Im still waiting on a e mail or call from Dr. Cortés office to tell me the next step... ..

Question about the &&&&&

So did you all finance your BBL or did you save up the money?............... Im kinda going back and fourth on if I want to take the time to save and have the surgery later or finance and have the surgery now.,,,,, Help Yall

So Here Is My Price

So I got "The Call". That’s right Dr. Cortés office called me and I talked to a lady by the name of Lucy. She gave me the run down and price..... Ok so hear it goes. She said that Dr. Cortés said that I am the “perfect candidate” for the BBL. She said that I will be getting the fat sucked out of my abdomen, flanks, arms, back and thighs. Then it will be placed in my butt. ( I forgot to ask about my hips. CRAP!) Ok so hear is the price. So for the surgery its self it’s only 5,512.00. Then you got to add on all the extra stuff. So hear it is:

Surgery 5,512.00
Hospital fees 1,600.00
Overnight stay 550.00
Two garments 108.00
So the grand total (with the insurance they make you get that covers you if anything happens and the ambulance ride and all that stuff) is……………………… 9,503.00

Auto Correct

Hear should be Here ... Sorry Yall..lol

Inter Thighs or Cin

Ok so when Dr. Cortés office called me she said something about lipo on my inner thigh. I didn’t want really skinny legs. I don’t want my butt to look like it came out of nowhere. I didn’t want it to have skinny legs and then BAM out of nowhere a big but. I want it to blend right in and look right. That’s why I wanted to leave my thighs the way they are so that it blends well. Lucy (the lady that called from Dr. Cortés office) said it would be just the inter thigh. I guess that will give me "that gap" in my legs. Lucy also said that if I didn’t want my inter thighs done I could switch it up and get my chin done. My chin was something that I wanted to go back and get done later anyways so that works out really well. Now my only issue is do I get the inter thighs done since they recommended it (and they are the professionals and know best) or do I get my chin done since that’s what I wanted done later anyway. (She said that if I dontget the chin or the inter thighs done it would be the same price so I minds well get one since Im paying for it.) I’m thinking that since they are the professionals I guess they know best. Am I thinking right?...uggh. Help!...lol

Correction On The Price

So something wasn't adding up so I emailed Dr. Cortés office to get a price quote on paper. I knew I was off on something. Lucy e mailed me a price list and here it is:

Surgery ............ 5,512.00

Cosmet Assure .... 175.00

Garments .............108.00

Arnika Forte ...........20.00

Anesthesia Fee ..1,538.00

Facility Fees .......1,600.00

Over Night Stay .....550.00

...................................................................... Total 9,503.00

Bad News

Well I got my 1st bad news. I dont have the full 9,503.00 for the surgery. So I applied to finance. Well guess what? They denied me for full financing of 9,503.00. Uggggh!

They did say there is this program called "No Patient Left Behind Program". I guess its for people that have "bumps" on their credit....lmao ( stupid student loans...ugggh!)... I applied and I will see what they are talking about......

Bad News X2 ...... "No Patient Left Behind Program"

Yep, when it rains, it pours. So the whole "No Patient Left Behind Program" is good for some people and would be for me if I wanted to do it but it just don't seem like something I wanna do. For the ones that do want to, this is how it works............. Ok, so here is the run down. They ONLY finance 1/2 the cost of the surgery ( up to 10,000.00 ) and will ONLY start financing once you come up with your 1/2. So lets just say my surgery is 10,000.00. They will finance 5,000.00 once I save up my 5,000.00 ( also note they only give you 48 months to save and if you don't have your 1/2 in 48 months, they close your account)... There is a 200.00 deposit to hold your 1/2 that you want financed ( the good thing is that 200.00 goes to your balance)... To me that wasn't the issue. I had my 1/2 as long as they financed the other 1/2. I also had my 200.00 ( to go to my 5,000.00 they financed) BUT the issue was that they charge a 9.99% fee for financing you. So if my surgery is 10,000.00. I pay them 5,000.00 including my 200.00 deposit and they finance the other 5,000.00 then on top of that they want a 9.99% ( just minds as well say 10% fee) fee so on a 10,000.00 surgery that would be 1,000.00 fee to finance you. After reading I told myseft that I am not going to go with the "No Patient Left Behind Program" because I did not want to pay them 1,000.00 to finance me plus what ever interest rate they charge me for them to ONLY finance 1/2 my surgery anyway....... So for me, this was my 2nd bad news of the day. Ima just have to keep working hard and save even harder.

OMG!!!!! Bad News X3.

This day just keeps getting better and better I tell you (not) ...Ok so I talked to the baby sitter and she told me that her dads car broke down so he took over her moms and right now they just have that one which he always has at work. Then she tells me that her grandma fell in March and she broke her back and she had surgery but she wasnt able to get enough therepy to be able to walk again so now shes bound and her mom is stuck at home with her most the time because she cant be left alone at all. Then she goes in to tell me that she was kinda thinking it might be kinda hard to watch my kids for me so if I had other arrangements that would be better but if I dont have anyone else she will figure something….Ugggh! So that a no on the babysitter. I do feel bad for her issue tho. I also feel like every door that can be shut is being shut when it comes to this surgery. .. :-(


So after the BBL how do you know what size jeans you ear? Do you go to the store and try a bunch on until one fits? Do you just end up wearing tights, dresses, and skirts all the time? Are the jeans more money since they are so much bigger? Do you have to buy jeans that are for "curvy" women?

Maybe the doc tells you what size you will be before you leave. I just dont see myself ( in pain ) and then having to try on a bunch of slacks and jeans in the store until one fits. I wonder where all the big booty girls by they jeans from....lol

My Email To Dr C office

I'm ready to make my appointment but I have a few questions first.......

1) Are the BBL procedures only preformed on the weekdays or are they done on the weekends too?

2) How long will I have to say in town if I come in for the surgery? ( I live in Arlington Texas and I wanted to have the surgery, ride home the next day and ride back if I needed to for the check up or draining tube removal. Is that ok?

3) Can you send me a list of hotels that are close by?

4) When we talked you said that the fat would be put into my butt. Is it more money to have some put in to my hips too? If so how much more?

5) You said Dr C said lipo on my inter thighs...... I don't think I want my thighs done. Is that ok?

6) Based off of what you see in your calender do you have any openings for March 7th thru March 16th ( 2014 ) ?

Booking Appointment Tomorrow

The other day I e mailed Lucy the e mail you see above. I had not got a response yet so being the person I am, I sent it again...lmao She called me today instead of e mailing me ( I liked that ) and she answered all my questions (((( BBL are done Tues, Thurs, and Fri....I have to stay one night after surgery but I can go home after as long as I stop and pull over every 45 min to walk since I live 4 hours away..... I needed to come back in a week for a check up....She will send me an a list of hotels close by after I make my appointment....I don't have to do the lipo on my thighs but if I didn't its the same price...And they had a few days open in March the week I'm looking for))))) After she answered all my questions she told me she had March 11th open and I would need to come in March 10th for my pre opp appointment. I told Lucy that I would think about it and call back but by time I called back she was already gone for the day. The lady at the front desk said she would leave a note for her to call me back first hing in the morning. I also sent 2 e mails too so I hope she calls me back in the morning so that I can make this appointment. Pray for me yall because I really need that date!!!

BBL Prep List Needed

OMG!! What do I need to bring for my surgery? I'm going about 4 hours away from my home to have the BBL. What should I bring?

Appointment For March 11th

Soooo I called and talked to Lucy and made my appointment!!!! It's official, March 11th imma have a flat tummy and fat booty! Whoop Whoop


Should I start taking multi vitamin, iron pills, or protein drinkin? Do I start now? Like 30 days before? Or it's not needed? I don't want to end up going to my pre op then they tell me my iron is low or something....

Beach Chair Used As Surgery Recovery Chair

Found this on here and was thinking that it may be a good idea to use for the BBL surgery. What you think?

Surgery Date Confirmation

Today I checked my e mail and seen an email from Dr Cortes office. I jumped for joy because this was the e mail I had been waiting for all week. Early this week I talked to Lucy and put my $500.00 down to set my appointment for March 11th 2014. Once I paid the $500.00 she said that she would email to my "Surgery Date Confirmation" by the end of the week. Well today was the day. I am set for my pre-op at the hospital for Feb 17th 2014 at 11:00am and then I meet with Dr Cortes at his office ( I dont know what one yet because he has 2 offices, but ill find out) at 3:00pm. My surgery date is also set. Its on March 11th 2014. I have to be at the hospital by 5:00am ( OMG thats early because I'm about 4 hours away ). The e mail told me what I will do at my pre op ( like sign papers, pay off outstanding balance, ask question ). The e mail also told me do's and do not's for 2 weeks before, more do's and do not's for 1 week before, and even more do's and do not's for the night before and day of. Its so many rules. I hope I dont do anything wrong. I got info on things to do and not to do after surgery, hotels close by, taxi info, and even things to pack. I must say, they give you so much info, you may not have questions when you get there....lol ..........................I am so happy that I have the e mail. I feel like each little step ( even tho its little ) is still a step closer.

More Wish Pix


What hotel did yall stay in when Dr Cortes did your BBL?


So what's the must cc's that can go in your booty? ...... Is it 1400 cc's?

Help! Whats the 411 on garments massage?

Ok. So I keep reading about garments. There are these different kinds and sizes and everything. Im so lost. How do you know when to buy garments? How do you know what size to get? How do you know where to buy them? Do they already come with the but cut out or do you have to cut it? Why are some long sleves and some short? Why are some pants and some shorts? Like when I tell you im lost, im so lost. What in the world am I pose to do? Do U order it now so Ill have it for after my surgery ordo I wait till I have my surgery? How long to you wear it, a week, a month, three months? Im so lost yall. PLEASE HELP ME OUT MY BBL SISTERS!!!! ....................................... Also what are these massages that you all are talking about? Do I find my own massage person? Is that another cost or is the included in the BBL surgery cost? If so whats the price? How may massages do you need? How often do you get them? When do you get your first one?...OMG Yall... Hep Me :(

165 Days

I have 165 days till my BBL surgery and it seems so freakin far away. Everyone says " It will be here sooner than you think" but what I "think" is they are just telling me that to make me feel better. Ugggh! They know good and dog-on well 165 days is far away.............lmao

Butt Out Garments/Waist Cincher

What brand or butt out garment did you use? Also what brand of waist cincher did you use for your tummy?

Wish Pix

I show do hope I come out looking like her..... Dr Cortes, Can you make it happen?,,,,lol



FYI: But Whos Counting?!?...lol

Time until Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 7:00: AM........Its 7 Hours, 38 Min, and 25 sec **** Its 160 days until Tuesday March 11, 2014**** Its 5 months and 9 days from today **************************but whos counting?.........lmao bahahaha lol rotf

What yall think?

Its called an "Adjustable Tummy Flattening Butt Lifting Bra" and I seen this on youtube so I started to google. Seen it on www.lingerieoffprice.com. It has a tummy flattener, a but lifter, and has adjustable straps so that as your cup of your butt gets deeper, you can tighten the straps. I want a nice cup under my cheeks so I think imma get it. Plus the tummy flattener will be a plus. ...lol .. It might be more easy to wear this 24/7 than the garment. I think between the butt out garment, the waist cincher, and this ill be ok........i dont know yall, what you think???


Thinking about changing my BBL up a little. I am so scared that I will not get the projection that I want. So Im thinking about doing the BBL AND adding some implants too. I really dont want to because if they are anything like breast implants, you'll have to change them out in 10 years for new ones or take them out. I just want projection and Im soooo scared I wont get what I want............. What do you all think about implants.??

Thinking about changing Doc's

Thinking about changing my Doc. I dont know if Im picking Dr Cortes for the right reasons and for whats important. Im realy lost at this point. I have been looking at some of the pics online and altho the girls look GREAT, they dont look like how I want to look. I fee like the projection is lacking with some of the surgeries with Dr Cortes. I am loving the front view,and back view too. Its that side view that scares me. I want to turn to the side and it be like POW! I love the aggressive lipo, the hips ( at time when they are not so wide), the small tummy, the cuff in the back, and the front. But OMG what about the side view? I love the FMLA help, the low price, the fact that he will lipo so much for the same price, the fact that he is only 4 hours from my house and the fact that I got the date I wanted. Even tho its so many things I love about him that making me say " Yes, Dr Cortes" there is still one thing that is making me say "No Dr Cortes". With everything that is good, is projection enough to change my mind? I mean the good is more heavy ten the bad but the the bad is a big bad. I really just dont know what to do at this point. Another thing is Dr Cortes has not called or even e mailed me. Is that how it should be? I have only talked to Lucy. I just dont feel right paying this money to a Dr that hasnt even told me " Yes, I can make that happen for you". I keep looking at pix and Dr Salma and Dr J are giving the projection that Im looking for. Ugggh, whats a girl to do?................................ I wanna look sexy from the front, back AND THE SIDE

Mini TT

Really feeling Rena B mini TT. Imma ask Dr Cortes to lipo all my tummy fat even if imma need a TT later. I'll just get a mini TT like Rena B.. Hers is really nice

Dictionary Booty VS. Redonkulous Booty (Wish Injection Places)

This is where I want the fat injected so that I DONT have a dictionary booty. A dictionary booty is a booty that is flat and wide like a dictionary...... I WANT a redonkulous booty. A redonkulous booty is a ridiculous donkey booty. ....

Me Now ( No butt, No hips, Big gut)

This is me now. I was gonna wait till closer to the time I had my surgery so that you get a really good before and after idea but what the hey. Everyone else is putting theirs up with no shame so I will too...... Here goes nothing................. Enjoy!


Happy 30th birthday to me! This time next year I'll have a flat tummy and a fat booty! .......PS: Got a text message from Dr Cortes office saying have a wonderful birthday. Wow, that was a shocker. It really means a lot because they didn't have to do it. Plus they used my name in the next. 1 more point for Dr Cortes! Anywho,, yall have a blessed day!!!!

31st birthday, not 30th

My bad. Gotta get use to this new number... Happy 31st birthday to me. Not 30th.


This was me this Friday ( 10/18/13) stepping out for my 31st birthday. I dont have the projection that I want and that is the reason Im having the BBL surgery. My next birthday ( 32nd birthday ) I'll be on point but as of now, this will have to do....lol


Ok, so my understanding is that fat grows over muscle and if you just do crunches, you will never see the "six pack" until the fat is gone that is covering it. So my question is "If I go crunches and then get lipo, will I come out with a six pack? .... Also if I do crunches, will it make it too hard to get all the fat out with the lipo?

Nov 15, 2013 (4 months before surgery)


So last week I turned in my last assignment for school. I officially have my associate degree! I know it's not a PHD, or a masters degree or even a bachelor's degree but it's a start. It's a start to something great and I'm so proud of myself. Can't wait to start my bachelors program in a few weeks but first Imma enjoy this little break...lol.

100 Days Left!!

I have exactly 100 days until my BBL surgery. I have not done anything yet to get ready for my surgery. I really don't know what I should be doing. It seems so far away but I know it will come soon before I know it. Should I start buying stuff, should I start dropping these 10 LBS that I need to drop, should I start exercising, should I start taking some multivitamins, or should I just chill out until I get closer to the time of my surgery? I feel like im in limbo right now and really dont know what to do.

So Sad! Think Imma have to cancel my surgery

Im so sad yall. I think Imma have to cancel my surgery for March 11th. So here is my situation right now................. About three months ago I booked my surgery date for March 11th and paid my 500.00 to lock in my date. Later I started gettin bills in the mail so I called the office and asked about the bills. I was told that the office has to send bills out. I said ok and thought nothing else about it. Yesterday I called to change my pre op appointment from Feb 17th to Feb 24th. While I was on the phone Janiris I was advised that my 30% was 2 months past due and that I needed to pay 1774.00 by Dec 17th. I explained to her that I thought it was a mix up because no one ever called me. Now I have to come up with 1774.00 by Dec 17th, days before Christmas. I dont have it. Ill have my full payment before my surgery ( March 11th ) and even before my pre op ( Feb 24th ) but the 1774.00 by Dec 17th is out of the question. I asked Lucy could I change my surgery date to give me more time to pay the money. She said not with out my 1774.00. I need 1774.00 to keep my date and I need 1774.00 to change my date. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Lucy did say I can talk to a manager to see what can be done. She put me to the line of the manager but I got a voicemail. I did leave a voicemail explaining my story. I hope the manager calls me back tomorrow. I have some money to put down, thats not the issue. I just dont have 1774.00. So unless 1774.00 falls out the sky, they can extend my payment due date, let me change the surgery date with out having the 1774.00 first, or just let me pay my full balance by my pre op, it dont look like Im having my surgery. If I have to cancel my surgery I hope I get my 500.00 that I put down back since they wont let me change the surgery date. If not, when I call back to rebook I hope I dont have to pay the 500.00 again. Most of all I hope March 11th is still open. ................ Im so sad and my feelings are sooooo hurt. I just pray that something great happens. Yall pray For Me!


So I called Dr. Cortes office today three times. The first two I got voicemails. The third someone picked up. I asked to talk to the manager I left a voicemail with last week. The lady that answered the phone (didn't get her name) said the manager will be out until next week. OMG, Lord help me. I'm so upset over this. Ugggh!

So stressed

I'm so stressed out. I had no idea that this surgery would be so stressful. I am trying to pull money out my 401K to pay the 30% they are needing so bad but I dont think its gonna work. My job is needing paper work that I dont have. I called the doc office today to see if they can fax me what I need. I called three time and no one picked up. All I got was a voicemail all three time. Tomorrow is the day that they need the 30% and I still dont have it. Ill try calling again tomorrow to see if they can hold out on the 30% for another month or so. Pray for me.

Another Call

Ok, so today I faxed over the other paper to pull from my 401K. I hope they get it, approve me, and deposit the money into my account. I also made another call to DrC office. A lady that picked up. I asked her, "Who do I need to talk to about getting an extension on my payment?" She said I would need to talk to the manager. She said that I could leave her a voicemail because she is not in. I told her that I told my story to Mariel who put me on the phone with Lucy. Then I told her I told my story to Lucy who put me to the voicemail of the manager. I also told her that I heard the manager just had a baby if that is true, she is going to be out for a while so is another voicemail needed. The lady ( i wish i remembered her name ) put me on hold for a while and then the line dropped. I called back at I think they same time she was calling me back...lol She told me that she called the manager and she will be back on monday. She said that she would be the one who could either have me cancel my appointment and call back in when I have my 30% or make out some kind of payment options... Im hoping for payment options..

Other Options ( feeling hopeful )

No word back from Dr Cortes office even tho I was told a whole bunch of times that someone would call me back...... On Dec 19th I sent an e mail to Dr Duran with my front pix, side pix, and back pixs a long with a wish pic. As of today I have got nothing back. So today at 8:15 I sent an email to Dr Yilly with the same info I sent Dr Duran on the 19th of this month. Twelve min later I got an e mail back stating for Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist, Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) and Tummy Tuck it will be 4, 400.00! Im so happy they e mailed back so fast and Im really happy about the price. I will match that with the price from Dr Duran ( if she ever e mails back ) and see who is cheaper. ..lol.. Also im about to e mail Dr Yilly back and tell her I do not want a tummy tuck. Not sure if that will bring my price down or not but I didnt want a tummy tuck. To scared of that big scare. If I need it, ill just go back and get it when I get my breast life or something....

Dr Yilly

Dr Yilly just e mailed me back again. I told her I didnt want the tummy tuck so now my price is 3,500.00. Thats even better. Im really happy about that.Thank you Jesus!


Did my passport application today. Just gotta drop it off after taking a passport photo. Getting kinda excited!

Missed Call

Just had a missed call from the office manager at Dr Cortes office. For the ones that have been keeping up with my story can remember how long and hard I been trying to get a hold of her. Its been since Dec 5th I have been trying to get a hold of someone, anyone, that could help me. Well today, Dec I get a call back and guess what? I missed it. Damn it! I must have been in the kitchen cooking when she called. She left me a voicemail telling me that they are closed but she was making all her calls before she leaves. She said she got my voicemail and to call her back on Thursday and she will also try calling me Thursday.

Since the last log in

Well a lot has happen since I last logged in. Its 2014 now and thank God we all made it to see it to see another year!!! I have since then booked with Dr Yily for March 11th. I have also found a super great travel buddy. We have became very close and talk every day and she is also booked with Dr Yily for March 11th. Today we booked our recovery house (Upscale recovery House). Im so excited about going!!!!

Anyone else love ones acting funny about the surgery?

It seems like EVERY TIME i talk about the surgery, my mom and my BF shut it down like ASAP! One time my mom called me and I was really upset and she could hear it in my voice. She asked me what was wrong. I said nothing. She asked again. I said "its about my surgery, see the issue is...." then right in the mid of my statement, she say " O, its about your surgery? Oooo, well hey, do you go past that hair store on your way home, the new one?"............ I was so mad. She knew i was upset and begged me to tell her, then when she find out its about surgery she cut me off mid statement...ugggh. After that I said I would NEVER tell her anything else about my surgery AGAIN. I was almost in tears after that. I cant understand why someone knows how important something is to you but its nothing to them. ... My BF is the same way I'm thinking my bf might be having a little insecure issues. He would never say it but that has to be what it is. He says that we are supposed to be getting married next year and buying a house so it's not "smart " spending all this money on surgery. My thing is it's my money, I'll do what I want with it. Plus if we save for a house and wedding it's going to be both our money. Not just mine. Then he gives me the whole surgery is scary and he don't want me to die. But when we was talking about having surgery to untie my tubes for another child, he wasn't scared about death then. So between both of them im getting like zero to none in the support area. When I leave to have my surgery, Im not telling them. If they cant support me, they dont need to know about it. They dont want me to talk about it, then fine, I wont...lol Not a word. I dont see how people get mad when you spend your money but dont get mad when you go to work to spend it. If you not fussing about me going to work every morning, then DONT fuss about me spending the money I mad....


Iv been doing really good on my diet. Low carbs, no soda, oatmeal, yogurt, fruits, small portions and lots and lots and lots of green veggies. I don't work out a lot but I do when I can. Little things help like taking the stairs and not the elevator, walking when I can and working out in my room or dancing . Its really helping. I started Jan 1 at 182 and as of today I'm at 175. I'm so proud of myself!

Making Moves

So im making moves. I have not done a lot but Im making moves. I have already made my doc appointment to check my blood to make sure im ok for surgery. Im still waiting on my blood test results but i hope they are good. I have been taking one multivitamins, one folic acid pill, one iron pill, one B12 pill, and one Vitamin C pill a day. Im so sick of poppin pills but if thats what I have to do then so be it. I have got my babysitter issue together, changed my kids daycare to the new daycare i was looking at, booked my recovery house, got my W-2, and filled my taxes. Once I get my taxes, the only thing Id have to do is book my flight and buy my stuff. I took my passport photo today. Tomorrow ill take it to the post office to get my passport. Im cutting it really close so imma have to pay the extra 60.00 to rush. I just pray I get it back in time. Imnot booking my flight until it comes back. I got wanna have a flight and then no passport. The rest of the stuff I have to do is small such as hetting my hair, nails an toes done. Soon Ill request my FMLA paperwork so that Dr Yily can fill it out. I wanna make sure my J-O-B is ok when I get back...lol .. Im kinda happy about buying stuff but I dont think imma get 1000,000,000.00 worth of stuff like every one else. Im just getting what is needed. And thats it. I see a lot of people buuying up the store. 1, i dont think we need all that stuff and 2, I want to fly with a small bag.i dont wanna be holding a big bag. I dont even wanna check anything in. I want all my stuff to be carry on.

Passport Done

Yesterday I took my passport photo at Walgreens for 11.99 because the post office photos are 15.99. Today I took my application I filled out and printed off line and my photo to the post office. In less than 27 min I had left work, went to the post office, turned in my application I printed off the post office website, handed them my photo from Walgreens, raised my right hand saying I'm really me, and made it back to work with 3 min to spare. I had to pay the 60.00 to rush it because im cutting it really close. I only have 40 days until my surgery. So my total was 195 and some change plus the 11.99 from Walgreens yesterday. I'm so happy it's done. They said I should have it in 2 weeks. I'm praying!!!!!!

Hemoglobin Not So Good

Just left doc office. Sadly my hemoglobin is at a 10 and as everyone knows, you have to be at a 12 or higher. I'm really upset and praying for the best. They took more blood to run more test too. #pray


Any ideas on how to bring your iron up FAST?

34 Days Pre-Op

After After 3 different orders for blood work, scaring me saying I may need a blood transfusion, confirming my white blood cells are low, saying my neutrophils are low, red blood cells out of wack. Ugggh ..... Picked up prescription. 325mg 4 times a day. .... It's a lot girl... I'm already taking one plus 4 other pills. Now he adding 3 more. It's a 8 a day ... So February 28 is when I need my results back. I guess I'll retake my test on the 26th. That's only 20 days from now. I hope it's enough time 3 different orders for blood work, scaring me saying I may need a blood transfusion, confirming my white blood cells are low, saying my neutrophils are low, my red blood cells are out of wack, they finely called in a prescription for me. It's 320mg of Ferrous Sulfate 4 times a day. It's a lot!!! I'm already taking one already plus 4 other pills. Now he is adding 3 more pills. It's a total of 8 pills a day ..... I'm booked at the recovery house on March 10th. If I need to cancel because of my numbers, I need to cancel by March 1st to get my 100.00 back. So February 28 is when I need my results back to see if my numbers are up. I guess I'll retake my test on the 26th. That's only 20 days from now. I hope it's enough time to bring them up. If not I'll be canceling the recovery house and not booking and canceling my surgery too. :(


I got my passport in the mail today! Im so happy. I feel like I am one step closer to my new booty!...lol............#Flat belly and Fat booty here I come

LOA from school

I'm officially on leave from school until April 15th for surgery. I feel like i'm getting closer and closer to my surgery!

Pur-Absorb Iron

So everyone has been talking about it so what do I do? I go out and buy it for myself...lol Im already talking 4 iron pills a day per my docs orders. On top of that Imma do the Pur-Absorb as well just to make sure my level is over a 12. ( I wanted to do it twice a day but im not sure if I still am)... I am still taking a B-12 pill, a vitamin C pill, a multi vitamin and a folic acid pill too. I am kinda scared that the Pur-Absorb Iron may be a little too much with the 4 iron pills a day that my doc already has me on but desperate times call for desperate measures. I have to do what I have to do to get my level from a 10 to a 12 and I have to do it ASAP!

Anny Buttocks Enhancing Extra-Firm Bodysuit - Mid-Thigh LARGE (25 Days)

For over a month now I have been rockin this Anny Buttocks Enhancing Extra-Firm Bodysuit - Mid-Thigh size Large. Well since the first part of Jan until now, I have lost 11 pounds. (Whoop Whoop) Because of that, the large has not fit as tight as it was when I first got it. I loved the way it has molded my body, the way it already gives me the hourglass shape ( and I havnt even had surgery yet ), and the way it pushes my tummy in to where I couldnt eat a lot even if I wanted to. I where it every day. I get up, shower, put it on, get dressed, and go to work. I even wear it to church...lol. When I tell you I wear it everywhere, I where it everywhere...lol.. In clothes it gives me a really really nice shape, makes my tummy flat, gives me some nice hips and makes my butt sit up and look nice and round. Now with out clothes ( as you can see from the pics ) it dont look too hot. But trust me in clothes it looks great. The only thing is its not as tight anymore. So today I ordered a size medium. Im hoping that it fits tight like the large did when I first got it. Im really hoping it even fits. Im only one pound over the limit. Im hoping that one pound dont make a difference. If for some reason it dont fit, I know it will fit after surgery. Ill just hold on to it till then.

Mail Box ( 20 Days Pre Op )

So today I went and checked the mail and what do I see? My Anny Buttocks Enhancing Extra-Firm Bodysuit - Mid-Thigh size Medium. I was so happy. It fits really really good. I love the tightness around the tummy and the fact that its not too tight around the butt. I feel like it still makes my butt look round and sits up really nice. Im hoping the medium will fit after surgery but if I need to get a size small thats fine too. As long as my booty is not a size small im fine...lol. I took some pics with it one. 2 with a sundress on (side and back) and 3 without the sun dress on (front, side, and back) just to give you an idea of what it looks like. The only issue i have ( i also had it with the size large too ) is that its kinda tight around the coochie (lol) part and also it kinda gives you a weggie too bt other than that, they are fine. If it had a little padding in the coochie part that would have been great. I think if it gets mad after surgery, ill just wear a maxi pad.


Dr Yily said she "recommends" I drop 15-10 pounds. She never said "it's required you drop 15-20 pounds ". So my question is, If for some reason I don't drop the 15-20 will she still do the surgery? I have dropped 10 already. But im still 10 pounds away from the weight she "recommended" . Is it possible that I get down there and she say I'm too big? Will she send me home? What will happen? Help!

14 Days PreOp

OMG, I can't believe it. I'm 14 days away from being a Dr Yily Doll! I'm so excited and so ready to go. I pray my hemo gets to a 12 or higher, everything goes great, and I look extra sexy after.

12 Days PreOp. Last hemoglobin test tomorrow

Today I picked up my blood work paperwork. Tomorrow I take my last hemoglobin test to see if I have went from a 10 ( really a 10.4 ) to at least a 12. Like I said I have been taking 4 iron pills a day per my doc and I also have been taking 2 pur absorbs in the morning. If I can remember to take another one at night I take one to total 4 iron pills a day and 3 pur absorbs a day. I by any means do not recommend doing that unless you talk to a doc first. I am doing it because desperate times call for desperate measures. And this is what "I" am choosing to do... Tomorrow in the morning I will take my last hemoglobin hoping for at least a 12. The only thing that scares me is because im on my period and I heard that makes your levels low. Im praying that Im still at least a 12 even with my period. Since tomorrow is my last hemoglobin test, I should have my results back by Friday. If thats the case, Friday I will book my flight. If for some reason my levels are not at a 12 ( please God let them be at a 12 ) then I will change my surgery to June to give me more time by March 1st so that I can get my 100.00 back from the recovery house. I ask that you all pray for me that my numbers come up to at least a 12. I have been working really hard to get them there and at this point, its in Gods hands.


I'm up here at LabCorp taking my last hemoglobin test. I'm already prayed that everything goes well but a little prayer from you all would be great too. I'm so scared that I'll be under 12 because I started off at a 10.4. I have been working really hard to get my numbers up. This surgery means a lot tome . I just pray my hemoglobin is at least a 12. If so I will book my flight tomorrow or Saturday. I still haven't booked yet because I didn't know where my number was gonna be. When I first started looking the flight was like 600. I'm seen it jump from 600 to 700 to 800 just a few days ago. In just a few days it went from 800 to 900 to yesterday it was at 1,000. I was shocked! This surgery has been very very stressful. But anywho, I'm still praying and being hopeful. Please continueto for me. In Jesus name, Amen!

Got Dumped! :(

Ok this surgery has caused me and my boyfriend to break up. We kept getting into it over this surgery and Monday he dumped me after 3 years. He wouldnt call, pickup the phone, text or nothing. Friday I just showed up at his house and acted a damn fool and needless to say that didnt go so well. Its over yall. Its really over between us after 3 years and its all because of this surgery. Im so hurt and so sad and I miss him soooooo much.

I did it!

Well Dr Yily wanted me at 165 and 165 is what she will get... OMG it was hard but I did it. Thank the Lord!


Question: ok, as you all know I am pose to have my surgery March 11th (flying out March 10th). I have not booked my flight yet because I am waiting on my last hemo results to come in. ... Thursday I took my test and was told that the results would be in Friday. On Friday they were not there and was told to call back on Monday. Today I called and the office is closed due to the weather and now im being told to call back on tomorrow.... So my question is, Being that I am pose to leave IN ONE WEEK, should I just book my flight and chance it, or should I wait till tomorrow morning and book then?

My X text me

He said he misses me, its tearing him up inside. He hate it had to end this way. He is sorry it had to end this way. He didnt want to hurt me. Its just not ment to be right now. He misses me. There is a lot of things that happen between us and he cant get past them. He didnt want all this to happen 2-3 years from now so he needed to end now. He learned alot from me over the years. He thanked me for that. Maybe one day we can be friends. He dont want to be enemy and he dont hate me. We have diff personalities and react diff to things. He not putting all the blame on me. He wants me to be happy and he is not doing a good job making me happy. I will always have a place in his heart because I was his 1st love................ Then he told me he would like to talk after surgery. Its all because of this surgery yall... Ugggh!


Just called my HR department and put in a request for my LOA. Im requesting 4 weeks off work.

Low hemo but still booked my flight

Thursday I took my last hemo test. I was pose to call in Friday to get my results. Friday I call and they not in yet and was told to call back in on Monday morning. I called and the office is closed due to the weather and was told to call back in today. Today I call in and the office is not open yet and was told to call back in 30 min. Well 30 min later I called back and was told that they are really busy, someone will pull my chart and call me back. After that I ended up calling 3 more times just for them to tell me after I been taking Pur Absorb 3 times a day and 320mg of iron 4 times a day, that my hemo has went from 10.4 to 10.9! WTF?! Thats it? You mean to tell me Im still not at 12? Uggggh. I sent an e mail to Dr Yily and she said "If your hemoglobin is less than 12 I can give you a prescription for IV iron treatments. It will delay your surgery by 2-3 days. You should start taking iron pills twice per day. In the morning and at night. "............I dont know if I should have done this, I dont know if it was smart, I dont know if this was a good move but.... I JUST BOOKED MY FLIGHT ANYWAY!...Yaaaaa! Im so happy. I sent the flight info to Dr Yily and to uoscale recover house. Imma just take the chance and PRAY that my iron comes up with the IV shots she will give. I will keep doing everything in my power to bring it up! I leave Sunday in the afternoon and I will be in DR at 11:39pm sunday night. By time the the flight lands, I get my bags, and the driver picks me up, it will be after midnight and will me Monday. That means I can check into the recover house. The best part about it is even tho im leaving from TX and my travel buddy is coming from NJ, because we both have a layover in Miami, we will be on the same from Miami and come in to DR together! I ask that you all please pray that her and I have a safe flight, we have a safe surgery, we have a GREAT outcome, and we have a safe flight back... In Jesus Name, Amen

5 Days Pre Op

Went to the store and got more Pur Absorb and some Geritol (liquid). I will take both of them with orange juice. Every hour or every other hour I will be taking something whether it be the Pur Absorb, Geritol (liquid), or an iron pill. Dr Yily sent an e mail to me ( after i e mailed her telling her my hemo is only 10.9). She stated that she can put me on iron treatment when you arrive at the cost is approx $50 for 4 treatments. She also states that she guaranteed that it will bring my levels from 10.9 to 12.0 BUT she cannot give a specific time in which it will happen. I also asked about the cost of lipo on the chin, she said 250.00 and the cost of arm lipo, and she said 300.00. Im thinking about getting the arms done mare than the chin but ill see when I get there. ................. OAN: Today is the 5th of March and I will be on a flight to DR in 4 more days! OMG, Im sooooo ready. I got a few other things to do at home and for the kids but as far as passport, flight, packing, babysitter, and drive to and from the airport are DONE.

Foam Roll

I got this foam roll. It was cheaper than a yogo mat and smaller too. I needed a small one because I needed to be able to use it in my car to sit on so my booty is not smushed, during my flight, and be able to put it in my bag im taking. The fact that it was cheaper then the yoga mat was an added bonus...lol

I fly out tomorrow to DR

So tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow is the day I fly out to DR to get my surgery. Im not excited or nervous. Im just regular. Im sure it will all hit me once get on the flight. Im all packed up and I have just a few things to do in the morning. I got my kids all packed up too so that I can take them to my moms house. They will be flipping back and 4th from her house to the babysitters house. My flight leaves at 2:10 PM and lands in DR at 11:39. I will update as much as I can to keep you all posted.


I'm here at the DFW airport going to Saint Louis, then from there to Miami, then from there Dominican Republic!!!!!!

I made it home safe

Today is March 15th 2014. I have made it home safe from DR yesterday and safe from surgery that was on March 11th. I will try to back date all my info from each date as I remember it. I hope I done leave anything out but If I do i will try to post it later. But as of today I am home and safe.

March 9th

Ok, So March 9th 2014 I land in DR at like 11:40 pm. After getting off the plane, we walked down to get a tourist visa for 10.00 USD. Why we needed it? I have no idea! But they wouldnt let us leave with out it so we got it...lol We had already knew that it was needed because our recovery house lady told us in an e mail. After we got there we walked out the doors and thats were we seen our names on a paper being held by a very nice looking man. We were greeted by the Angle our driver. He was really nice and spoke good English. We got into his ( not so nice ) car and he drove to get some of the best pork sandwiches I ever had. The meet is cooked outside, cut outside, and served outside. It was really good. We got a bottle or some kinda beer and sat and talked and had a good ol time till it was time to go get some rest. After eating, Angle drove us to a hotel. Everyones car is jacked up, they have all kinds of bumps, dents, and everything on it. They can not drive at all. No order or anything. They just drive and beep their horns. It was scary!!!!.. lol... But our driver was soooo nice and was really cool. We were booked at UpScale Recovery House for the 10th of March. Because we got there on the 9th the room was not ready. I told the UpScale Recovery House owner that we was coming in on the 9th but because it was only 20 min till the 10th that we still wanted to stay. Liz ( the lady's name ) said it was ok but when Angle came to get us he took us to a hotel. It looked like it was, or could have been a 5 star hotel. We got there after midnight and angle explained to us that someone was in our recovery room so for the night we were staying at the 5 star hotel. We were fine with that but once we got to the hotel they "didnt have our reservation" so we ended up staying in some kinda motel for that night. I think that it is used for sex by prostitutes if I am not mistaken. The reason I say that is because the tv only showed porn and played love music. The lights had disco lights and flashing lights like as if I was in a 60's disco movie. The room also had necked women on the wall and a mirror on the ceiling. You pay thru a window ( about 15.00 USD ) where they hand you a bag with 2 clean towels, two condoms, two pieces of candy, and two little bars of soap. Me and my buddy stayed there that night and slept in the same bed until the morning when Angle called us and woke us up at 6:30 AM in the morning to take us to the International Center for Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA). Later we got an e mail from Liz, the recovery house owner stating that they should have had our reservation at the 5 star hotel and she is sorry we had to stay in that motel thing. She even sent us screen shots. I dont know why they didnt have our reservation but it is what it is. March 9th is over... Moving on to March 10th

March 10th (Day before surgery)

Ok, So the day is March 10th and it’s our second day in DR even tho we have only been in DR a few hours. Our phone rings in our motel by our driver Angle telling us that he will be there in 20min. Time right now is about 6:00am. Me and my buddy jump up and get our things together and as soon as Angle pulls up we jump in the car. There was another girl in the car too that he picked up from the recovery house. She came to the DR a few days ago and has been on Iron IV every day trying to pull her iron up. She was very upset that she may not be able to have her surgery. By this time I was freakin out as we are driving to the clinic and asking her all these questions because when I left the states I was at a 10.9. I knew for surgery I needed to be a 12.0. I was just gonna chance it. We pulled up at the clinic and walked in the lobby with about 1000 other girls waiting to get their body done too. We go up to 2nd floor (I believe) and walk into Dr. Yily office. Now I heard that since then she has moved to a bigger and better office but while I was there her office was about the size of a broom closet…lol it was so freakin crowded and small and freezing cold. Their staff is some of the worst staff that I have ever worked with. We set there most of the day doing paperwork and blood work and EKG and things like that. They didn’t help much and it was just a waiting game with 100 girls trying to do the same thing with Dr. Yily. About 1:00pm (keep in mind we got there about 6:30am or 7:00am) we were told by one of Dr. Yily staff that me and my buddy would need iron IV to bring our iron up. I was an 11.8 and my buddy was a 10.4. Dr. Yily office said that we would need to take these iron IV and come back in 2 days. Now keep in mind I was leaving on the 14th and today was the 10th. I didn’t have 2 extra days to just chill and take iron. I needed to make moves and make moves fast. We took the iron prescription from one of the staff members and left the office feeling very unsure. (This whole time we NEVER even saw Dr. Yily at all. Not once did she come in and say hi, nice to meet you, explain the prescription, or anything). We walked out the office and out the door to the clinic when we saw another girl with banging bodies. Seems like every time we walked up and down the hall to get things done like blood work, we would always pass by girls that had TINY waist and BIG butts. We would always ask them “Who did your body?” and they would ALWAYS respond with “Dr. Cabral on the 5th floor!” By this time we were thinking that if Dr. Hector Cabral owns this whole building and he has the whole 5th floor and everyone I see with the shape I want is getting work from him, maybe I need to go talk to him and see what he say. We walked to the 5th floor and walked into a HUGE office with a wonderful design. It was nothing like the linin closet that Dr. Yily had a few floors down. We walked right to the front desk and told the lady we wanted surgery today with Dr. Cabral. She told us that we need a consultation first and that would be 45.00 USD. We pulled out our money, paid, and waited for Dr. Cabral to get out of surgery. Soon as he walked in he greeted us, shook our hands and next thing we knew we was in his office in our bra and panties. He gave me the same price as Yily (3,500) and told my buddy she was 3,600 (that was 3,000 less than Yily for her even tho he was going to end up doing more work on her then Yily was). We said ok and told him we wanted surgery today. She said he needed to run his own test and the test we already did at the clinic for Yily, he needed copies so we wouldn’t have to do them again. We marched back down to Yily office to get our X rays ( got them with no issue because they are soooo unorganized in Yily office they was just sitting in there on the chair) but when it came down to get our blood test Yily’s office wanted us to pay like 300.00 for it. We were able to knock the price down but by that time Dr. Cabral office had already called the lads to get mine and my buddy had already walked to the clinic to get her own copy of hers. The next step was for us to pay Dr. Cabral, my buddy to get her blood transfusion to get her from a 10 something to a 12 something, and me to get an iron IV to get me from an 11 something to a 12 something. I called my bank and told them we was going to the back and I was gonna make a large transaction in DR. We called our driver, got to the bank and my buddy’s payment went thru but not mines. I was pissed!!!! By time I got back to the clinic and got everything straight with the back in the US, the DR banks were closed. So Dr. Cabral put us in a room at the clinic ( for no charge ) while we wait on her blood and my iron ( she needed blood because her iron was so low, I needed iron because I was only .2 away from being 12 but I still was not a 12) The room was not a regular hospital room. It seemed like no one hardly ever used it or that it was just used for situations like this. The AC didn’t work and the sound on the TV didn’t too. But it was clean with semi worm water and was a place to get out iron and blood. We had not eat all day because we didn’t know if we was getting surgery or not so we ordered a pizza, got our iron/blood, took a shower and went to bed because tomorrow SURGERY DAY!!!!

March 11th 2014............DAY OF SURGERY

I was woke about 6:00 AM by one of the staff members needing me to do more paperwork, get my height and weight. After that I was told that I could go back to sleep but it was very hard. I was ready for surgery but it wasn’t time. I still had to wait till the DR banks open so that I can make my surgery payment. About 8:00 AM me and my buddy work. She went down to do her paperwork, height, and weight like I had done a few hours ago. After she was done we had the staff call a cad, drove to the bank, made a payment, and came back to the clinic. After showing then the receipt from the bank, they sent me and my buddy to our room. That’s when shit got real. It was the waiting game now. They gave me and my buddy our blue shoes, blue gowns, blue hat, and our blue!!! We got dressed and laid their till it was time. They came and took my buddy first. She looked scared as hell. I just remember praying for both of us. I watched a little TV and before she even got back in the room, they were calling my name. I started to pray, took my blue pill and got on the ER bed as they wheeled me down the hall. When I got into the room I saw Dr. Cabral. He asked me was I ready. I said yes and asked was my buddy ok. He said she was doing just fine. Later the anesthesiologist started asked me info and staring doing IV’s. The first one didn’t take so they did another one. She asked me if I wanted to stay awake or if I wanted to be sleep. I had said to myself that I wanted to be awake the hole time but when I got in there things changed. I asked what was better. She said sleep so that is what I went with. They lifted me up, put the epidural in my back after telling me to stay very still. After that I couldn’t really remember anything but I do remember waking up in the middle of surgery for about 3 seconds screaming in excruciating pain. After that I was back out like a light. Next thing I remember I was being woken up and I was freezing!! When I tell you I felt like I was wet in Antarctica on the coldest day of the year wearing nothing but a Band-Aid and a smile! It was the coldest I ever been in my life! I could not stop shivering . They kept calling my name but I was shaking soooo back because I was sooo cold. All kept saying is “I’m cold, I’m cold!”………… Some time in between being woke up by them, me telling them I was cold, I ended up falling back a sleep. When I woke up I was in the recovery room with buddy and thanking God we both made it out ok. The rest of the night I just laid on my belly in a pull of blood all wrapped up till the next morning. Thank God Surgery Went Well!!!!!!!!!!!

March 11th thru March 14th

Over the next few days i was in some pain. More like in some discomfort. The lipo hurt worse then the bbl tho. I kept peeing on myself after they took the catheter out. It was like my bladder didnt know what to do. I think by day 2 or 3 I was walking. I was walking slow and all hunched over but i was walking. I found that a lot of things i packed i really didnt need and it just made my bag heavy for no reason because when i left i had meds that i got from the doc (250.00 USD)and i ended up having to check my bags in. The flight back was long. I was walking better by then so it was ok. I kept trying to move so i didnt have blood clots. At one point i went into the restroom on the flight and marched in place. The pain meds they give you are not worth anything. They suck!!!! Its like talking a Tylenol or something. Thank goodness i had met a girl before i left and she brought me some vicodin. If it wasnt for that I dont know what i would have done. I hope i didnt leave anything out. Its hard to try to remember everything from so many days ago................ if you have questions,just ask tho

March 14th thru March 17th

Everyday gets better and better.I am out my butt in garment and into my butt out garment. I had to cut the butt part because it was to tight on my butt. Im walking soooo much better now. I have had my first poop ( i squated over the toilet ) and I have already had my first shower too. I have drove twice since surgery. Its not that bad. I just sit on a pillow. Most of the time im laying on my tummy. if my back starts to hurt i sit on my knees on a pillows or ill straddle some pillows. Im out of pain meds but dont really need them. Im still kinds swollen tho and im soooo ready for that to go away. Things are doing goodand i love my outcome. Ill post more pix and answer any questions you may have.....


That moment when you realize you are healed enough to twerk in the bathroom mirror and look good doing it!!!!!! ?#?6DaysPostOp?

Two Weeks post opp

Today is Tuesday March 25, 2014. I am 2 weeks post op today. Things are going great. My booty is getting soft and so is my tummy. Both are still a little hard but they are not as brick wall hard as they were right after surgery. I have my lil girl do my rub downs. She is 15 so its not too bad. As of now the only issue I have is the swelling still. I was hoping to no longer be swollen. The other issue is the iching. My back iches like crazy. idk why but it do. But over all im doing well. Im driving siting on a pillow still and i still sleep on my tummy. I stopped wearing my garment days ago. I know I should still be wearing it but once you take it off and feel the freedom, you never wanna put it back on. Ill upload some pix. Enjoy!

50 Days post opp

Hey yall. Ihavnt forgot about ya. Im sorry im so late but not much has changed so i didnt feel the need to post. My tummy is a little more soft but still kinda hard in places. My back itches like crazy!!!! All the freakin time. Last time i check my waist was 31in but I have gained 3 pounds. The weight is coming back fast. I can see little fat rolls on my back again and my tummy is not as flat as it was before. Because of my shape i been asked out on 100000 dates and every guy wants to take me out to eat. I enjoy the time and fun but all the dinners are catching up to me. Tomorrow is May 1 and I start my diet again. I wanna drop this 3 pounts and then an extra one. I want to be at least 160 even. I wanted to be 150 at first but I was loving the new me at 160 so thats my new goal. over all i am very happy and love my new shape!!!

4 months and 9 days ost op.......Enjoying life

Things have been good. The back itching and all the pain is GONE!!!! Thank God. Things are going well. I have gained a little weight and got some back fat again and my waist is not ass small. That is because i am no longer watching what i eat and always moving around and eating fast food. My social life is booming an this is THE BEST SUMMER OF MY LIFE!!!!!!............ Im still around the 160lbs mark ( im 5'2)...I want a bigger butt, but everyone says this is fine and if i go bigger it will look fake because im so short. One hip and one butt cheek is bigger than the other but by a very lil bit No one notice but me....lol Even still i LOVE it and in soooo happy.

6 Months Post

Nothing else has changed.b I feel yself. Nothing hurts at all and I feel good. I wish i had more to update but i dont. Things are GOOD!!!! I love my shapen and the way I look. Still thinkingabout a round 2 tho. If so it will be march 2015. Ill keep you bposted tho.

Round 2. . Buddy needed

That's right ladies. I'm getting ready for my round 2. Its set for March 12th. That's in 35 days. I'm super excited just like I was for round 1. I think I'm going to start a 2nd blog just for my round 2. . . . Stay tuned! .. ..ALSO I AM LOOKING FOR A SURGERY BUDDY. INBOX ME .

Exactly One Month Till Round Two!

So I got exactly one month to the day till my round 2. I'm excited but it's nothing like last time. I started my vitamins a while ago. I haven't bought nothing, using a lot of things from last year. Booking my flight tomorrow or whenever I can get it under 700.00 . .. .

Flight Booked For Round Two

I just booked my flight. So apparently Sunday mornings are the best time to book (I also heard Tuesday mornings too) because I got the cheapest price iv seen since I been looking. And on top of everything else, I don't have long layovers. I'm so excited! #March12th

16 Days Till Round 2. Need a Buddy

I have 16 days left until my round 2 I am so freaking excited but I'm also nervous because I'm going by myself this time. I just want to come back with everything that I went there for and to come back healthy.

I called to confirm

I just called and talked to Dr Cabral assistant Maria.... She remembers me and my surgery buddy from last year. She was like "Ooooo, remember you. You where here with your sister last year. In the same room. Room 305 right?" I said "Yes, you remember me?" she said "I'd never forget you".... Then the line dropped and she called me right back. She looked up my info and told me to call back a week before surgery so they can have my paperwork pulled from last year. She asked was I staying there again. I told her no ill be in a recovery house this time. She told me to tell my "sister" hi and to take care and she will see me March 12th!

All packed

Im all packed and ready to go. I think I have about 13 or 14 days before I leave I'm still taking my medications I even started doubling them up to make sure my irons great. Biotin, folic acid , vitamin C, vitamin B and 2 pure absorb every day + 4 iron pills a day. I hate that I'm going by myself it makes me scared have been reading a lot about a whole bunch of Death here recently and I have a lot to live for and don't want to die. I prayed a lot and now I'm not scared I'm just nervous last year I was so filled with excitement there was no room to get scared or nervous now because I'm not excited as I was last year there's a lot of room for nervousness and scary thoughtsin my mind.... I wish I had a friend you going to go with me so I won't go by myself but I'm going to stay prayed up and stay positive
Dr. Hector Cabral

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