Didn't Want Braces; Worried I Was Overcharged for Invisalign

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I have crowded teeth on bottom row,and didn't want...

I have crowded teeth on bottom row,and didn't want braces and iron wire running across my mouth. I wanted a better smile and teeth. I have like vampire teeth on the bottom and I hate it.

I wanted to know if I was overcharged for invisalign. I just them put in on yesterday. I was told I have the comprehensive package, which mean I can get 2 additional refining trays, if my teeth are progressing/straighten as expected at 14trays(7months), for no additonal fee. I current have 14 trays for 7months. In which I started 1 tray on 1/19/10 and I am expected to be complete by 07/20/10, and the Total cost is $5500. Does that sound reasonable? I see some people have post where they have 24 trays for $5000, and I only have 14 trays for same price. I guess I should also mention it also covers all dental visit, which if all goes as planned, I only have to go back to dentist 2 times. And that would be in March & May. Just want an expert opinion, because I feel like it's over priced.
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