Vaser Lipo in Inner Thighs and Knees, Sacral Fat Pad and Fat Transfer to Butt - Arlington Heights, IL

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About 7 years ago I had tummy tuck and lipo...

About 7 years ago I had tummy tuck and lipo suction to my inner and outter thighs. Over the years, I've gained weight, but in my thigh which looks terrible because it came back dimpled. The Dr who performed the procedure did a good job, but he didn't stress how important it is to wear my compression garments long term. My stomach is still flat, but my thighs are large and I've gotten to the point that I don't like wearing pants because they really show how big my thighs are. I've have always been self conscious about my flat butt and decided to have the fat transferred there. Over the years, I've done a lot to make my butt round (body shapers) butt at the end of the day, it's still flat. I've been dating my boyfriend for 19 months now and he sees no problem with the way I look. I have a problem so I've decided to have the surgery. He doesn't know about the fat transfer to the butt. I'm going to let that be a surprise for him and he will find out after my surgery. I know now that remaining healthy and in shape will only keep my figure.We have a state of the art health club and my job and I'm a member, but sometimes you don't want to work out. I have a beautiful face and men do call me gorgeous and pretty all the time, but I don't feel that way underneath my clothes. I'm also going to join the gym around my house to help me during the holiday and thereafter because I work from home on Fridays and therefore will be able to workout on the weekends to. I'm so excited. My doctor is supposed to be the best. They have also given me Dietary Food Supplements and protein bars to begin taking after the surgery. Recovery Pak for soft tissue related injury, Lip Dissolve an enhancer to burn fat and Lipid-X to increase lean muscle. I will post before pictures later today.

I'm very excite! One week from now I will have thinner thighs and a round butt!

December 8, 2012 - 6 days before surgery. I've...

December 8, 2012 - 6 days before surgery. I've posted my before pictures. Lots of dimples and wrinkling of my thighs front and back. A lot of things that my Dr. and Surgery Coordinator Lillian has told me, wasn't told to me the first time I had regular lyposuction in my thighs. Because I didn't wear the compression garment long enough nor did the recommend ultrasound massaging, that is why the fat came back in that form. As I stressed before, I don't like wearing pants anymore and I'm also embarrased to get undressed in front of my boyfriend.

Today I went out and purchased chicken broth, chicken soup, cranberry juice, bottled water, plenty of large black towels for my bed and car (don't want to mess my pretty towels up) and a black jogging suit to wear home (recommended by the Dr.). I also brought a lose fitting jogging suit to wear home. I also brought some ultra thing pads to place over my incisions as recommended by many people in the forum.

I'm just trying to get things done so I won't have to do them during my recovery. My last day in the office isThursday, December 13 but our department party is that day also and I will not be able to have any cocktails. Bummer, but that is okay. Very Excited!!

We ladies tomorrow is the day of my surgery. I...

We ladies tomorrow is the day of my surgery. I have to be there at 9:30 a.m. I'm so excited. I pretty much got everything I need. Tonight before going to bed I'm going to get everything set up in my bedroom. I'm going to move the TV and DVR box from my office to my bedroom since I will spend most of my time over the course of the weeks laying on my stomach. I will also laydown sometimes on the couch in my living room to watch tv, but don't know how that will work and haven't tried it yet. I've been grocery shopping and have enough light food to last me a while, chicken, tilapia and chicken breast, soup, etc.

Wish Me Luck. I will have my computer in my room when I get home so I can update you all.

December 15, 2012. 1 day post opt. I awas too out...

December 15, 2012. 1 day post opt. I awas too out of it to post last night whenI got home. Since I wasgetting my but and inner thighs done, I wanted to see if the doctor could do it although it was scheduled. i took $1,000 cahs with me yesterday and asked if he could suck fat out of my sides and ge did.

My surgery began arounf 12:30 pm. The anesthesiologist gave me a spinal tap and something else to make me drowsy. i heard then talk atfirst and the drifted in nd out untili finally heard them say put the compression garment on me. my doctorwas asking basic questions to wake me up. my eyes were srill closed. the recovery nurse brought many blankets to cover me up.once I was able to feel my legs again, she put me in a big comfy reclinerwith about 4 blankets.when i sat up all i thought was i had a hard buttand itfelt wierdbecause i never had one. I could immediately tell my thighs were thinner.and I had a big butt.and it was tight.LOL. I'm sure it swollen bit but I like it far. My bestfriend Pam took me and stayed with me all day longuntil my boyfriend got home. I had to changethe bandages where the incisions were right below myknees because it was bleeding a lot. it is still hard to move and i have been laying on my stomach and side so it is very hard typing this letter. I was naseated all dayandwheni stand up too long so i have been eating crackers, drinking ginger ale and lots of water.this morning im going to eat some chicken broth.

Today my boyfriend is taking me to get my bandageschanged and pictures taken. Monday I go back for my ultrasoud masage. i will try to post pictures later.

Today is day 5, December 19, 2012. Saturday...

Today is day 5, December 19, 2012. Saturday morning I went for my first ultrasound massage and it felt good. I had to ride in the back seat of my boyfriend's truck because I can't sit yet because of the fat transfer to the butt. It was really big but the swelling went down.They took pictures, also. Sunday morning I woke up to swollen thighs but I know they will go down soon. My waist is slim and I have a nice round butt. I tried on a pair of jeans and it looked great. It was really big after surgery, but the swelling went down.I love my knees now and can't wait to wear a dress. I'm showering daily and using a jel to massage on my thighs after. I also have handheld electric massager to massage the areas that were lypod daily.

Yesterday I went to the gym but went back home. It was hard sitting driving up there because I had no more meds and no refills with that prescription and the stiches were hurting abit. I went back home after stopping at walgreens to get some Tylenol. Tomorrow I'm driving myself to get another ultrasonic massage.

It's been 21 days since my surgery and finally had...

It's been 21 days since my surgery and finally had some free time to post pictures of my new look. I'm still going to twice a week to get ultrasound massages at the clinic and have started taking my fat burner pills that they gave me. I'm still wearing the compression garment daily. I have taken it off a couple times during the night because I needed to give it a rest or when I go to work. Went back to work on January 2 and it was hard sitting all day. It was also cold one day and my legs were so cold because my coat is only 3/4 long. By the time I got to work, it felt like the blood had froze and my legs were burning. My legs are still sensitive to cold air. I had to get up several times at work because it became somewhat uncomfortable sitting for long periods of time on my new assest! LOL! I took a small airplane memory foam pillow to work, but it just flattens out after so many minutes. I have to get something a little more supportive. Long rides in my car is a little wierd and have to switch cheeks sometimes during driving. The numbness in my legs from the vasor lipo is starting to stop, but every now and again I can feel it.

I'm very happy with my surgery but because of my butt, my pants are much tighter, but I love it and now know what it feels like to have one. I am definitely losing more weight in my thighs and will post more pictures in a another month or so.
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