43, No Kids, BL, BA, TT; 5'4 130lbs - Arlington Heights, IL

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Hello, I've been reading reviews in this group...

Hello, I've been reading reviews in this group for a couple months and want to start my own and share my journey since I have found them very informational. I'm basically having a "Mommy Makeover" but never had kids! LOL Been average weight most of my life but gained a lot of weight about 5 years ago and carried for about 4 years before I finally decided to do something about it. Well, I ruined my boobs and tummy. Saggy, deflated and extra skin. No stretch marks but I work out regularly and no amount of exercise will make the skin go away. Never thought I would get implants but have no choice now. I don't want to be bigger just filled out and looking normal again. I used to be a 36B and went to like a 38DD (probably bigger) during weight gain. Having a hard time deciding on implant size. Right now, tentatively going with 400cc moderate plus under muscle, however I don't want to be a size D or DD. I would be happy with a full C but there is no way to know what size implant will get me there. I will post pictures soon as my surgery is still another 6 weeks away. Thanks to all the great tips here I have already started preparing and ordering stuff I will need. Anymore tips appreciated.

Pre Op and Payment today

It is real now!! Pre Op today where I signed my life away! LOL Confirmed implant size and we are going with 400cc moderate + under muscle. I didn't get all my questions answered cuz I spent almost 1 hour going over the paperwork and I actually read everything b4 signing so that took longer and the office had a training session everyone had to get ready for so I ran out of time. I think most of my questions have been answered and I'm just over thinking at this point which is something I do often and just need to trust the process and my Dr. (which I do) and know that I will get great results and not get caught up in the details. Of course, easier said than done and my surgery is still almost a month away. I just want it done so I can start the healing. I will post b4 pictures soon. I just haven't taken any yet but def want to so I can see the results side by side when all is done. This forum has been a great source of information and I hope to do my part by sharing my story and pictures. I've been preparing all the things I think I'll need based on reviews I've seen here and my Dr.'s office list and I probably went overboard but I want to be prepared. I have decided to stay at an after care center for the first 3 days after my surgery. I'm single and have family and friends that want to help but I still feel like I'd rather stay at a facility in the beginning and will have someone stay with me after the 1st f/u for the rest of the 1st week. I think I will be fine on my own after that. Thanks to all the great resources out there and Good Luck to those that have upcoming surgeries soon!

5 days PO

Well, I made it through the surgery and everyone is amazed how well I am doing. Honestly, I have had no pain at all in breasts and TT is just sore from muscle repair. The worst pain is in back from being hunched over but other than that nothing. I did go into this surgery really fit and healthy so that may have helped but I was expecting much worse pain. Stopped pain meds at 3 days and only take 1-2 Tylenol just to be proactive at night but not really needed. Also didn't have the constipation issues thanks to stool softeners, smooth move tea and magnesium citrate. Dr. had me start breast massages at 3 days. Hate the binders and drains and can't wait until they come off.
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