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I have had a complex about my nose for a long time...

I have had a complex about my nose for a long time. It started, I believe, my freshman year in high school. I remember switching from glasses to contacts and was made a joke by my classmates and the upper classmen. So from then on I decided to keep my glasses on my face to conceal my "snoz". About 3 months ago I had my laser eye surgery. Now I am seeing my nose more clearly and I still dislike it's appearance. I told my friends but they all say I have a nice nose. I tell them that because of my nose, I suffer from poor self-esteem. My feedback is: You should find self-esteem within. You're going to end up looking like Micheal Jackson. You want to look white? You are married, who are you trying to impress. I'm doing this for me and I'm going through with it. I have made up my mind. I have maybe 5 people who are cool with it. My best friend snitched to my Mom that I was considering it. She tried to talk me out of it. My sister is cool with it because she remembers how depressed I'd get. Recently I took my first step and got a consultation from "Liposuction & Cosmetic Surgery Institute" and the surgeon who interviewed me was Algrid Mameniskis. He seemed chill and knowledgeable. But I'm still researching. Peace!!


I've decide to pause on the ganja smoke until I've reached my goal. Wish me luck. Mary Jane is so expensive and I like to smoke everyday.

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