Laser Peel Followed by Profactional for Acne Scars - Arlington Heights, IL

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Looking at all these reviews, I am glad I didn't...

Looking at all these reviews, I am glad I didn't come to this site before I had this procedure done or else I probably wouldn't have got it done. Anyways I'll start with the outcome: scars are much less noticeable, which is what I wanted. I went into the office looking to get eMatrix done, but the staff said it wasn't going to go deep enough to help my scarring. They were more than willing to do the eMatrix but didn't recommend it. So, I decided to trust them and I am glad I did. They were very honest, telling me not to expect them to be completely gone and that I would require more than one to get the desired results. I told then I was worried about down time and they told me if there wasn't down time there wasn't going to be results. It has now been a little over 2 months and I can say I am pleased. I plan to have this done again, and maybe a third time, and by then I should look almost good as new, of course my face will never be quite the same (and I was told my scarring was quite deep).

Here's the scary part. It doesn't hurt much, just a little stinging because they put numbing cream on but, you look like a complete monster when you leave, your face will burn and you will have some bleeding, which seems like it comes out of every pore. I had to sleep with a red towel over the pillow that night so I didn't ruin the pillow or towel and my face was throbbing the whole first night. You should probably take a full week off work, esp. if like me, you work in the service industry. Luckily I was was staying with my mom so I could go out the next day and not worry about seeing people I knew (what a way to spend my vacation...).

By the 4th or 5th day it really isn't that bad a what scabbing is left can be somewhat covered with mineral makeup. I was on vacation with my boyfriend and didn't want him to just sit around because I was worried about people staring so I went out, and to my surprise not one person really stared and who cares anyway. Wearing a wide brimmed hat helped.

So in conclusion, I know downtime is scary but if you have scars like mine you know it is worth it if you can lessen their appearance. After the scabs come off only I could see the "little holes" the laser makes, and now I can't see them at all. After one or two more procedures I feel it will hardly be noticeable that I was plagued be acne at all.
Also, I am 24. Maybe being young helps collagen grow make faster... I don't know. Oh and the laser peel was full face and the profractional was just on my cheeks and chin. It was originally $1500 but they went down to $1000 for me:)

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