Chin Implant and Neck Lipsuction. 400cc High Profile Mentor Silicone Breast Implants Under the Muscle - Arlington Heights, IL

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I'm really confident in my decision to go with Dr....

I'm really confident in my decision to go with Dr. Placik! He is so smart and the consultation was very informative. I also love watching his snapchats haha!! I am also getting a breast augmentation at the same time & I'm really excited about that too. I'm looking at that as more of a "bonus", while the chin & neck thing is a major concern that I definitely need to be corrected so that will be the focus of my review but I'll talk about my experiences with both.

I'm not overweight at all but I have a double chin that absolutely drives me nuts. I'm hoping that the chin implant combined with liposuction can give me a significant improvement to my profile. I do have one concern. I think my teeth kind of stick out forward which pushes my lip out and I have a dip underneath my bottom lip. Dr. Placik did confirm that this dip was a dental issue that could not be fully corrected with a chin implant. So I made a consultation with a cosmetic dentist to see what she thinks. I'm assuming she may recommend Invisalign to push my teeth back. Yes I've put a lot of thought into this and I'm really trying to do my best to not obsess over it but I can't help it lol! Hopefully some of you out there can relate!

As far as the breast augmentation I decided to go with 350cc high profile silicone. I'm 5'2 and about 115 lbs. I am concerned about the "boob greed" that I hear mentioned so frequently but I'm also concerned about going too big and looking crazy since I'm kind of a small person. I really mostly just hate their shape so I'd like for them to be rounder. I guess since I'm almost 30 now I'd like to finally feel more womanly & I think this will be a great gift to myself to celebrate that milestone. People have always thought I look more like I'm closer to like 23 so I think I'm ready to change that.

Well I'm looking forward to keeping this journal of my experience because writing has always helped me organize my thoughts! And if I can help someone else that would be great!

Dental Consultation

So I went for my consultation with a great dentist. She did recommend invisalign as I thought she would. I've been looking at people's reviews here on Realself and it actually really motivated me to do it. I have a few things I need to take care of with my teeth first though. I have a few fillings that I need to replace and I need my wisdom teeth removed (eeep). But I think next year after the chin implant is healed I will get the invisalign. I think both of those things will drastically improve my profile.

Almost here

So I went for my sizing appointment for my BA which is normally done with a nurse. However I asked if I'd be able to ask the doctor a couple questions about my chin as well. They said he was very busy that day and might not be able to pop in, and I said no problem. But then, I was very happy when they later called me back and asked if I would like to move my appointment to an earlier time in the day so that he'd be able to talk, and I was thrilled with how thoughtful they were to remember. I'm really glad I did, too, because he addressed all of my concerns and now my nervousness is gone. We also decided on a different implant as well, which the nurse followed up with me to confirm over the phone, which was also incredibly thoughtful.

I have to say I am absolutely thrilled that I decided to go with Dr. Placik and his team. They have all been incredibly nice and helpful and I have felt totally comfortable there. Of course, I haven't seen the end results yet, but I have complete confidence. He's a pretty fricken smart dude, to put it simply.

I also got an email asking if I would mind if they recorded my surgery on snapchat!! I laughed so much at the thought of an audience of strangers looking at my insides. But I really enjoy watching their snapchat and I actually learn a lot, so I told them I'm totally fine with it as long as my face or tattoos aren't shown. I have quite a few tattoos so I hope that isn't too difficult for them haha.

Well I have a couple more days of work, and then I have wednesday off to go shopping for pillows and food and comfort items. I hope I don't forget anything!

I did it!!!!!!!!

Well I am home and resting now and I have to say that I am feeling pretty good! I have a lot of emotions running through me, I'm so proud that I actually did it, I thought I was going to cry when I got there but I didn't at all.. I'm sure the valium helped with that.

I also forgot t mention that during my sizing appointment I decided to go with the 400ccs instead of the 350. I think I'll be glad I did that. I'm a little worried about getting stretch marks. I've never been pregnant and I've stayed at a pretty stable weight for my adult life so I have no idea if my skin is prone to that or not. How long does it take before they would show up? Right away, or would it be a couple days? I think after my post-op appointment I'll start applying my shea butter while I do my massages.

It was crazy how fast it seemed. I was laying on the table, they stuck me with the IV, the Dr held my hand which I found really sweet and comforting! Then I blinked and I woke up in the recovery room. I was in a pretty decent amount of pain. My throat hurt a lot, and I had a lot of pressure on my chest so it hurt to breathe. I had a very minimal amount of nausea that passed quickly. My nurse was lovely and very nice to me. she gave me water and half a pain pill. Dr. Placik came in and told me that everything went great and I gave him a high five, hahah. Then the lovely nurse Colleen wheeled me out to the car and helped me get buckled in and I thanked her for being so nice.

When I got home I was able to eat 3 pieces of bread dipped in some chicken soup, and a squeezable fruit pouch and it tasted sooooo good!! Then I was able to take my pain medicine and a valium and fell asleep for a couple hours and now here I am. I gotta say I'm really pleased, I feel a lot more comfortable than I thought because he injected some long-lasting anesthetic. I just hope I don't have more pain when that wears off but I do think the pills are helping quite a bit.

So I mentioned previously that they asked if I would mind if they recorded my surgery on Snapchat, and I told them yes. Well when I got home, I watched it!! And I gotta say, it was AWESOME!!! It was sooo cool to see how they did it!! And one of my friends watched it too, she said it made her a little squeamish but she was so blown away by the fact that she was able to watch my surgery and she thought it was really interesting also. I'm really glad that they asked to do that.

My boyfriend is taking care of me and he is being so nice. He is helping me keep track of my medicine and is making food for me. I'd never be able to do this without his support, I feel so lucky and I'm feeling really happy.

Rough day

Well today was kind of hard. I haven't been eating or drinking as much as I should be but I really have no appetite. Last night my alarm didn't go off so I was late on my dose of pain meds by about 2 1/2 hours so yeah I felt like shit. I had chills and I had a temperature of about 100. So I took a valium, tried to choke down some bread, and took 1/2 a norco and then I started to feel a little better.

I really don't like the way the norcos make me feel so I'm really trying to take the bare minimum. When I've been taking them all day I usually get really nauseous by the evening and I almost puked the last couple days which wasn't fun. So I've really just been sticking to about half a pill whenever I feel like I need it.

I had a pretty bad headache all day which the nurse said most likely was from not eating. She has been texting us and checking in on me which makes me feel very good. So I'm trying to have a protein shake now and I think it's feeling better. I've also been doing better about drinking water.

I still have the numbness on the right side of my lower lip which I know is normal but still super annoying!!!!

Another thing I noticed is that I've been pretty gassy today. No BM yet but I have been taking stool softeners so that when the time comes hopefully it will pass a little easier.

So let's hope that tomorrow is a little easier!! Then Monday I get to go to my post-op appointment and remove my head wrap and get checked out and I can't wait!!!!

Doing better

I'm feeling a lot better today, I woke up a few times during the night so I could stay on top my of medicines so this morning I felt okay. I took a full pill of the norco at 8 am and it just about knocked me out until noon. My right breast is a lot more sore than my left but my boyfriend checked my incisions and they both look good, so the soreness is most likely because that is my dominant side.

I just ate cheese fries and OMG they were so good. All I've been eating is fruit pouches, yogurt, and protein shakes, and I'm not really much of a sweets person so the salty fries were just like heaven to me.

No BM yet, but I don't feel bloated or uncomfortable and I've been taking stool softeners every day, so it'll happen sooner or later I suppose. I'll mention it to my doctor tomorrow at my post-op and I'm sure he'll have some advice for me. It's not bothering me though, so I'm not really worried about it.

Still numb on my lower lip!! Sometimes I feel like I might have a little tingle there, but I know it will take time for the nerves to repair.

boob pic

Just got back from my post-op appt

I got to take off my surgical bra and my head wrap today and it felt soooo good!!! My head wrap is really starting to get itchy and annoying but I still have to wear it for 3 more days :-( I can take it off in the shower though! I am so happy, I have a chin and a jaw line!!! I am so excited to see the swelling start to go down and to see my final result, but that won't be for another few months.

I also got to see my boobies!! Wow they are looking big!! But I can tell that once they are all settled in I am going to be in love with them. I am so excited about everything.

Well actually one thing I am not excited about is that I need to start taking a laxative, I've never taken a laxative before in my life! Well hopefully it works because I think I should probably get things moving down there soon. Even though I'm still not in any discomfort I don't want it to start hurting.

Unfortunate mistake

Well I really hate to say that there was one small hiccup in the process. Thankfully it has nothing to do with my health but moreso with my privacy. The office had sent out flowers thanking me for allowing them to care for me... Which was really lovely and sweet... But they went to my PARENT'S ADDRESS. My heart just totally dropped when I got a phone call from my mother asking what the hell was going on and I had to make up an excuse on the fly. I know she googled the dr and now I am dreading her questioning me next time I see her. My plan was pretty much to hide this from them for as long as humanly possible but I know now that is going to be pretty impossible and I expect that they are going to flip the f*ck out on me.

I completely understand it was an honest mistake. Stuff like this happens and I'm really not mad at the office staff but it's just really really unfortunate because I just really wanted to keep this private. I am now a nervous wreck and I have no idea how I'm going to cover my ass on this! She knows I've talked about it in the past but when I saw how she reacted I dropped it and just figured well I guess I'm on my own with this one. They are definitely more of the uber-conservative type and I feel like I am going to be in for a really really hard time so for now I feel like I just want to avoid them for as long as possible!

Chin & neck update pics without head wrap

I got to shower and it was amazingggggg

Good day

Today has been really good. I feel so much better compared to the last few days. I was so happy to shower today!! It was just wonderful. I was also able to remove my head wrap for a bit and it felt great. I took the photos that I posted previously.

I stopped all my pain meds!! I will only continue to take one valium and norco at night time because it is hard for me to sleep sitting up on my back.

I also had a BM this morning. I took my senna laxative and fiber last night, and this morning I had a cup of coffee and sure enough that did the trick. So yes I am feeling good.

I started my breast massages and It is hard to know how much pressure to use, but I basically just do as much as I am comfortable with. I'm also applying shea and coco butter all over them to keep them moisturized.

I also fully have my appetite back but I am trying not to over-do it considering I am still pretty sedentary during the day. Just trying to keep my carbs low. Although I am feeling a lot better, I still get a little dizzy or light headed if I'm standing up for too long.

Still numbness in my lower lip and chin but I get occasional "fuzzy" feelings. Not quite pins and needles yet but I'm optimistic that my feeling will come back. I'm sure it will take a few weeks.

Feeling like a normal person today!

Yes I got to remove my head wrap and I am feeling great! I am starting to feel more and more little tingles in my lip and chin which is a great sign. Although I'm pretty used to the numbness I obviously can't wait to feel normal again.

I actually got a lot of work done from home today which also made me feel good and productive.

My boyfriend took me out to dinner today!!!! Which I have been dyinngggg to do. We love to go out and I have really been looking forward to that again. I think this whole experience has actually been really great for our relationship. We've been together for about 8 years and we are best friends but of course in any long-term relationship you sometimes fall into ruts. He has been so loving and nurturing while I've been recovering and he has been doing everything he possibly can to help me and seeing that side of him just made me feel so in love with him. And I think that although he wasn't crazy about this idea at first, he now is totally proud of me for achieving my goals and also for being so brave. He stayed strong the whole time and never let on that he was nervous at all. He really liked my doctor and was very confident.

I've been doing my breast massages every day, even though I kind of hate it! It is very uncomfortable and it just... feels wrong?? I mean it's like my instinct is to be very delicate and careful with them while they are healing but then there they go telling me to smush and squish them all around, and I'm just like okayyyy whatever you say!!!

This weekend I really think I'd like to go out and maybe try on some bras and dresses and stuff. I won't buy anything because I know the size will still change but I'd just like to take them out for a test drive!!

I haven't been commenting too much on my chin and neck because I think the swelling is making it look like there isn't too much of a change. Don't get me wrong, I can definitely see an improvement but I know it's just the swelling that will take time to go down so that I can see my final results, and I can't wait!!!!!

A little more activity today

So today I went shopping for a few hours, it was good. Very quickly, however, when I got there I started feeling very hot & nauseous. So I just got myself a cold drink and sat down for a bit (banana, almond, granola smoothie, yum) and was ready to go after a few minutes. I was very hyper-aware of my personal space and afraid of people bumping into me, haha. I bought a couple sports bras... Size LARGE!! I've never worn anything except XS or S in my life!!! Pretty cool!

I've been getting a few more "zingers" in my chin & breasts... I know that's a good sign!

One concern I have. My incision on my right breast is still VERY sensitive. When I wake up in the morning, I would describe the feeling as searing pain. Then it goes away after about 10-15 minutes of movement. But I had just started to do my breast displacement massage routine a few moments ago, and had to stop because the pushing & pulling caused my incision to hurt really bad. I will text my nurse tomorrow and let her know about this. Otherwise, all seems to be going well.

Went for a checkup

Today I had a checkup appointment and I got some really good news. I had been experiencing some pretty terrible discomfort on my right incision and it felt like something was really wrong and it was driving me insane and giving me anxiety. Well we discovered that the micropore tape had been cutting into my skin and basically giving me a constant papercut and that's why I'd get such a searing pain when I moved. Oh my god I am thrilled to have this fixed because it was keeping me up at night because every time I would adjust my position I would wake up from the pain. This lack of good sleep combined with the anxiety of something possibly being wrong was really messing with me and freaking me out! I am so relieved to discover that it was such a simple issue. On the down side, the cut seemed pretty deep and now I am wondering if I will have a double scar on that side. Even if that ended up being the case, I wouldn't mind it so much, because I really think my breasts are looking beautiful.

I got my stitches out of my chin! It pinched a little bit but it wasn't bad.

I'm starting to feel some more twitches and zings in my lip which is great. I know that it will be several weeks before this is resolved but I am confident that it will not be permanent. I am very happy that I have no issues with movement.

I'll be going back to work in a couple days and I am very happy. Honestly the tape thing was really the worst thing about recovery!! I know I sound dramatic when I talk about it but that constant sharp pain was reallyyyy freaking me out and now that it's resolved, I feel absolutely incredible. Happy to move forward with the healing process and now I'm confident that the worst of it is definitely behind me.

2 week chin update picture

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