590cc UHP with Mastopexy 35 Years Old Mother of 2. Arlington Heights, IL

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Hi! I am 5'7 124 lbs athletic mom who was...

I am 5'7 124 lbs athletic mom who was extremely self conscious of all the changes that had occurred to
my breasts with age , nursing , and weightloss .. Before having my
Children I was a full perky C cup and was very
Confident ... After nursing my boys and
Losing 70 lbs my
Breasts lost volume , became VERY saggy even a push up
Bra couldn't really help... I haven't worn a bikini top or bathing suit in
9 years because of
my breasts...Not to mention my
Left breast seemed significantly larger then my right all of the sudden ....I knew I would be going back to work
soon and felt I needed to get my breasts done to feel
Confident again .. Working with the public and downtown I wanted to feel
Better about myself ... I had my
Surgery a few days ago ... I plan on writing a more
detailed review as I start to
feel a bit better .. I do have bruising but that's not
really bothering me ... I will post more pictures and more details soon ... Thank you
To all the women that have helped me by
Posting their photos and experiences ... I hope my
Photos and experience can help others as well.

One week today!;)

I took two pictures tonight before my massaging..I feel that my right breast seems a bit more swollen ... I feel much better tonight and I will
Post more pictures soon ... I hope these pictures are helpful to others choosIng the UHP 590cc implants ;)


Dr Placik is incredible with his hands . I just came out of the shower and I took a closer look at myself and can't believe how small my scars are .. Considering how much work he did ( you see my before picture) all I can say is wow regarding these scars !! I have seen other photos of other women and I'm not saying they were horrible , but it made me appreciate my Surgeons talent .. I will post more pictures soon..:-)

Requests for photos

Thank you for those who are asking me for updated photos, asking how I feel about my results etc.
I will be posting more info and pictures when I feel comfortable doing so.I appreciate getting emails and messages from other women who want some more images and details about my experience. The truth is I am simply not ready to post photos or wish to share at this time.. I will post within the next several weeks or so. Thank you again for your kind messages!

Dr Placik

Dr Pacik has great bedside manner and is a very talented artist and plastic surgeon ! If you are thinking of getting a BA he is definitely the surgeon in Chicago to see . His bed side manner is wonderful . He is very honest and friendly.

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