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I've always wanted bigger breasts and have always...

I've always wanted bigger breasts and have always thought about getting implants. In the past year, I have lost 50 lbs and have worked so hard and changed my lifestyle. It's time to do this for myself! I'm nervous, but excited! I'm worried about not working out but I will get back on track as soon as I can!

Calling around, trying to find the least expensive...

Calling around, trying to find the least expensive mammography place around since I have to have one before the surgery and I don't have insurance right now. I have to get it done soon, since the surgery is coming up. I also have to get an EKG. Not sure why on that one, but it sounds like a good idea, so I'm not going to question it. I got my pre-op packet in the mail today and it has made me a little more nervous. But I know I can get through this and I will come out on the other side happy with my decision.

I'm still trying to find a less expensive...

I'm still trying to find a less expensive mammogram to get. Though I think I have to just bite the bullet and pay what I have to. I'm ready to get my prescriptions filled, making lists of what I will need. I'm getting a TT at the same time, so I'm planning on being out of commision for a while. I don't want to push myself too hard. Laying in bed last night thinking of the ride home. My doctor is about an hour away. I think my husband will have to take the car rather then the truck. I don't think I will be able to step up into the truck, though I know he would lift me up into it. So many things I have to think about.

I don't really understand the "rice" test to see what different size boobs look like. Does anyone know about this? I did try on some sizes at my consultation. Thinking I will go a D, but with the TT, it might be too much for me. I might bring my sister or my daughter with me to the sizing appointment. My husband, (who is a boob man and married me anyway!LOL), actually thinks I should go slightly smaller. I'm not too worried about size though. Don't want to be huge, but anything I get will feel huge. Just worried about getting back in the gym and not gaining weight while recuperating.

I will post some before pics in the next week or so.

Made my appointment for my Mammogram and EKG and...

Made my appointment for my Mammogram and EKG and made my sizing pre-op appointment. Will make my pre-op appointment for all my blood work after the first. Also, turned in my prescription list to Walgreens to be picked up in a few days. Now it's getting real! So excited and with this site, not as scared as I was. Even if I have a lot of pain, I know it won't be forever. I will keep updating and keep reading.

Thank you everyone for commenting!

Sent in the check for payment today! Also prepaid...

Sent in the check for payment today! Also prepaid for my mammogram and EKG, so this is getting real! Also made my appointment for my pre-op for the 11th. Things are moving right along. I'm getting more and more excited! Just have to keep busy. Otherwise I start over thinking things.

Okay, today I bought a house dress that zips up...

Okay, today I bought a house dress that zips up the front. I figure it will be easier for cleaning and going to the washroom and what not. I won't have to worry about pulling anything down or up over my head. I'm getting the TT too, so I need to make sure I'm going to able to move as easily as possible. Also bought a book, though I have to keep myself from reading it until after surgery! Won't be easy!

Still waiting to hear from ps. He has the results...

Still waiting to hear from ps. He has the results of my mammo and I'm waiting for him to look at them and then hopefully give me a call to tell me if the surgery is on or not. I'm so full of anxiety from not knowing right now, it's driving me crazy. Not even sure if I'll get a call tonight. Then I'm starting to wonder if I'm not getting a call because there was something terribly wrong with my mammo and my ps doesn't want to be the one to tell me. I have an appointment with my family physician tomorrow, so I will find out then. I'm just so depressed right now not knowing.

Changing my pic to my before. My mammo of course...

Changing my pic to my before. My mammo of course came back with the radiologist needing another look. I knew it would happen. Said there is a focal asymmetry in the right breast. I'm not worried in the least that there is something wrong, I'm sure it is just dense tissue. This was my first mammo, so I knew there would be something. I go back on Tuesday for a spot compression and possible ultrasound and then they will send the results to my ps(same day!) and I know I will be cleared for take off! My ps isn't worried really either and said to leave the surgery date as is. So, I am just preparing as if the surgery will happen! I'm so excited! I'm getting a TT too and just can't wait for my tummy and breasts to match the rest of my body and match the idea I have in my head!

I'm heading out tonight for my "B" day party, as my niece is calling it! My "boob" day party! Since I won't be drinking or dancing or anything for quite some time, I'm going to blow off some steam tonight! And get my mind off the frustration of having to go in to get my boobs squished again! LOL!

Okay, had a great time last night with my"B" day...

Okay, had a great time last night with my"B" day party. It was just a few of us, but I had fun dancing and having a few drinks since I won't be doing that for a good long while. It was just what I needed. I'm up with the birds, actually before the birds, and feeling just fine. I think I needed a night to just forget about what is going to happen, but now back to stressing! LOL! Can't believe that in just over a week I'm going to be on the road to being the woman I've always wanted to be! My tummy is doing summersaults!

Okay, just got back from having the spot...

Okay, just got back from having the spot compression and ultrasound done and just as I suspected! Nothing to be worried about. There are cysts, but they are benign and I just have to have them rechecked in six months. So, the surgery is on!!! Six more days. Now I can start stressing about surgery and make sure I have everything ready and everything I need! I'm so excited! I can't wait to have my new body! It's going to be great!

Got a call from my PS wanting me to see one of...

Got a call from my PS wanting me to see one of their doctors for the cysts. I told them that I would sign a release and go back to the place I had my mammo in six months for a check up. I'm self pay and just couldn't do another bill. So, I'm on for Monday! I'm so excited. I know I am making the right decision. I'm so excited. I went out and bought stool softener and Smooth Move tea. I want to make sure I am covered! LOL!

I'm getting very excited! Looking forward to...

I'm getting very excited! Looking forward to having larger boobs and great looking boobs! I'm not really worried about the pain since I'm having a TT and MR, so I think I will be in more pain/soreness from that! I'm ready. I just cannot wait to go shopping and get new bras and a new bathing suit and undies!

The biggest problem I'm facing right now is that I'm stress eating and it's making me crazy! Thankfully I'm still working out every day. I want to get in my work outs while I can. Very scared about not going to the gym, but am trying to get in the frame of mind that I have to eat less/take in less calories since I'm not working out. I know I can do it, I just have to get my husband in on it so that he will support me. He seems to think that I will be back in action right away! He will find out soon enough. I'm not going to push myself like I did when recovering from having my kids, I'm going to recover as my body needs it!

I can't wait to post after pictures!

Okay, didn't do the best with eating today and...

Okay, didn't do the best with eating today and didn't work out, but I did get things ready around the house and did some more shopping. I will go to the gym tomorrow to get in one last work out and to kill time! Thankfully my teenage son has given me a bunch of laundry to do, so that will keep me busy! Hee hee! Going to vacuum one more time, get my chair positioned so I can see the tv in the best possible way and also for talking to everyone who comes to visit me,(there will be hoards of people, ok, not really, just my sister and daughter, but still!), and get my garbage can positioned just so in case of nausea! I'm trying to think of everything, but if I forget anything, my hubby will take care of me.

Heading out in a few minutes. Can't wait!!

Heading out in a few minutes. Can't wait!!

I'm sorry I haven't updated! I did update my...

I'm sorry I haven't updated! I did update my tummy tuck review and then was too exhausted to do anymore. I probably shouldn't have done two! But that's okay. All went well. I'm PO day 4 and feeling pretty good. My main complaint right now is that I have to poop and it's right there and won't come. TMI right? But with the pain pills, everyone will go through this most likely. Not a huge thing, since I know it's coming. Taking my stool softeners and drinking my Smooth Move tea, something will work soon.

So, here is how it went. I almost passed out when the Doc was marking my chest. Just not eating, nerves and hypoglycemia. So, I had to sit and the anesthesiologist had to come in and start an IV and get some fluids in me. That did it and Doc finished marking me for the TT into the OR I went! The Doc held my hand while the anesthesiologist administered my cocktail and I was out. Then I was waking up in recovery. Surgery was probably 5 1/2 hours. Had the TT, BA and lipo to side boobs. The BA was through the nipple to do a lift also. The thing that hurt the worst when I got up was my inner elbows. Like my arms had been in one position for too long. It took about 2 1/2 days for that achiness to go away. The BA wasn't horrible. My sternum hurt the worst. The pain pills, which I was taking two at a time on the second day, but am down to one every four hours now. I'm feeling pretty darned good. I really didn't believe when everyone said by day 4 they were feeling better, but it's true. Probably not for everyone, but I think it's pretty common.

I go for my first PO today, I will post after that. I haven't seen the girls, but I can feel them. Well, I can see that they're there, but not sure if I'm going to look since there will be stitches and I don't have an iron clad stomach at times. My hubby will look and take pics of BA and tummy. I know I'm swollen and bruised, but nothing I haven't expected.

I know everyone says don't use your arms, but I have since I had the TT too. I don't push too hard and my husband has been absolutely wonderful. Anything I need he is right there but he is pushing me gently to do some things on my own and to straighten up. I swear we have rebonded through all of this and it's been great.

Very happy about all this!

Feeling pretty darned good. Had my first post op...

Feeling pretty darned good. Had my first post op yesterday. They took the pads off my sides, bruising isn't too bad. Breasts look great, though high of course. Right is starting to fall. Am going to start doing the massages today. They put me in a bra that they made, it's not uncomfortable. Then I'm wearing a basic bar over it. Keep the girls warm. I had my pain pump taken out, drain is still in, but I've been cleared to shower. Which I will do today and the hubby will take some pics and I will post. I'm very happy with everything.

Finally had a BM yesterday! THAT was an experience! GEEZ! My stomach went into contractions trying to push it out, it was like labor. I was the happiest girl in the world though when it finally let loose. Sounds gross, but trust me, if you have problems with constipation during this, you'll get it! I almost started singing! LOL!

Going to start breast massages today after shower and get these girls into place. Still very swollen, but I'm okay with that. It will only get better and better and I'm already happy!

Showered, massages done for first time and ready...

Showered, massages done for first time and ready to take a nap. I can feel the implants gurgling and stuff, but doesn't hurt or anything, just a little weird. No big deal. I'm going to post a pic, lots of bruising but I can handle that. And I will give it all the time needed for swelling to go away.

Feeling very tight today. I think when I take...

Feeling very tight today. I think when I take everything off to do the massages, I will put some lotion on before covering back up. Feeling pretty good, coming off the pain meds, which is a good thing. Going to keep them close just in case though! Starting to really look forward to buying bras. Thinking of looking on the internet today just to get some ideas. Not sure how big around I will be. I was a 36, but had some lipo under the arms and now I'm so swollen that I really don't know. Will be amazed if I'm a 34! Never have been before. Well, maybe when I was in high school, but I was certainly never a D before! Love them!

Seems I'm getting a little bruising from the elastic strap I have to wear around my upper chest. It isn't really that tight, but with being so swollen, I think it just is. I will deal with it, All in the name of healing. My nipples are super sensitive, but that is good. Better then no sensation! I keep trying to rub them a little to help toughen them up a little. Hope everyone else is doing great!

Doing my massages three times a day. Really weird...

Doing my massages three times a day. Really weird feeling the "gurgling" from the implants. But they are dropping. Lots of bruising from the lipo and swollen, but it's only been less then a week. I've been off all pain meds since yesterday. I keep having small coughing fits and that is killing my tummy, but what am I going to do. I try to keep them from happening or from lasting too long. Pressure on my tummy doesn't really help with the pain, but I will continue to try it, it has to be doing something. My bra was pretty tight yesterday but feels better and more comfortable today. I didn't eat very well yesterday and I think that was a big part of it. Today I'm eating more bland, or soft and I'm feeling much better.

Hope everyone else is doing well!

One week post op and feeling pretty good. Still...

One week post op and feeling pretty good. Still lots of bruising since it doesn't go away quickly and still swelling. I've been doing the massages and putting lotion on hoping to keep stretch marks from forming. I think I might get my stitches out on Wednesday and hopefully my drain too. I'm getting more and more used to my new breasts. They haven't been in the way too much, but then I haven't been doing what I usually do.

Tylenol is doing the trick for taking away any pain that comes up. And even though the itching is driving me crazy, I know it's normal and all a part of healing. That makes me happy.

Kind of excited for tomorrow and my 2nd post op. ...

Kind of excited for tomorrow and my 2nd post op. Think my drain will come out since I'm not getting much fluid from it anyway. Can't wait to take a shower in the morning before I go. I'm feeling quite icky! At least I was okayed to take a shower, I've read from a lot of people where they aren't cleared until after the drain is out. It will be wonderful to take a shower without it in though!

Getting more and more itching from the healing and the stretching of the skin of my breasts. My nipples are starting to itch. My stitches are around the top of the nipple since my PS did a mini lift at the same time as putting the implant in. I seem to have bruised more since the surgery, but it could be that the bruises didn't show up right away. The sides of my breasts are tender from the bruising and it makes it uncomfortable when I do the massages, but I get through them. Now I'm just working on standing up straight!

Okay, found out at my 2nd post op that I don't...

Okay, found out at my 2nd post op that I don't have any stitches around my nipples, they are dissolvable. In fact, the only stitch I have that needs to be removed is the ones in my belly button. So, that was a good thing. Implants are dropping and things are healing the way they are supposed to. Though I had to get a bigger bra since the one they gave me was too small with the swelling and was causing even more bruising. So, I got a new one to wear for the time being and it is much more comfortable.

My nipples are starting to get more and more sensation in them. Very sensitive, but that's okay, means they are healing. I am doing much better and actually slept in my bed last night. My back actually was sore from laying on my back, but was better then being on the recliner all alone. And I actually slept a little on my side, which was great!

Sleeping more on my side and it's getting more and...

Sleeping more on my side and it's getting more and more comfy. My breasts are falling into place and feeling a little softer. They are itching like crazy, though I keep complaining about that! It's normal, so I'm not worried but I need to vent about it! It helps! The swelling is getting less and less and I'm getting more and more used to them. The hubby told me today that he can't remember me with my little ones. I caught him staring at my chest today and told him, "My eyes are up here!" and we laughed. I keep looking at them too.

The bruising is going away and I am very happy about that. Not much else to report here, but wanted to check in!

Had my third post op today and I'm doing great....

Had my third post op today and I'm doing great. Found out the tape around the top of my nipples is going to have to be there for three months to help with healing and such. That's okay. It doesn't bother me, the tape is flesh colored and no one will see it but my husband and myself.

So, I don't have to go back for a month. Everything is healing up and dropping and doing what they're supposed to be doing. Yea!!

I'm walking straighter and straighter. Starting...

I'm walking straighter and straighter. Starting to try to stretch out more to be able to bend backwards. It's really hard to gargle after brushing my teeth when I can't bend backwards! LOL! My bruising is almost all gone. I'm getting pings in my breasts, which means feeling is coming back. Not a bad thing, just itchy.

Not much to report really. I just keep bumping the sides of my boobs and hitting myself in the front of my boobs since I'm not used to them being there. Makes me laugh actually! Ordered a couple of bikini tops, waiting to get bra's until I'm done with the underwire that I have to wear. Implants seem to be falling into place nicely though!

Ps When did everyone else stop wearing their...

ps When did everyone else stop wearing their elastic band across their chests? I was told I could reduce wearing mine to just at night, but it's really uncomfortable and I'm happy with where my breasts are, so I'm going to stop wearing it.

As my subject line says, I've been getting the...

As my subject line says, I've been getting the zingers lately, which is good, means healing, but not much to be done about it. The only bad thing is I've been getting a muscle pain in the top inside of my left breast. It really hurts. So, I'm taking it easy and not pushing too much. It's not constant so I'm not worried about it. My breasts have dropped and are doing great. The TT is taking longer to heal from but it makes me take it easier, so that's a good thing.

Lots of sensitivity, which is also a good sign.

I didn't mean for my last update to be so short, I...

I didn't mean for my last update to be so short, I was leaving to go shopping and at that moment, it was more important! LOL! So, like I said I'm getting the zingers and the muscle cramp in the left breast and the skin is very sensitive. I had my implants go in through the nipple, so I'm dealing with that healing too. I have to say though, I am just loving them! I have to wear an underwire bra with the cup cut out for six weeks since I had the cuts done on the inside of the bottom of the breast,(can you tell I forgot what it is called?), so to get the implants to fall where they are supposed to and not down below the crease, but I will go without a bra over the top and wear a tank top and I love looking down and seeing boobs! And cleavage! I think they are smaller then I thought they were going to be, but actually the size I originally wanted, so I'm happy! I couldn't be happier that I had this done!

Feeling pretty good. Started using Palmer's...

Feeling pretty good. Started using Palmer's lotion for stretch marks on my breasts and tummy a few days ago. Feels good, can't say if it is doing anything yet, too soon to tell. I'm still getting the zingers in my nipples, but the girls feel much better otherwise. Hoping when I go for my 6 week checkup that I don't have to wear my "bondage" bra anymore. I can't wait to wear a regular bra and maybe even no bra at night! That would be awesome. Even if I have to wear a sports bra, that would make me happy. Anyway, they are feeling good. I think they have dropped to where they will be for awhile and they are feeling more and more soft. I absolutely love them! I have wanted bigger boobs all my life and I just am so happy. I can't wait to go out and show them off. I would wear padded bra's and was actually able to get a little cleavage, now I can get a ton! So happy!

My side are still sore from the lipo, but it is bearable. Doesn't seem that Tylenol does much, but that is what I'm taking. I should get some Advil, maybe that would help, not that I'm in terrible pain. I'm still doing my stretches for my pecs and massaging three times a day. As far as the BA, I'm doing really well and am very happy.

Have gone to the gym two days this week and did 45...

Have gone to the gym two days this week and did 45 minutes and an hour of cardio and it felt really good. It felt really good to sweat! I'm going every other day to ease back into it, though I could probably go every day. It's really hard to not go faster like I want to, but again, I don't want to push it too hard.

Still getting the zingers but they aren't as bad. ...

Still getting the zingers but they aren't as bad. I tend to get some pain where I'm getting a couple of stretch marks, but I'm using stretch mark lotion and once I start using something for my incision for my TT, I'll probably throw some up top. I had my implants put in through the areola so I will probably put scar cream there too, though I can barely see where the incision is. The only thing I'm not thrilled with is that my areola are huge now, stretched out. I hadn't really thought about that, but I can live with it and am not horrified or anything. My breasts are very sensitive and I can't wait to wear a regular bra. Hopefully Wednesday! I have noticed a difference when working out, feeling the weight and the bounce, but I rather like it! Doesn't help that I can't wear a sports bra yet, but once I'm cleared, I think things will be A-OK! The healing process has been good with the implants and they have dropped and I think are fluffing. I'm assuming that means spreading out and looking natural. I can feel the right one when I'm doing massage, but not the left. Perhaps more muscle or something. They are the same size cc wise. 480 each. Did everyone else get the id card with your implant number on it? I did, kind of fun! I don't know why! Hope everyone else is healing well. I will add another pic later on today!

Been a few days since I've updated. I'm feeling...

Been a few days since I've updated. I'm feeling pretty good. Zingers are a lot less and they seem to have dropped all the way and fluffed. I've started working out full time again. It's really weird doing some of the exercises. Lat pull downs are strange since you don't realize that you use your abs and your pecs! I'm just taking things slow, less reps and less weights to start with. Right back to cardio, though I'm not able to go as fast on the treadmill, but that's okay. It feel wonderful to be back to working out. I have to get rid of the few pounds I've put on, though it could be swelling. I'm hoping that's what it is, but oh well if it's not. I will take the pounds off and get back on track with my work outs and healthier eating. I'm having fun buying bra's and how tops are fitting. It's really awesome. A dream come true! This is something I've always wanted and would do it again in a heartbeat!

Doing pretty well as far as with the implants. ...

Doing pretty well as far as with the implants. They have fallen and fluffed and I absolutely love them! The zingers are almost non-existent now. I still have soreness under my arms from the lipo. I am able to sleep on my sides and I just use a pillow and press it up against my chest. Its not like I need it totally, but I do need a bit of support. I've gotten back to exercising and working my way up to the weights I used to do. I've found that some of the exercises I do I use my pecs. I can't not do them, they are exercises for my back, so I am doing them a little slower. I'm very aware of my breasts now. So far walking on the treadmill and doing the elliptical hasn't been too bad. Not much bouncing! I am wearing good sports bra's and my work out tops are pretty tight too. I do love how I look in them though! Loving looking down and seeing cleavage! It's so new to me! Hope everyone else is healing well!

Doing pretty good! Zingers are all but done,...

Doing pretty good! Zingers are all but done, though now I have itching at the incisions, but not horrible! I do have a few new stretch marks, so I keep putting Palmers for stretch marks on them. We'll see if it makes a difference. I still have to tape the incisions, per the PS. Going in for my next follow up on the 17th, hoping I am told I don't have to tape anymore. I did get a couple of spitting stitches, but they didn't really amount to anything. Just kind of went away.
I'm feeling good and loving the girls! I am pretty much back to my old work out routine. Though I'm realizing how much you use your pecs when working out! Kind of funny! I'm loving buying new bras! Bought a few VS bras. I'm going to post some pics of me in my new bikini's and one of my girls. They are looking great! Very happy!

Almost 4 months post op and feeling great! I felt...

Almost 4 months post op and feeling great! I felt pretty much healed from my BA by about 3 weeks, but had a TT too and that took a lot longer! Though I'm feeling pretty good with that too. I'm not having any more zingers, just some itchiness at the incisions, though it is very tolerable. I love my breasts, though I have to get used to how to dress them. I want to show them off(within means) but don't want them hanging out. I can do cleavage now with just my bra and no cutlets and I do it and I look at myself and think, "I can't go out like this!", so I'm asking my friends and family who have larger breasts how to dress them and to get over it. I got them because I've always wanted breasts that fit my physique and I feel that they really do. So, I feel like this will be the summer of showing them off!

At this point in the game, the only things that are "bothersome" and I put it in quotes because it really isn't anything that bothers me much, is the itchiness at the incisions and that I can feel the gurgling when I do my massage. I don't feel anything otherwise. They feel very natural and look even better. I would recommend them to anyone!

5 Months, they are mine and I love them!

I'm feeling great! Have just started running again, have to admit that the reason I waited so long was because I was scared, but with getting a few very supportive bra's and not trying to break any records, I am doing it! I'm exercising at my old levels and trying new things. It's summer and I get very tired of the gym once the weather is nice, so it's tons of walking, jogging, bike riding and hiking for me. The pool is still to cold to do any swimming, but I'm great at floating around on a raft!

I've learned to dress the girls and to be proud of them! I think for a bit I was a little shy with them, but then I thought, "Heck, I'm 44, never had boobs before, I'm rocking them!" and I have, without being too slutty! It's awesome having cleavage! My biggest problem now is that I don't like wearing anything flowy, I only really like form fitting! But I spend this money and have gone through the recovery, I'm showing off as much as I can! Next summer I will be more demure! LOL! My scars are healed up, though a bit red, but I haven't spit a stitch in weeks and I get no pain from my breasts anymore. I have been using Mederma 1X daily on the scars and Palmers Tummy Butter on the stretch marks. I moisturize all the time and do use sunscreen! I didn't once, was out for about 20 minutes and got a bit of a burn. Nothing terrible, but I want to be very careful!

6 months today and can't imagine not having "The Girls!"

My healing from the BA was much easier then the TT, but have taken more getting used to. I've been having many different reactions to my new body! I've been hit on and I've been completely ignored,(by women for the 2nd one!). I really don't have any cons to getting my BA, my tops fit better, I'm loving my new bra's, I love wearing a bikini and showing off the girls. I try not to have them in everyone's face, but a bit of cleavage is just what I needed! I think they are completely natural looking, though I still have redness in the incision, but who sees that other then me and the hubby? I have found that I can go braless with some tops, (I have found the joy of petals), and that I love buying bra's. I still have itching sometimes at my incision, but nothing terrible. I still have sensitivity in the nipples, which was a concern of mine, especially since my surgeon went in through the areola. So, really, they are 99% healed and I just can't imagine not having them!

7 months and doing great!

I am just loving the girls! They completely feel like they are my own, though when I do massages, (which isn't all the time, just when I think about it), they still gurgle, but I can live with that. My scars are practically gone. There is redness around the top of my aerola, but it doesn't really bother me. I have full sensitivity and even though they are large, since they are new, I can wear nipple petals rather then a bra, which is good for some tops. I have gone out with them all pushed up and out and I get tons of attention! I finally have the body to go with my personality!

I love that I can wear a bra or bathing suit top and get that curve from my breasts, which I couldn't before, without using cutlets. I'm so happy I did this! I wish I had done it sooner! My daughter is actually thinking of having hers done, which I encourage her to do, since she has a lot of unevenness. She is 21, so it is her decision!

Almost a year out!

As you can see, I haven't updated in awhile. Not because I don't still love what I did and not because my results aren't amazing, but because I've back slid a bit. I've put on about 15 lbs. I started working, which meant no time to work out and the food hasn't been great. I go for my one year check up on the 22nd of January and I have made the decision to hit the gym and watch my food. I didn't go through this to go back to where I was. My bosses have told me that they will pay for a gym membership in the building where I work and let me go at 3:30 so that I can get a work out in before leaving with my sister, (who I work with). I will get my tight body back. I know I can do it!
I have noticed that since I stopped working out like I was that my body is getting all sorts of aches and pains. I have tennis elbow from using the computer,(work), and problems with my opposite shoulder! But I will work through it, without hurting myself.
The biggest changes over the past year are me going through a midlife crisis. Basically I have this great body and not getting the attention from the hubby I thought I would, plus being in my 40's and sexual prime, it's making me think about sex all the time! I feel like a teenager! Well, a teenage boy! LOL! Though I knew this would happen with losing weight and having a banging body, but I'm trying to find the way to deal with it. I will post pictures after my year check up, but I will tell you the biggest change in my body is that it's softer from not working out. I'm planning things for the new year that will make me have to be in shape. A 5k color run, getting a kayak and getting out on the water, just being physical.
My advice is to keep up with your workouts when you can and watch your food intake and talk to people if you start feeling depressed or anxious. I'm jealous of everyone just going through this. Don't worry, the pain goes away and you feel great and normal. I would do this again in a heartbeat, but not because I let myself go again! I certainly wouldn't rule out other surgeries. This has changed my life and even with my anxieties, for the better!

1 Year post op!!! So happy!

It's been a year and I am absolutely in love with my breasts. I think they are incredibly natural and my scars, (went in through the aereola), are almost invisible! I have included a picture of me laying down. My breasts are naturally spread far apart and they are far apart when I'm laying down, but they would be even if they were small. When I'm standing, I have good cleavage and they look fantastic in clothing! I have a few stretch marks, but it isn't too bad. I still put on lotion, but at this point it is probably more for me then for the stretch marks. Though it can't hurt. I haven't had any problems since about six months out and even then, they weren't really problems. A few spitting stitches, some pins and needles but not a lot of pain. I wish I had done this years ago. I would recommend them to anyone!

Just over two years post op - Still Happy

It's been just over two years, well, two years and a few months actually! I would still do this all over again! I have more core strength than I ever thought possible and I love my body. Though I will give you a couple of warnings. This is not a cure all where you won't gain weight again! I have gained about 20 pounds and am working hard to get it off. I can do more physically but I was working out a ton more to lose the weight in the first place and am now working and can't dedicate as much time to my work outs and didn't really change my eating habits. Plus I'm starting peri-menopause! Such fun! I'm at a point now that I'm trying to again change my lifestyle, this time with the food. So, I will update as soon as I can and I'm going to use this forum to keep track of my changes.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Researched on internet and went for consultation. Read many reviews. Went for my consultation and Dr. Placik and his staff were so nice and helpful. His before and afters are amazing and I like that he has a YouTube channel that shows a lot of what he does. The whole staff is wonderful. Went for my one year post op and everyone was just as excited as I was. I started to cry looking at the befores and seeing my after! I'm so happy!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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