535cc Ultra High Profiles! 12 months

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Hey ladies! Well, I'm all set and booked for...

Hey ladies! Well, I'm all set and booked for surgery. Here is a little bit about me:
Current bra size: 32C (deflated)
Weight: 112lbs
Height: 5'4"
Have 2 kids, both breastfed for over a year
I've been considering breast implants for almost a year. I decided to do it last fall, but decided to wait to make sure this is what I wanted. Its a life changer good, or bad. This is not one of those things you do and it ends up being just "OK". Its either amazing or devastating, there are no luke warm feeling about implants!

I have another profile named "upforchange". If you want more details on my journey picking out my PS or deciding to have surgery you can go there. I didn't realize I had two profiles, not sure how that happened. But now i'm going to use this one only.

Yesterday was my sizing. I'm going with 535 Ultra high profiles and am so excited! I'm a little nervous because I also could fit one size bigger but that would be 590CC's of UHP Silicone implants! That sounds like a lot! I'm concerned about having boob greed but I don't want to have back pain, or look disproportionate.

Any tips or advice for pre or post op is welcome. Anyone have advice on the 590cc's? They didn't have those to try on so I couldn't see them but even though they fit, I think they might be too much.

Thanks ladies, the dreaded before pics to follow!

Hi ladies, I forgot to add a few details about my...

Hi ladies, I forgot to add a few details about my surgery. My left boob is fatter than my right so I have to get lipo in my left boob. The nurse made a point to tell me that one is going to be more swollen and hurt more. That's kinda freaking me out. I'm already nervous about the pain so knowing this doesn't help. I'm just starting to look at post op stuff. I figure just in case I have to order something online I should start now.

Post op tip#1 wax everything!. I made an apt for a Brazilian a few days before my surgery. I do my own underarms and brows. I figured I may be out of it for weeks, and waxing is not going to be high on the priority list.

Question: Did you ladies wear lotion and deodorant. My pre op papers says I cant, but I have to wait 4 days to shower. How can I go even a full day without lotion! Ugh

Hi ladies. Almost everyday since my last post I've...

Hi ladies. Almost everyday since my last post I've been writing down my thoughts and fears and deleting them before I post them! I know i'm crazy but if I posted everything I would have the longest blog ever about nothing but my anxiety and excitement! So I'm 8 days out from surgery. I still go back and forth about the cc's but am relatively set on it. I mean I'm getting over 500cc's, I think I will be ok. Going to almost 600cc's would mean more risk and more recovery which I am not looking forward to as it is. Plus the nurse made "a face" when I tried on the 590's. not that she was being rude, but I think that was her way of warning me not to go too large. (i'm grasping at straws I know:)
Today my husband had surgery (non cosmetic) and it was really hard to be at a surgery center knowing I would be there soon in immense pain! I was totally able to focus on him when he needed me but when I was alone or waiting for him to wake up from anesthesia I was silently freaking out. I know that I will be waking up with what some has described as major pressure or terrible pain! I still want this more than anything at the moment, but being there before my time didn't help!

So far I ordered silicon strips and arnica gel from Amazon. I still have a lot to do. I've been so focused on my husband I haven't gotten to my surgery yet. That's been a good thing I guess, time has been flying by. I have a feeling Next Mon-Wed will be dreadfully slow. I'm so grateful for this forum, I haven't told anyone but my mom and hubby so I don't have anyone to talk to about this.

Well I've entered the nesting phase. I've been...

Well I've entered the nesting phase. I've been cleaning like crazy. If you read my post above my hubby had surgery on Wed and is not recovering as well as i'd hope. So I haven't been able to get all my post op care items as early as i'd like but I have a few more days. I've been up during the night with him so i'm really tired. I wanted to be done with the whole house by now but that isn't going to happen. I do have my bed/recovery room in mint condition. I even pulled all the light fixtures and washed them...that might have been over kill but I really want the main place I'm going to be in to be as zen as possible.
HAIR STUFF- I'm Black so I'm really concerned about my hair. I'm not going to want to have to fool with it. I only have to wash my hair every 1-2 weeks but when I do its a 2 hour labored ordeal I don't want to deal with. I ended up ordering a really nice wig that should get me through until i'm ready. I didn't want to spend the money but unfortunately right when I get back to work I have an important meeting to attend..not looking forward to the firm handshakes and having to be 100% focused but hopefully I will be looking good!
I know i'm going to have to wear my surgery bra for a while, but are there any suggestions for better ones.? I haven't discussed if I will need compression, support or if my PS wants me to be free. Ugh, I've been so focused on my husband and making sure my kids don't feel ignored during their spring break I feel like i'm putting my surgery stuff on the back burner. I need to change that tomorrow. I will be no good to anyone if I forget to get my Rx filled or don't have the things I need pre and post op.

Well, its 5am and i'm totally woke! Today is my...

Well, its 5am and i'm totally woke! Today is my day. I have to leave at 7:30 and surgery is at 9:30. I've been so busy I really haven't been able to think about it. Even yesterday I still had a few things on my list that I did until 9pm and then we watched our favorite Wed night tv shows. It only kicked in at 11pm when I found I was not able to sleep! I have everything all set, and kids are taken care of. I was going to leave them with no sitter, but my husband and I don't need anything else on our minds so I hired a girl to come watch them. I think i'm in shock or disbelief. I don't have any real strong emotions right now. My husband was way more nervous and excited than I was yesterday. I just think i'm scared to think about it so I don't. ..well there no more hiding or keeping busy. Today is the day!

Okay, well its been a few days before I could come...

Okay, well its been a few days before I could come back to you after my BA which was on Wed, lets start with the day of surgery

Wed 3/28: Okay so I didn't sleep that well and pretty much woke up at 5am ready to go but I didn't have to be there until 8:30. So I get there at 8:15 and find out they tried to call me and said it would be a delay for an hour at least...OK so hungry and anxious I took my butt to Walmart and walked around for an hour. I get back to the surgery center and was ready to go (Mentally) to make this very long story a little shorter I did not actually get in and prepped until 4 HOURS LATER! Could you imagine having to wait so long, be starving and the only reason I heard was that some other lady came on the wrong day early this morning so he to went a head a took her! PISSED beyond belief and nervous that he was going to start rushing, or hear that I was complaining..it was the worst. I called the office and they made some calls so some people came to apologize but this wasn't a $200 hair cut this was a $7k procedure why I am I waiting 4hours for this uggh.

Anyway when the doc finally came him he was joking around and in good spirits so my thoughts of him being tired or rushing were gone and I finally got excited. I was literally minutes from walking out the door and i would have if I wasn't paid in full and scared I would loose it all. I wasn't sure who to be the most mad at or if the story about him taking someone on the wrong day was true, at that point I didn't care, I was hungry and I had a sitter waiting at home and just simply I was not treated right.

Finally around 1pm the Doc marked me up and the anesthesiologist came and I was wheeled in the operating room. The Dr. held my hand as I went to sleep. I was happy for that!
I am still happy with my PS but shit happens and of course it had to happen on my big day. I have to take a rest, typing isn't as easy as I thought but ill be back with the rest soon!

Surgery day and Post op day 1 :Well to tell you...

Surgery day and Post op day 1 :Well to tell you the truth those days are a little blurry! Lets start right out of surgery..OMFG it hurt so bad. They didn't give me any pain meds right away. I had to wait a long while to make sure I was woke, ok and could eat something. Then they only gave me two of my pain meds. My husband got happy juice right in his IV..man was I jealous. My nurse was an Asian guy who was very nice and laughed at my swearing (there was plenty of that!) Finally they gave me meds which only took the edge off, but i figured that was fine i would take it...that's when the drug addiction started! I began taking the pills..AS DESCRIBED which helped with the pain but man did i puke everything up (water, air everything). Im fine with anesthesia, it was the pain meds and valium and anti nausea medicine. It was horrifying. I was soo loopy. When i got up to pee in the middle of the night blood ran down my stomach and my husband freaked out and called my ma. Thankfully she came the next day! just fyi she is a great mom but also a nurse :) Only my husband was here with me on Thurs (DOS) So it was pretty freaky for him to see me in such pain. I never screamed during childbirth I just sat quietly, so for him this was pretty scary.

Post op day 1 (Fri): My ma came and i was still taking my pills and not holding anything down. I don't remember much, i remember being mean to my hubby cause he kept trying to make me eat crackers, i think i told him to him to shove it..or something similar. My ma (the genius) decided it was time for an intervention! she suggested i take them less and i did! plus she is a world class cook so it was worth it to get her food down! Once i got my mind unpolluted i realized even by day 2 my pain was tolerable with just taking to Extra strength Tylenol! Sat i was more myself and my husband and mother were ecstatic. I must have been a real jerk. Even on day one i was doing my arm exercises and shoulder rolls to help not get CC. at least i didn't forget that. Sunday i was walking up and down stairs and watching tv which was not possible the first few days.

My boobs-Well i cant see them:( they do look huge but i can tell i have swelling! As i thought the left boob is the problem, that one had lipo. it hurts a little more and the range of motion is less. Overall they look good, i think i will like them, i get to see them today and my post op. PS peas are your friends, i used them everyday and it totally helped!

I'll be back after my post op today, hopefully with pics! Has anyone ever gone to a post op apt and took off her surgery bra and crackers fell out. That's what i'm thinking will happen today...i'll let you know!

POST OP DAY 4: Ok. My post op appointment was Mon....

POST OP DAY 4: Ok. My post op appointment was Mon. It was rather uneventful . I saw the nurse and she said they are going to be beautiful! I felt she was sincere and I'm pretty good with reading people! So I hope she's right. She took it pretty easy on me while showing the massages. Partially because she heard about the delay the DOS, because of my ultra vomit fits I had and more so because I'm pretty stretched out and the lipo is a real PAIN., next week will be different I'm sure. I have few massages to do. One in particular is really important because of my sternum fluid? I currently have a bruise there (the section between my breast) and it doesn't look good at all. I need things to loosen up. It's the freaking lipo boob that bugs me more than anything. That one is Extra swollen, Extra Heavy and extra painful. If it acted like its sister I would be right as rain but I guess there's always one. I left the dr. Office with the ability to shower with mild soap, and I got the strap to wear whenever I want.

POST OP DAY 5- back to work.
Well I moved really slowly and was 10 min late but that was okay. I was very careful and only took 2 Tylenol extra strength at 11. The pain wasn't to bad, but i figured why be bothered with it. I stopped taking it every 4 hours on day 3 or so. If there is any new pain, or something unusual I wanted to feel it. But I knew this was just muscle spasms. The Valium is no good for me and truthfully aren't necessary. The day went by fine. I'm an office dweller so it was pretty calm. The worst part was getting sleepy at 1:30. I mean Really sleepy. I almost went home but I only had 2hrs left so I hung in there.

Did u ladies know you metabolisims kicks in like crazy. I can't eat enough. I'm trying to keep it kinda healthy but I have to snack all day!

Hope u ladies are well. I will post more pics in one week!

Post op day 8: Well, I've been avoiding posting...

Post op day 8: Well, I've been avoiding posting because I don't really know what to say. I am a very logical, level headed woman. So i'm shocked to say I think I have bobbie blues..as least that's what i'm hoping it is! Do I dare say it...I THINK THEY ARE TOO BIG! (who says that!) Thankfully I didn't go with the larger size because I couldn't imagine them any bigger or having to deal with any more (minor) pain. I have to tell myself its only been a week things will change. I'm hoping I have swelling and that they will go down some, I know they have to drop (scared of the fluff).

Let me stop and clear my thoughts. My major reason for sadness right now is I have always been VERY proud to be ME. No Apologies. I feel like I am going to lose that with these giant breast. I'm already doing it. I was ready to deal with whatever people may say about me having the procedure (i'm in the Midwest, it seems less accepted here in general)..but right now I am not comfortable with them, so I hide them. I wear big ugly clothing and layer things, and stay in my office. I told myself that's okay, by summer youll be fabulous, now im not so sure. I made the mistake of trying on an old tank top and I looked STUPID! I almost cried. My boobs make me look so fat. I know I don't take the best self pics, but I am only 112lbs even though I don't look it in my before shots. I told the nurse at the sizing I didn't want to look matronly, which she of course said was impossible because I was so small. Now I feel fat in everything! I truly hope I am still swollen and that the D&F process works miracles. Thanks for listening to my rant!

Everyday is SLOWLY but surely getting better. On top of morning boob I have the lipo under the breast that Kills in the morning. Once I sit up and the implants goes to the bottom of the breast where it is sore from lipo is what I feared every morning. It is tons better now. I will post pics of my bottom breast. It is actually scabbing up nicely and the inside is getting so much better. At about day 6 i stopped taking the 2 Tylenols a day. I don't feel like i'm having the same things some of the other ladies had. I never heard the sloshing or gurgling noise. My nipples are NOT sensitive and I don't have zingers. What I have is the (more minor everyday) pain at the bottom of my left breast from lipo. the pulling of my skin since I go with no bra. the tightness if I sit for too long but that's it. I do my massages at least 3x daily. A slight concern of mine is the blood in the middle of my breast. It was there at my last post op but it was not easy to see because I still had markings on me. Its gotten worse. I think it is from my skin stretching though it is not a bruise, it is blood. My next post op is Tues. It doesn't hurt more than the rest of my skin and is not uniboob, so again I can wait until my next post op apt.

Sorry for the long post, my pics will be up in a moment.

Hi ladies..WOW I am so much better since my last...

Hi ladies..WOW I am so much better since my last post. The day after that post I got my period which explains A LOT. I cant believe how upset I got after trying on a tank top that was too small before surgery..lol. Anyway I am much better, mentally and physically now. I actually have an extreme change in emotions. I am SO in love with my new additions! I'm thrilled about the size, and am thankful my recovery has gone so smoothly.

Post op day 13: I had my 2nd post op apt earlier this week. I was thrilled to see the PS instead of the nurse. It just made me feel a little better. He said he is surprised I didn't have any bruising and that I am doing as well as I am. He said there is no need for the strap at all because they are in a pretty good place so far. He changed the tape on my incisions (ouch) it was weird to see them. I cant wait until the stiches dissolve. I purchased silicone strips so i'm hoping there will be minimal scarring. He wasn't sure about the stain in the middle of my chest, but said not to worry it would go away. Thankfully I am not concerned about it because he didn't really say much about it. As of today it is starting to lighten. He thought it may have been soap that got between my breast during surgery...that sound weird, but again no worries so I let it go. He said I can preform light activity and swim (yeah right) but for the most part it was uneventful.

Recovery so far: Besides my mini mental breakdown all is well. The lipo spots do not bother me at all anymore, I don't have any pain at all. I never even had morning boob..weird right? I do my massages and arm exercises 3x daily. I currently have chaffing, meaning my skin hates to rub up against anything so I have been going only half days with bra's. I bring my arnica cream to work with me so now I apply that multiple times a day. I found some really comfy brallets today for $3. My boobs cant handle any lace or anything so they are just a very loose spandex! I put them on and was so thankful it covers my whole boob so nothing rubs against it. I had to buy a gallon of milk, not good. when I got home I had someone else unload it. It felt extremely uncomfortable. to be fair I had a few other things in my hand, winter coat, purse etc. but it was a reminder to still not lift heavy things.

I will post pics soon. My boobs really look good in my sports bras. I am so happy about my size. They are big and I love them, no boob greed here! I stopped hiding at work, I don't flaunt them, but mine don't look anything like me in a simple push up..thankfully. No one has asked me any questions, so at least I don't have to lie to anyone. I went shopping today and the other ladies were giving compliments left and right about my figure. I was kinda shy but secretly loving it. I tried on and bandage dress and had my hubby come in to look at it cause I thought I looked to sexy for the kids to see...lol

Question ladies, is it safe to...do it..my hubby really wants too but i'm still scared. I don't like to bend over, lie flat or jiggle...so I guess we will have to be creative! Thanks for dealing with my crazy in my last post. I am so in love with them now I hate I cant erase the last post.

I forgot what I was trying to say but I definitely...

I forgot what I was trying to say but I definitely had morning boob! Lol

Hi, ladies. Have any of you produced milk after...

Hi, ladies. Have any of you produced milk after surgery? This is so bizarre. I started getting a small rash under my right breast, so I started moving it around so I could look in a mirror and noticed a little bead of cream colored liquid. What the heck! its been over 7 years since I've nursed, how could this be. The funny thing is, its only one duct! one fairly large pore that secretes milk if I push near it! I go to the doc tomorrow and will ask him about it.

I've also developed a rash and blisters under my breast. I'm hoping its from my bra's. Maybe they were to small, or maybe my skin is still really sensitive. I hope its nothing more major than that. I have started using my breast milk on my rash and blisters. anyone else who has nursed knows how well it heals your skin. In just 24 hours the rash and itching is gone and the blisters are healing. Sorry if this grosses anyone out, but what works works, besides why waste it! I'll update pics after my 4 week post op tomorrow!

Hi, I had my 4 week post op apt with my PS today....

Hi, I had my 4 week post op apt with my PS today. I'm very pleased I have seen him for most of my post ops rather than the nurse. Okay the milk. He told me it was normal to produce milk because the implant is pushing on the ducts. The remainder of the apt was uneventful. He said they look really good and I can work out with 5-10lb weights. The stain in the middle of my chest will take a long time to go away and i have to keep it out the sun. I don't go back for 2 months. Unfortunately I changed my tape when I got home and realized its not milk it's puss..or something like it. Unfortunately I have a blister on my areola that was covered by the tape so it got worse while the others got better. I'm gonna keep an eye on it so it doesn't get infected. All this on one breast! I guess I couldn't recover that easy.

Post op week 5: I'm doing very well. My blisters...

Post op week 5: I'm doing very well. My blisters are healed and my incisions are healing pretty good. My breast have dropped a bit more and I can finally sleep on my SIDE! Thank goodness for that, I was beginning to worry that position would never be comfortable again!
I started working out this week. Just squats and lunges and the hand/arm movements that go with them. I was fine, just winded since its been a few months. I tried working my abs today. I stopped, that wasn't as comfortable. Ill give that a few more weeks.

Post op week 7: Well, when the Dr. told me the...

Post op week 7: Well, when the Dr. told me the next 6 weeks would be pretty boring, he was right. Not much has been going on. My breast have dropped more, almost to the point I don't want them to go any lower. Still getting the occasional zinger, that numb tingly feeling is gone! My skin is very sensitive. I'm dark skinned, and on one of the first sunny days here I was out and noticed I got a dry patch on the top of my left breast. My skin never burns or gets damaged from the sun, so I need to be more careful for a while. Unfortunately I don't have any new bras to post pics in, I've been very patient and only just started looking for bra's. I figure i'm at my final size by now. I went to Vicki Secrets, what a mistake. The girl was not helpful at all. I tried on some 32dd and 32ddd's and nothing really fit right. the 34 was too big. Could I be a 32E? The problem was I kept spilling out the sides of the bra by my underarm. I have gained a few pounds, maybe that was just fat. Either way I will go to Kohls one day and try things on and take my time. Hopefully i'm a 32ddd so i'm not too limited in my bra choices.

I received some questions via email and friends, so I figured I would answer them below:
Are they heavy:? Not at all! I have never felt strained, or back pain from my new boobs. I still have good posture, without having to correct my self, no neck or back pain. I can honestly say I never paid the weight any attention until someone asked me!
Do your old close fit? They do, but I can say that having big boobs can give the illusion of having a big belly, so you have to select your clothes carefully. No stripped shirts lol and nothing to loose. It gives that tent effect making me look fat in my midsection. Dresses look amazing, tshirts and most things, there are just a few that don't flatter me now.

Did I get feeling back? - Yes and I don't know! My babies really went to town when they were nursing. I never had much sensation in my nipples, definitely not to the point I enjoyed them. So I am about where I was, no better no worse.

Are they uncomfortable? I still don't like to bend over for too long, and I don't lay on top of them. I only just began exercising again, but jumping isn't that much fun. but I think that is more mental. I'm still being careful with them. I had a pretty good recovery, I don't want to jinx it by going balls out just yet. Other than that everyday activities are fine.

I'm I am happy I did this, cant wait to get back in shape and enjoy the summer!

Jockey Bra is we're everyone should go for Bra's

Wow. It's so weird to not be totally obsessed with boobs anymore! At this point I am 3 months post surgery and doing very well. As the title above says I received 535 cc ultra high profiles under the muscle March 28th. I am doing fabulous and have been complication free. I love my new boobs and have no regrets. The only problem I had was finding a bra that fit. Until today. The local stores like Kohls Victoria secrets etc could not offer me much of anything. I got lucky at kohls w a bra that has no real size, kinda like the surgery bra. It was just a 36 but it was ugly and couldn't be worn w nice tops or even tshirts. Therefore in went to Victoria Secret. I mentioned above the girl was no help but I went back and got a 32ddd which kinda fit, but not really and I've been rockin that forever. Unfortunately I've gained about 5pounds since the surgery and now I hate wearing the 32ddd it hurts by the end of the day. So I decided to make the hour long ride to a bigger more popular mall. Luckily I did my research first and decided to try a new store called jockey bra ! I saw online that they measure you by volume which would be perfect! I was not expecting the very upscale and customized experience I received. I had a personal "helper" that explained their system and showed me their options. I then went into a beautiful dressing room with a large tv screen, nice couch and overall beautiful decor. She came in gave me the option to measure myself (for privacy) or have her help. I was not about to turn down help so she showed me how to measure myself and helped me. You basically have these molded shapes you place your breast in to find the right cup size and a tape measure for my rib cage. Once we decided I was a 4 in cup size and 30 in band I then preceded to try on the most comfortable bra Ever. Omg it was immediate relief. I was like a kid w new shoes and wanted to wear it out of the store. Then I finally asked for the price and was amazed it was only $60! This is one step below a customized bra for the same cost or less than what I would have gotten from a specialty store! I only bought one bra because after my PS clears me for more intense exercise I hope to lose weight so that may change my boobs some but I don't think it will. If you don't have this new Jockey Bra store nearby you can order the Fit Kit online and measure yourself and order online. The kit does cost $20 but you immediately get $20 off a bra sorts basically free. I know I am now bigger than average so my bras are harder to find but even if your going to be a 32c etc I would still recommend getting at least one of these bras. I still don't know exactly what size I am since I didn't bother to shop anywhere else but I am somewhere around a 30f/g 32e/f. I will update after my 3 month post op next week.

1 Year Review 535cc's Ultra High Profile Silicone

Hi all, I've gotten a few questions and its been almost a year so I thought an update was due. Well what is there to say, they are more perfect than I could have imagined and I am thankful I had no major complications. I pretty much have gone on with my life, which is hard to believe for those of you that are researching and still totally obsessed like I was in the beginning. I read my review above and I guess the obsession began to die down at about 3months post. Now do not take this to mean that I don't care about my boobs anymore, that's far from the truth. I still stare at my cleavage everyday, look at myself naked and smile and feel more sexy and confident overall. Okay down to the questions I received:

Am I happy with my size? Absolutely I went with 535cc's and could have gone up to 560's. I am sooo glad I didn't go bigger. what I have is totally proportionate to the rest of my body. The are big and perky, but I think bigger would have just been too much. I have absolutely no boob greed, and have not looked at any other boobs with jealousy!

Do I like the UHP's? They were exactly what I was looking for MORE PROJECTION! some people go 100s of cc's bigger to get the projection I have. For me looking at JWows boobs helped me decide this. Technically her boobs are huge, but if you really look, how much do the stick out. Meaning her breast takes up a lot of her chest length and width wise, but they really don't stick out a lot. I wanted cleavage, not boobs from my chin to my belly button and that's exactly what I have! I also have plenty of side boob which some people are concerned about the UHP. All I can say to that is listen to your PS and make sure you trust him absolutely!

Any problems? In the beginning, like the first 6 months, I thought I would have to deal with the minor aches and pains forever. I felt this because they were so minor but consistent that you get used to them. I also remember thinking I could never lift certain things without feeling weird, or doing push ups. But 99% of that went away over the course of a year. I can lift heavy items, workout like crazy with no problems. I'm not a fan of lifting heavy weights while doing chests exercises, it feels a little weird and I don't want my pecks building muscle and distorting the implant below it, so I lift very light when doing those, btwn 5-7lbs. Also there was The blister I talked about before which was gross, but a minor hurdle, once I realized it was there I removed the bandage and it left with no scar within days. (still gross to think I thought it was milk...ughh!)

What size are you? Around a 30e or 30f. I've never been a huge underwear fan, so I don't really care that I don't have the newest laciest bra, I never have. I could order some online, but the few that I have from Jockey that are custom fit and a 32DDD that fits ok from VS are enough for me. I wear a sports bra with medium control every night. That may sound like a pain, but i'm so used to it that sleeping with out one is nearly impossible. Plus anything to fight gravity is always good.

Are they heavy? Not at all, no back paid here not even in the beginning.

How do they feel? Between the 3-5 month mark my husband felt them and said if we were dating I might be able to tell something was up because their are so perfect (high up) and they are soft, but still feel different...Somewhere between 6-8mths he grabbed them one day and his eyes popped out of his head and he said, these are AMAZING, he said they felt like my real breast, absolutely no different, they weren't as firm as they used to be and they must have dropped because he said they look so natural he couldn't believe it!

How did the scars heal? Great, especially considering I have darker skin color. The implants went in through my nipples and only my right nipple has a thin line from the scar. I am very happy with them, but I do wish that one healed as well as the left. If I were dating or got naked around other women more often this would be more of a concern. but neither of those apply to me so no big deal. I have gone back to using the silicon strip, simply because I have them and they cost $$ so I should use them. I used a cream mostly during the year and the strip for a little while, but once my husband wasn't restricted to touching them he begged for me to take off the strips so I stopped before they really worked. But since were going on a adult only vacation that has a topless beach i'm going to wear them for another few months so the right scar can diminish a little more!
I cant think of what else to say. I will post pics from my other device in a moment.

Oh yeah the stain between my breast went away! I didn't realize how much it bothered me until I noticed it was gone!

To sum it all up I am in love with my boobs, they brought the confidence and sexy that was inside out.

Feel free to ask me anything and good luck ladies!

1 year post op 535cc's ultra high profie silicone

12 month pic 535 ultra high profiles

Just a quick pick that was a little better than some before it. Everything is still great. Excited for bikini season!

25mth update 535cc Ultra High Profiles

Okay, to start let me try to remember the details we normally start out with. I have 535cc Ultra High Profile Silicone implants that were inserted through my nipple. Ha! its so funny to think back at how obsessed I was, with the constant researching and blogging, now I can hardly remember things!

Anyway, long story short I'm still in love with my boobies. I'm just not completely obsessed by them anymore. They are apart of me and so its not a thought.

So, i'll try to answer a few questions I've gotten recently.
1. Am I still happy with the UHP's? HELL YEAH!!! I couldn't have made a better decision. Lets see.... i haven't been on the site in a while so i have forgotten the boobie vocab....but to best describe the UHP's is they stick out more from the chest and show more in your profile. I fill like the others are more flat to the chest which isn't what i wanted. For some people the uhp's are too narrow, let me tell you I have PLENTY of side boob! one of my favorite things on the first warm days is feeling my arms touch my breast as i walk!

2. Am happy with the 535's? Yes, i'm very thankful i didn't go higher. I believe i was able to go up to a 550 and chose not to. Its sooo hard not to get the biggest, but i would have looked a little silly.

3. Was recovery more difficult with UHP's? Ofcourse i wouldn't know the difference, I've only had the one surgery. But i would think that the profile chosen wouldn't matter. That's a question for the Doc!

4. What size bra am I? No freaking clue...lol! I will buy a 32ddd from Victoria S. if i have to buy one fast, but i prefer a 30f from Amazon. However, next time i order i will probably get a 30ff cause i feel like i fall out of the cup a little. The problem with getting professionally measured is they will try to put you in their biggest size, so at Vicki S. i'm a 32ddd at a department store i was a 32E. That's only because they don't stock 30's.

Some of my own notes are to stick in there, even the little annoying pain, that you think will be a irritation for the rest of your life will go away. I'm talking about the laying flat on your belly irritation, or the exercising, flexing muscle irritations. I can do anything as well as I could in the past

Also Post op depression is real! Tell your family about it, and tell them what to look for, because you wont recognize it while you in it. I am a very positive, self loving person and even i had it and didn't know it. I got tired of the irritations, and didn't like how my bobs didn't fit my old shirts (duh). It was tough to go through, but i finally got better.

Good luck and make this decision for you and you alone. Results are not guaranteed! Other than a little blister (eww) i had no complications to deal with. I couldn't imagine the emotional and financial toll that could take on someone. So be prepared for anything.

Feel free to ask me anything, and here's too bikini season!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

I found him on Realself and loved his before/after photos. He was the best consult I had and so far his staff has been great!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
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