25, 5'9" 135, No Kids, 32A, 480cc Ultra High Profile - Arlington Heights, IL

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After years dreaming of the boob fairy, I decided...

After years dreaming of the boob fairy, I decided it was finally time. The largest I've ever been was a 34B and even then, I lacked the feminine curves I desired. Being 5'9" and athletic, I tend to look lanky when I compete in body building competitions. My upper body just looked so disproportionate to my fuller lower body. With the green light from my husband I started to research (the stories on here were so helpful!) and made my first appointment!

The first consultation I had in Omaha went well. The nurse was helpful and fun and suggested a 550cc high profile silicone implant under the muscle. The sizers looked HUGE but she assured me they would look great. My goal was to go as large as possible without looking too fake. I never met with the surgeon which I felt was odd.

I was set to use this surgeon until my husband and I moved. I then did my research (and read numerous great reviews on here) and chose to set up a consultation with Dr. Otto Placik at his Arlington Heights office. I was immediately impressed with the welcoming office staff and nurses. Dr. Placik did all of my measurements while listening to my goals and concerns. As it turns out, my chest was FAR too small for the 550cc high profile implants the other location suggested. He suggested 480cc ultra high profile Mentor implants (under the muscle, crease incision) to achieve the size and upper fullness I desired. He also pointed out that since my left breast was slightly larger than the right he would perform liposuction to make them as even as possible. He said that due to the constriction on my left breast (you could see almost two ribs in my cleavage area before my breast tissue started) I might not have perfect cleavage but he would do his best. He suggested a fat transplant but that wasn't possible due to my low body fat.

After our consultation, I felt that Dr. Placik was the right choice for me. I was so thankful that I didn't chose the first surgeon due to his nurses recommendations! We booked my appointment for May 26th and the countdown began!

I picked up my prescriptions two days before surgery. I took two pills the night before and the nurse gave me two the morning of. It took about 30 minutes to do the pre op stuff (pills, pictures, signatures etc) then it was off the the operating room at 7:20am.

I woke up at about 9:30am and remember looking down and thinking, "That's IT?! They're tiny!" As soon as I saw them from the side I was relieved. I felt great after surgery and managed to stay awake for most of long drive home. I remember crying and telling my husband I was so happy he let me do this.

The first day of recovery was great! Dr. Placik had me start exercises the same day of surgery. They weren't painful but it was certainly challenging to get my arms over my head! I took my pain meds as needed and didn't peak at my boobs. The second day, however, was terrible. Apparently, I wasn't eating enough with my pain meds causing me to get a terrible headache and extreme nausea. It wasn't until day three that I could keep down more than a few sips of water. I stopped all pain meds on day two. Sleeping in a recliner was SO uncomfortable! The first four days were spent napping and milling around the house.

On day 5 I had my follow up appointment and I FINALLY got to see my girls. They looked like shiny torpedoes hah! My breasts were fairly pointy (think of those little cone water cups) so they said until the implants settle they may look pointy. Even with their pointy appearance, I'm on cloud 9! I finally have BOOBS! There was some bruising on the left breast where he did liposuction but it wasn't tender, just ugly. They gave me a bra that had the padding cut out. I have to wear this until my next follow up. They said the point of this is to make sure the implants settle at the same level since my left is already lower than my right. At night I have to wear an elastic band to help press the impants down. I also started doing four different massages, 30 seconds each, three times a day.

Seven days after surgery I was able to drive again and started taking 2-3 mile slow walks. Dr. Placik said you can walk as fast as the week you're post op. Week 1 - 1mph. Week 2 - 2 mph. Etc. By 3 weeks post op I was back in the gym (not lifing anything over 10#) using leg machines. I was so relieved to hop on the scale and see that I was only 3lbs over my presurgery weight! The walking definitely helped keep me sane during recovery as I love being active!

It wasn't until about week 4 that the implants felt like they were a part of me. They have started to drop and have certainly softened up a lot! I haven't experience any boob greed because I went just about as big as I could for my frame. At 5 weeks post op I couldn't resist, I had to get sized. Soma sized me at a 32DDD and Victoria's Secret said 32DD! From barely being able to fill out a PINK 32A to a double D is a miracle hah! I also have amazing cleavage! One thing that did show up at week 5 were a few small stretch marks. The nurses suggested massaging with cocoa butter 3x a day and they should fade.

Today, I am exactly 6 weeks post op. My next follow up appointment is next week. My incisions are fading well and haven't itched yet! My recovery went very smoothly and my only regret is that I didn't get implants sooner. I cannot explain how sexy I feel when I put on dresses or summery tops and don't need a bra! The implants are nice and high and I have amazing cleavage! I will post pictures as soon as I buy some sexy bras! It still feels surreal that I can shop for sexy bras finally!

If anybody has any questions please don't hesitate to ask me!

6.5 weeks - So happy!

I feel like a brand new woman. I can't believe how much more feminine I feel! Tops and dresses fit like a dream now, I had to share a few pictures!

6/7 Week Follow Up

I will be 7 weeks post op in 2 days and my checkup went great. I'm still about 5-10% swollen which is normal. I no longer have to wear the cutout bra or strap but I will have to do some additional exercises to help the right breast drop some more. It was higher post op so this is normal. There are a few stretch marks on my right breast but he said they should fade with time and make sure to put sunscreen on them.

My incisions are healing great too. I still need to keep a nude colored bandage on them to help prevent the scar from widening. He said the last of the stitches were just getting absorbed.

The best news of the entire visit?! No more weight restrictions! He suggested I don't start lifting at my pre op weight but I can start working up to it! Such a relief!

My next follow up is in 6 weeks which will be 3 months post!

3 Month Post Op

I forgot to post my 3 month post op pictures from my surgeon. I am so happy with how they look! I went from a 32A to a 32DD in Victoria's Secret bras!

3 month post op comparison

I am beyond satisfied with Dr. Placik and his team. Dr. Placik is truely and artist and will stop at nothing to insure his patients are completely satisfied.

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